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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

10 Mobile App Trends for 2016

At the beginning of a year, many of us tried to make predictions for how IT-sphere, and especially mobile, will progress in 2016. As for me, I am sure that in 2016 there will be more smartphone and tablet models, 3G will cover all country, and for business, the question of reach mobile audience will become more critical.

I have written this article specially for those who have feeling for opportunities of mobile apps development and want to use them in business. Let's talk about mobile trends for 2016 – what is waiting for us and what should we do today to catch a mobile wave tomorrow.

10 Mobile App Trends for 2016

1 GIF Animation in design

GIFs are not only dazzling but also handy. It has been checked by own experience — users like animations. Easy-to-remember and catchy, it will leave an impression of caring and deep developing of app idea.

2 Cards

Google doesn't stop giving trends. One of them is cards as the way to manage information on the screen. Cards came into sight a long time ago, and now, thanks to material design, they are growing in popularity. This tool is good for managing information and handy for different applications whether it is restaurant clients, hotel and ticket booking services or visual notetaking apps.


3 Floating action button

One more trend has come with material design – it is the float action button. This tool isn't a part of navigation bar or another screen bars, but exists on its own and is responsible for the main user's action on the current screen.

4 Wearable gadgets

We don't stay on the sidelines and come down with smartwatches to let our designers work on ideas of its interfaces. In spite of smartwatch OS is restrictive, there is something to work on, making app design more advanced. Plenty of round, square, rectangular and elongate watch screens hits upon an apps ideas.

5 Swift

If anyone doesn't know, this new software programming language, released by Apple on June 2, 2014, has already picked up speed. There is public access to the documents, that's why each developer who espouses IT-revolution is welcome to a new age of application development. That is why using Swift mobile app development for iOS is becoming one of the next year trends.

6 Increase of interest in corporate apps development

Business is almost ready to accept the fact that mobile has become a part of users' life. It seems reasonable to stay close to your target audience.

7 Internet of Things

This trend, to that a bright future was predicted, has already broken into our lives. Many developers take part in IoT projects to level up their professional skills. For now, it is just startups, but as they say, no guts – no glory.

Mobile App Trends

8 Online Applications

More mobile apps are oriented on regular access to the Internet. Users also are becoming smarter and IT-intensive – they are interested in various social media apps more than offline clients.

9 Limitation of colors and layers in interface

With flat design trend clearness of interface and its color simplicity has come to the fore. Color usage is a part of branding and sense of product. Using fewer colors more exactly defines and accentuates brand, that also gives users an opportunity to surf application easily. But be careful, too many flat layers bring risks of making design structure gaudy.

10 Prototypes

Creating prototype is the first and the most important step of building a quality product. You are able to lay the groundwork for functionalities, plan user's way and take a reality check of the idea. Shall we consider this stage to be a self-existent trend? Probably not, but without it everything else has no sense to be.

It depends on many factors how will mobile apps look in 2016, ranging from social requests to development processes. But we precisely know that next year mobile apps will become more complete and technology intensive. User friendliness is the main attribute of developing a quality product, so let's focus on it!

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