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10 Rules of Efficient Webstore Development


10 Rules of Efficient Webstore Development

Byers are going to continue making purchases or order products on different online platforms at an increasing rate. Having seen such internet activity, many entrepreneurs started online stores but wondered why conversion didn't grow if the traffic was rather high.

What criteria should an efficient webstore possess? Both start-ups and experienced site owners ask this question. Today, we prepare a check-list of what a selling webstore should be. It is useful not only for those who are going to start web business, but for ones who want to analyze effectiveness of the already promoted website. So,

TOP 10 rules of a selling website:

1 Market selection

The main rule of eCommerce is to give people what they need to make a profit on what you are selling to them. The demand of a brand is one of the essentials of a successful business. If the market you want to win is already saturated, think about how to become extremely new for your customers and catch their attention.

2 Right website CMS

Website CMS is a program designed for site administration, filling in content, storing and editing data and managing the workflow of the web resource. Consider all the pros and cons of every CMS to be sure of:

    • high web page display rate in a browser
    • great search engine results
    • convenient to administrate website
    • conversion boost at the cost of download speed and relevant content display
    • upfront support


3 Responsive web design

There are more customers that are using e-supported gadgets (smartphones, tablets or laptops) for searching for information or making purchases. Not to make them zoom sites elements, design your site to be responsive to any screen type.

4 Web promotion

Use all web marketing opportunities and different variants of promoting to build your business. If one of the variants didn't work, another one will definitely be efficient. Test them and analyze their feedback using Google tools. Ways of promoting:

  • contextual advertising (to get a quick feedback)
  • SEO tools (keywords, anchors, link mass)
  • price comparison sites
  • retargeting
  • mailing
  • social media marketing (SMM)

5 Website usability

The main goal of every webstore is sales. That's why the site usability is a matter of priority to potential buyers. They should quickly understand where the product they need is located, how to make a purchase and what the time of delivery is. If there is a mess on your site, chances are that a user won't spend his time surfing web pages, and may go to your competitors.

web marketing

6 A flypage

A flypage should contain comprehensive information about a product or service. It should be clear to a customer what kind of product he is going to buy, how to make a purchase and how to pay for it. The elements of a flypage are:

  • different project IMG views
  • name and description
  • video review (will be an additional plus)
  • price
  • cart or another Call-to-Action button
  • opportunity to leave a comment
  • information about payment, delivery and guarantee terms

7 Customers' loyalty increase

Engage clients not only with discounts and sales, but with different inbound tools. The perfect choice is to become an expert in the area of making video reviews, and fill in the site with interesting articles.

8 Feedback

Because you manage sales, your goal is to seek feedback from your customers. Besides phone calls, emails and messengers, use live help. This consulting online experts service has high success rates.

9 Cross-sell

One more way to increase webstore sales is a Cross-Sell function. If you sell gadgets, offer some related products to your clients as headphones or carrying case. That way, you will definitely redouble average purchase size.

10 Toast setting

If a user entered a website but didn't buy anything, ask that he leaves his email so you can contact him when goods are available or there is a cut in prices. In such a way, you always can remind him of your webstore.

To sum it up

There are no strict rules as to what a selling webstore should be in order to bring profit, but you may have all the web marketing tools that will drive you to success. Be ready to test different concepts of your work system; many world-known web agencies are in high-demand because of their ability to accept changes.

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