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3 Web Design Tools Every Designer Should Be Aware Of


3 Web Design Tools Every Designer Should Be Aware Of

The choice of the best software for web design sure depends not only on your own personal style or processes but what you are going to do with the ready designs afterwards. For example, you may need a Photoshop if you cut slices out of it afterwards, those who hand code every piece of css and don't use slices and images might be satisfied with just a piece of paper and a pencil. Many designers use Adobe Illustrator to create web designs if they hand code everything from scratch once clients accepted a visual proof, besides the new CSS output function makes it more useful. There are a great variety of tools designers use today, but we are going to list a few of Adobe's ones.

So, read our list of web design software below and choose your own best software for web design.


1 Illustrator

This tool is become more and more popular with web designers for its rapid design style and outstanding web design based features. If you have such needs as having a top of the program, something that will work with vector and raster graphics – Illustrator is for you. But before its downloading discover several pros and cons to be absolutely sure in your choice. According to top 10 web design software reviews made in 2015, the pros are: great integrating with other Adobe products, ability to improve precision, infinite resolution with the vectors in AI, supporting multiple page outputs. The cons are: a very steep learning curve, having a patience to create fine details, difficulty to share files, limited photo editing, having no ability to handle pixel art.

2 Photoshop

Most popular web design software among designers and photographers, the tool has been the web designers software of choice for a much longer time that we could remember. Although it has started to fall behind some other web design tools, it is still has some great features and very useful for designers who already know how to use it. There are also some pros and cons you should be aware about before decide what is the best web design software. The pros are: plenty of design tools to use, great usefulness for photo manipulation and corrections, editing videos, the integrated stock library. The cons are: overwhelming interface, poor-polished updates before their releases, missing touch and stylus inputs.


3 Dreamweaver

The instrument makes up the suit of WYSIWIG and Rapid Development softwares that are filling up Adobe's lineup of late. It is started to be viewed as a bit heavy handed and clunky, but still feature-rich (a lot of people engage its built-in HTP functionality). Also, it has built-in ability to use Edge Web Fonts service that opens you access to thousands of excellent fonts and serve them dynamically everyone who visit sites you've created. Actually, the best professional web design software for beginners also may have its cons. The tool provides simplifying web design, but some people think it has confusing interface. Nevertheless it is useful for those designers who only need basic websites. Also, Dreamweaver is a great cross-platform solution for those who build websites for all devices, that is why you won't need to learn special code for mobile websites. Specialists say, that you shouldn't rely too much on the Dreamweaver basic functions not to become a lazy web designer. Also, it is of a high cost if compare with other solutions, that can be used for free. Inspite of being best software for web design for beginners, another disadvantage is creating extra code on your web pages, that might be cluttered for search engines — it is fine for sites that are not meant for search ranking.


The choice of easy web design software depends on your needs, style and processes – the best platform for website should be comfortable for you. Stay in touch with us to learn more about ecommerce web design software and the ways of creating an outstanding design for your site.

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