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5 SEO Strategies to Turn Professional


5 SEO Strategies to Turn Professional

5 SEO Strategies Every Company Needs to Master

For the last two years Google was unceasing in changing its algorithms. A lot of SEO specialists were in a panic because of these modifications and the implementation of new SEO strategies, but they played into the hands of organic SEO followers because all the changes introduced by search engines were oriented toward decreasing the quantity of low-quality pages displaying or pages without added value.

Are there methods of website promotion that don't lead to “filtration”? Which SEO strategies should be chosen by specialists in 2016?

What to do for a successful promotion in Google?

1 Widen a semantic kernel

Google algorithm “Hummingbird” has significantly changed the way Google parses requests. Instead of matching up separate keywords to pages, it's looking for actual search intent.

For the right SEO keyword strategy, keywords should be employed in greater diversity, including synonyms, search hints and related words and word combinations. For example, together with one word, like “gift,” try other phrases, like “birthday gift for a boy” or” hand-made gifts.” Conversational phrases are better targeted just as they are. For example, target “which gift to buy for 25th anniversary?” Don't forget that professional search engine optimization is a set of thoroughly worked out strategies for the sake of websites.

SEO Strategies to Turn Professional

All the chosen “keys” are obligatory to be divided into three groups: informational queries (e.g. “how to make a gift by yourself?”) are made when searching for educational content. They should be used during the creation of informational articles with unobtrusive links to your product or content. It is an important part of SEO link strategy. Transactional – made when looking for your website, product or brand name, and navigational signal commercial intent.

2 Improve your website's URL structure

Websites with streamlined URL structure are usually ranked better than resources with a “messy” structure and intricate content organization. To achieve order in the roots of your website you should use proper SEO content strategy as URL addresses. They are the website's fundamental blocks, and they should be treated with proper attention:

  • Use search engine-friendly URLs
  • Check the website for broken links
  • Try to build at least two paragraphs of original content with a few outbound links.

3 Focus on qualitative links

According to the best SEO strategies, it's better to have multiple links from several niche authority websites. For natural link building, you can use the following approaches:

  • Editorial links (your website links mentioned in overviews of mass media or in articles of opinion leaders)
  • Co-citation (when your website is similar to a high-ranked one, in the eyes of search engines you will step by step gain the same authority if implementing top SEO strategies
  • Broken links (hunting for inoperative links and offer resource owners to change them for yours)

SEO Strategies

4 Responsive website design

Since Google announced a new “mobile-friendly” algorithm, the priority place is given for pages that are correctly displayed across different devices. You can't cover the mobile audience without responsive design, as they are getting used to surfing conveniently so every website element is in its place.

How to succeed with SEO tools

All the strategies given above are time-consuming; their realization is a combination of thorough work and applied efforts. Search engines improve and work for us. If you create and constantly develop your website, all your efforts will pay off soon.

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