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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

6 Ways the IoT Will Impact Your Mobile App Development Process


6 Ways the IoT Will Impact Your Mobile App Development Process

Before getting to the point, I'd like to explain what IoT means because when I first heard about this Mysterious “Internet of Things”, it sounded unknown and understandable at the same time. But when I tried to actually read the meaning I thought that it was the most difficult thing to understand, even more difficult for me than geometric theorems at school. Not beating around the bush, IoT is the concept of connecting any device (starting from cellphones, washing machines, lamps, coffee makers, etc) with an off and on switch to each other and the Internet.

IoT introduction


Apps and IoT go hand in hand nowadays, so if you haven't already started thinking about its impact on mobile apps development, you'd better have done this because a new stage of app development is on its way and it is going to undergo some changes.

Points to think over

1 Starting point

Nowadays, a lot of developers don't know what to start with because IoT is quite expansive. Owing to this new technology, the old process has completely been assumed. And, it is a bit strange for everyone, but if in the past developers asked what the app's function was, then in the modern times they'd have to wonder what is the thing's function. The whole basis of “Internet of Thing” is nothing but a thing, so all the developers must learn the technology of this very thing before creating an app it'd control.

2 Issues with connectivity

When it comes to the IoT, devices will no longer be connected via cellular service, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. And developers must consider and understand how their application is going to connect to the Internet or the thing itself. This kind of apps will have to integrate with a gateway, standalone device that may look similar to an old DSL modem, the way we know them. This is the new way and method of thinking for developers as everything in this technology requires different connection protocol. And this is not that easy to bring to life.

3 Development separation

All software development is separated on some type of tiers. So, software developers should realize from the start that some of the end tiers of development are a bit different for IoT apps. Besides, we are heading to the new future technology and the end-user and analytics will require a lot more cohesive work. Moreover, coders will likely develop a new language so that everything can correlate the right way and together. But as you can understand, it will take them quite a while and it won't be done right away.

cables IoT

4 Open source development? More, please!

As soon as Internet of Things becomes well-integrated into mobile application systems, newcomer developers will probably expect more programs which will be funneled their way so that everyone will be able to develop an app. Many companies, including Microsoft nowadays offer many features to give novice developers an opportunity to get started. As the IoT becomes more inclusive nowadays, then more and more programs are and will be available so that everyone can code and develop.

5 Building Platforms

The main problem with building such kind of programs from scratch now is that not so many developers are knowledgeable in the way it really works. This is exactly what made most of the developers create and build from the ground up, and it, as you can understand, can be tough. The thing is, if there is no web-based platform to develop your application on, then it is absolutely understandable that new software needs to be written and then coded.

6 Development can become more niche

You can't surprise anyone with an ability to create iOS or Android app, as it is fairly common, but on our way to one unified IoT platform, the IoT development can become a niche market for most of the developers. The formula is, while IoT is becoming more prevalent, it's better to acquaint yourself with at least one developer who is an absolute expert in IoT.

Obviously, Internet of Things (IoT) is a complete breakthrough in mobile app development and will change most things starting from positions and jobs and ending with the overall simplification of everybody's life.

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