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A Top Priority: How to Pick a Magento Developer or an Agency?


A Top Priority: How to Pick a Magento Developer or an Agency?

Why is it difficult for people to choose? Because everything looks so vaguely or questionably, and it is no surprising if people or company representatives you want to hire for your web development make you the same optimistic promises which they may fail to uphold. And at the same time you may have a glowing picture of your realized project and the profit you'd begin to earn. As you can see, there is a great deal of work to be done before picking a freelancer or a Magento development company

how to choose magento team

As the Magento platform is growing , more and more e-commerce business owners and developers want to migrate to the platform, thereby causing the demand to also increase. And the problem is that a lot of developers don't know all of Magento peculiarities or nuances of development, so they offer poor quality services to a good client. In this article, we are going to tell you how to make the right choice and not fall for the bait of the low-qualified developers.

Issues that should be taken into considerations


As you may have already known you need a true specialist with vast experience, as this will it make easier to overcome lots of difficulties and solve lots of problems. Experience is a very important thing you have to take into account when choosing a specialist. As for company, you have to make sure its specialists are experienced enough and have back-end and front-end development resource.


It isn't always considered as an issue; however, you shouldn't neglect this point because it is a bit difficult to entrust your project to a company that is far from your current location. In-person meetings are important when it comes to running and coordinating developers or a freelancer. By the way, I can tell you that face-to-face meeting will improve your relationship and help to find common ground faster.

Development process

Every client wants to be constantly updated with the development flow and it is absolutely a normal desire. As a result, he has to know how the development process is going. Ask the freelancer or the development company to describe the processes, like methods, stages, terms for each section etc.


Here we can point out two positions and questions to be asked:

  • Do they provide support? (Actually, Magento platform is very robust and has a lot of functionality. That's why Magento websites are in need of constant development support)
  • How much do they charge for it? ( this issue is very important as there are high chances that you will require support after the website is launched)

Magento partners

Speaking about agencies is not a real indicator of developers' proficiency if the agency is a Magento partner, so don't be confused.

Pick a Magento Developer

Migration and SEO experience

Migration from one platform to the other may have a big impact on your revenue and traffic, and this is an issue that should not be underestimated. I suggest that it would be easier to work with one service provider or agency for the whole project. Don't forget to ask for case studies to be absolutely sure of your choice.

User training provision

User training is a key service because if your team isn't knowledgeable enough in website management, you are going to pay a pretty penny for additional support.

Certified Magento developers

If a freelancer is a certified Magento developer you can sleep peacefully, as everything will be done properly. The same thing goes for agencies because Magento certificates aren't that easy to obtain.

Previous clients

The real chance to know the company's or developers' background, work flow and processes is to speak to their previous clients. That way you can be absolutely sure and knowledgeable about things like whether there were any issues or whether the project was delivered on time, etc.

Project Manager

This is the last point in our guidebook in the world of perfect Magento freelancers and companies, and here we want to list the advantages of speaking to your project manager

  • It is important to get acquainted with the person who will be responsible for your project
  • You can understand his overall view and understanding
  • It will help you to set up a meeting and see the real picture of what will happen after the project begins

Make the right choice

Now, having listed all the points you have to make a choice. Don't miss any of the points so that your chances of having your project done in a brilliant way will be high!

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