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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Agile Is Dead/Long Live Agile

Being looking for Agile related content I met different opinions. In general, it has become a main-stream. William Edmondson named Agile “a part of corporate environment” that is already never be unique. Frankly speaking, many specialists are wondering how such a promising movement could become an overused cliché. The answer is rather simple: developers and architects have used Agile as an end to itself and a "panacea meant to save us from “The Business” and its mind-numbing bureaucracy". Not everyone consider the value of Agile in perfect sprint planning sessions.

agile or not agile

The matter is that the more people are doing things the Agile way, the more number of projects are getting failed. We have numbers to prove it. In 2015, 90% of software developers admitted being knowledgeable about the Agile methodology. Moreover, 58% of them marked they had over 3 years of experience with Agile (source: VersionOne, 2015). Then, according to Wrike, 38% of companies globally are using Agile – but only 64% of their Agile projects meet the goals. 43% of these projects were challenged (late or over budget), and 18% failed completely.

The author saw the main problem in developers who are focusing on standups, burn-down charts, refinement meetings, or sprint velocity. It is better to start delivering results to clients, such as quality products that meet their budgets and expectations, and are able to provide an appropriate ROI.

There are different opinions about whether Agile is dead or not. Some Agile experts were asked to share their thoughts. By reading them below you can see both sides of the “Agile” coin.

Gerry Claps is helping teams to “be agile” and build products people actually use. He considers Agile to be dead in the sense that everyone is “Agile” today. And he's right. There are a lot of companies that use Agile to manage their projects and teams, but do they really use it in a correct way?

Stefan Wolpers, Agile coach, product & Scrum guy. From his words:

"It’s alive and kicking, but expansion in the corporate world is coming at a price: Imposters claim to be experienced, and some clever people found out that stripping agile from a new ingredients actually turns agile into micromanagement tool."

Another Alex Osborn's opinion is about the beginning of Agile's well being. He jokes, that Scrum is only 15 year old, so it's just a teenager.

"People need to understand that this alternative to Taylorism is right for today's world, nothing is certain, nothing is static. The world needs agile, without it there will be a continual cycle of bad projects, where none of them take account of changing requirements, no empirical process, chasing the wrong metrics and customer and users will be depressed, unhappy and buy something from someone else. Project Success DO NOT EQUAL happy customers - period."

Chuck Cobb, Agile Project Management Instructor and the Author of "The Project Manager's Giude to Mastering Agile" consider Agile not dead but even maturing. The reason is common:

“As the use of Agile becomes much more widespread and includes applications outside of a pure software development environment, people have to learn how to adapt an Agile approach to fit different kinds of problems. That requires a deeper understanding of the principles and values behind Agile and not just a mechanical implementation."

Anyway, you may have your own opinion about Agile methodology of managing projects. Is Agile dead or has all the chances to prosper? What is Agile for your company?

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