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Artjoker Method - a unique approach of a project management

Artjoker company, which specializes in software development,  has been on the market for almost 11 years now with over 500 projects successfully launched.

During these years, we’ve continued using some techniques and gave up on others. We’ve experienced a lot, and the result of our careful selection have formed the Artjoker method.

What is Artjoker method?

It is a unique approach to software development and growth, which encapsulates 4 key points: development methodology, technology stack, tools and service.

Artjoker Method for development

Our development methodology

The philosophy of the method lies in the constant parallel improvement of three components - the quality of the products, processes organization, and the level of personnel qualification. For the second component, we apply the Agile approach with its flexible methodology - Scrum for project management. The advantage of the Scrum method is the gradual improvement and modernization of the project in each cycle of its development, as well as the absence of downtime even at the time of approval of the project documentation.

Our technology stack

We have 3 stacks for different projects particularities:

Stack # 1:

  • Laravel
  • HTML5 / Responsive
  • Angular2 / React.js
  • Mysql

Stack # 2:

  • Node.js
  • HTML5 / Responsive
  • Angular2 / React.js
  • MongoDB

Stack # 3:

  • Swift / Objective C
  • Java / Rx Java

Our tools

  • Atlassian JIRA - tracking and flexible project management system
  • GIT - source control system
  • Atlassian Confluence, Worksection - "wiki" of the enterprise, project’s  information management system
  • TeamCity, Travis CI - system of continuous integration, testing and reporting
  • PhpStorm, WebStorm - interactive development environment
  • Selenium IDE, jMetr - quality assurance system

Our service

Artjoker team is with you from the moment you make the first consultation call to the final launch of the project. Also, after its completion, we remain with you for technical support. Anything that is not quite clear - from the structure of the site / application to the mechanics of managing it - we will not only tell you, but we will also offer individual solutions, taking into account the specifics of your project.

Artjoker Software company will turn your ideas only to excellent results!

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