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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Artjoker Team at the Collision Event

While most IT companies enjoyed their rest early in May, the Artjoker team was participating in Collision event – the American conference for startupers. Collision.

Every year, Collision gathers more than 20 thousands guests from 110 countries. The participants are startupers and businesses owners, as well as all those that are involved in a technological business enterprise – sponsors, accelerators, mentors, and providers.

collision 2017

Organizers divided the conference place into several parts and invited the “top dog” speakers, such as the Co-founder of Reddit, the Marketing Director of Cisco, the Marketing Director of Ebay, CTO of The Coca-Cola company, Facebook and YouTube Representatives. The marketing ploys were inviting Jessica Alba as a Speaker from The Honest Company and a jazz festival, which took place at the same time.

The event program was hard-driving enough; most speakers had their talks in a parallel mode. Administrators took care of participants' bounce — they had to be active not to miss the most interesting.

collision event

«We participated in the conference to meet new startups and widen our affiliate network.” - Anna, the Product Manager at Artjoker, shares her impressions. “Collision is the biggest conference that gathers startups in one place.

Our team introduced Artjoker Method — the basis, what our company works on, and cases of already launched projects. Sure, the special focus was on how we work with startups – the Idea Pitch, MVP and FFP services.

artjoker collision

«Communications with the target audience left great impressions. It was really interesting to get into the thick of things,” said Julie, the Business Development Manager. Usually, it is hard to form contacts in a conference, but here at Collision we could meet the same startupers several times, and that is awesome for building our partnerships.

artjoker team

Artjoker team came back home inspired, with many fresh ideas and new partnerships. Anyway, we still have a great scope of work in the future — to keep contacts and develop relationships with new partners.

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