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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Artjoker Team at the Websummit 2017 – Impressions and Lifehacks


Artjoker Team at the Websummit 2017 – Impressions and Lifehacks

Lisbon. Over 60000 attendees and 1200 speakers from 170 countries came to the largest tech conference in the world – Websummit 2017. Artjoker team couldn't but miss the chance to get acquainted with the smart, interesting and talented people who wanted to share their experiences and turn ideas into a life. As you can imagine, Websummit really could become a great starting point for a startup as well as a digital company to come in full force.

We looked for networking and inspiration at the Websummit for the third time already, but actually, it was our very first time with the corporate stand.

Why go to the Websummit?

The fact is that startup movement is very popular in Europe nowadays – there are at once several European capitals (as Berlin and Amsterdam) which are ready to host young entrepreneurs. That is why it is quite possible to attend Websummit in another city next year.

It is obvious, that such conferences stimulate projects to grow. For now, there are hundreds of them thriving for the investors' attention, when two years ago there were just dozens once. Youth doesn't afraid of the innovative ideas, and show them to the audience with pleasure. At the Websummit almost every startup is able to get a booth place to present the project to potential partners, clients, and investors. Anyway, if you feel like getting stuck – Websummit is the right place for you to inspire and plan another vector of development.

“The fact of the number of projects which are already invented has blown my mind! It would be hard to create something new! But on the other hand, I left the event with great desire to pitch own ideas and make a contribution to the development of society. - says Olga Melnyk, Business Development Manager at Artjoker.

How did the conference go?

Event managers chose the best speakers, thought leaders, and innovators - there were Stewart Butterfield (Founder and CEO at Slack) Stewart Butterfield,Brian Krzanich (CEO at Intel), Sean Rad (Co-Founder at Tinder), Werner Vogels (CTO at Amazon ) among guests.

Attendees in their turn presented a great variety of projects from different niches – medicine, sport, entertainment, etc., all of them were related to IT and have a site or a mobile app to be developed.

The idea of Artjoker team at the Websummit was to present professional solutions for startups. We want talented people just to generate ideas but not to worry how to implement one or another feature – this would stay under our specialists' care.

At the Websummit we presented Artjoker Method, a specific approach to startup development and growth. Our unique framework lets build startup MVP within 90 days.

It was really amazing when companies we talked with noticed, that we were the first guys who put all the processes together and present them as a business proposal.

But the most important is that we want to be useful for young startupers and bring their ideas to life.

“All three Summit days were very productive for us. We were well prepared for the event and had meetings with the people who were interested in Artjoker Method. Even after these hectic days, we continue communicating with them. - says Olga.

The majority of startupers were from Europe. Americans and Asians topped 3-4 % of overall attendees' number. We were glad to know that companies from Eastern Europe were much more active this year.

All the attendees were open-minded and friendly that is why networking appeared to be so potential. You are mistaken if plan closing the deals after the Websummit. Build your network at first in that chilling atmosphere!

“To be sure, 60 thousands of attendees are not only Summit's advantage, but a disadvantage as well. Just imagine, that you are at the FWC at the huge stadium and have to find partners you agreed to meet. It's not so easy :) - says Roman Katerynchyk, CEO at Artjoker.

If you are visiting Websummit 2018

Because of the experience from previous conferences, we were aware of difficulties we would meet in Lisbon. That is why our preparation started well in advance. Below are pieces of advice on how to make the event productive for you:

  • Start your preparations at least a month before the event. Use summit mobile application , to have attendees base at hand.
  • There are handy filters in the app. You can search startups by its name, location or expertise to find people who might be interested in your solution, product or proposal.
  • Use linkedIn to build further communications with the partners after the event.
  • It is better to plan many meetings beforehand and put them on a calendar to be confident they will happen.
  • Experienced networkers don't visit talks. Your major activity is meetings with new people – the more the better.

How to get a profit from the meetings:

  1. Less gab and more action – show your cases to stick in partner's memory.
  1. Make notes after every meetup for not to confuse all the startupers after the event.
  1. Send follow-ups on the same day – it will show your serious attitude to a potential partner.
  1. Invite the most interesting people to Night Summit. Call them, send messages and invite to catch up for a beer and get to know each other better.
  1. 5. There are special meeting points for making appointments. It is really comfy to have own hub at the messy stadium.

What is the Night Summit interested for?

Everyone who was at the Websummit would say that the most interesting networking happened at the Night Summit. Could you imagine the block of crowded bars? It is the best time to meet new people. Moreover, you can meet those who haven't get on the major event after the previous party. Yes, such things really happen!

We recommend not to focus on the people you already know, but make a ““bar scrolling”” - attending as many places as you can.

This year non-official parties were also popular. For example, a startuper takes a bar and invite there all the partners he/she meets at the Websimmit to come and continue chatting. In that case, your Summit day might go far into the night.

We came back to Kharkiv with great impressions and inspirations from startupers – people who think far ahead. Now there is a great work ahead of us – we continue communicating with startups to help them get results.

“It would be great to organize the Delegation of the Ukrainian startups next year, so we can show our capabilities in all glory. See you next year! - says Roman Katerynchyk, CEO at Artjoker.
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