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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile Application Development over In-house Development


Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile Application Development over In-house Development

During the past few years, the number of outsourcing companies have grown tremendously. Why? Because it is profitable for both sides: company-client gets the same high-quality result (of course, if the right company is chosen) and company-developer gets some money warranties (for example, there won’t be wage cuts because it is detached to dollar, which is pretty stable). So today I will tell you about all the benefits you get if you choose to outsource mobile app development.

Here are some reasons of outsourcing mobile application development to Ukraine over in-house development.

This is first and mainly because of the comparatively low cost of mobile app development , which is as a result of the great difference in wages of developed countries and developing ones (for example, Ukraine has lower prices of mobile app development than even Poland or Baltic countries). Artjoker also has fixed prices for all of its services, so there won’t be  misunderstandings. In this case, the spent money will be fractionally reduced  and the revenue increased.

Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

Secondly, there are always benefits when tasks are completed fast. This is because:

  • Artjoker team (as an example of an outsourcing company in Ukraine) has more than 70 highly qualified professionals,  which mainly consist of iOS and Android developers.
  • You, as a client, can focus on core tasks, like brand building and research for new opportunities.
  • Artjoker’s team is an in-house team with broad approach (from design to marketing), so there is no need  to waste time hiring a developer in one team and then a designer from another team.
  • There is only an hour or two difference between Ukraine and other European countries, and a little more (but still smaller than for India) between Ukraine and USA or Canada.
  • We use  modern technologies such as Slack, Viber, WhatsApp, Jira and Worksection to  keep the client inormmed of the work progress.
  • We rely on Scrum (this is the base of Artjoker method), one of the Agile methodologies. It allows our work to be client-, deadline- and result-oriented. The sprints in Scrum are used for careful but still adaptable planing that is usually set up in the presence of the client or his representative.

Thirdly, it focuses on user experience. We have been developing  clients’ businesses for over than 10 years now. That means a lot. We have a huge experience not only in solving problems but also in not creating  new ones. We have gathered only the best technologies and services, refusing  some and remaining faithful to others. As I have said, we even created the Artjoker method, which is the best solution for every growing startups or even mature businesses. We also understand that mobile application field is a constantly evolving field, so our developers, as well as our PMs, are encouraged to further improve their skills.

Also, do not forget about contract. That is your lifesaver when the deal goes to outsourcing or you want to hire a remote team. It guarantees the quality of the end product, because with it all of the risks are transferred to the offshore company that is obliged to do deliver a high-quality job on time and on budget.

It is only your decision to outsource, or not, but remember, Artjoker will happily turn your ideas into excellent results.

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