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Best Free Magento Extensions

The first step in the ecommerce web development is choosing CMS (Content management system). And today we’re going to talk about Magento that is the most powerful and widespread CMS in the world.

So, what is Magento?

Magento is a freeware product for e-commerce. This platform is most convenient for both buyers and administrators of the online store. Additional modules, universal functional content, the ability to implement the required number of plug-ins, which are designed for certain functionality. All of these features are presented in Magento.

Magento uses the Zend Framework in its work, which already significantly distinguishes it from the number of engines for organizing commerce on the Internet. This framework contains PHP libraries that greatly simplify the development of web applications.

Though Magento has an extensive built-in functionality, like multiple currencies, multilanguage, design packages, ability to use different currencies, multiple sites on one system, discounts / coupons, reports, marked products, access limitation etc., an experienced user definitely wants more customization. And for this extensions were made. Magento has a very high degree of extensibility. In fact, any store feature can be redefined, replaced with developer files. And attention, for this there is no need to rewrite the source code of the engine! For any model of the block, you can create a "rewrite" and replace it with your own. For controllers, there is ability to activate the redirection of query paths. In addition, using event observer for most key actions, you can add arbitrary functionality. Using third-party code that does not affect core files allows to perform a painless update to new versions of magento.

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Magento has huge community of developers who are always ready to help with difficulties someone faces. Owing to them, there is a great variety of modules, themes, extensions and either free magento plugins or paid ones at your disposal. And in this article we are going to tell how to find the best Magento extensions, that are perfect for your business.

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Best Free Magento Extensions

TOP magento extensions that make your life easier

This is a list of free extensions that make your online store more user-friendly. By the way, all of the names are clickable  for magento extensions download.

1 Creare SEO

This extension will be helpful in enhancing Magento's SEO performance. When installed it, you will have a list of new settings and tools that can prevent you from such issues, like 404 pages and duplicate content. It has automatically-enabled features, for example:

  • HTML Sitemap Page; 
  • Noidex category filter; 
  • Disabled product redirecting; 
  • SEO options checker; 
  • Meta Keywords and etc.

Also if you want you can install optional features, like Description, different templates (Product, Category, Meta-title etc.), optimization of performance and lots of more. Creare SEO is a really profitable magento reviews extension.

2 Mouse over Zoom

This one will help with usability and attractive interface of your site. With Cloud Zoom widget inbuilt in this extension, users can forget about using controls. They are able to study all the details of the image and make sure it is exactly what they need.

3 Easy Catalog Images 2.0

This free extension for magento is very useful as it helps display child categories in the catalog. And it also takes 5 minutes to install and configure it. It has a great list of features, but here are the main ones:

  • Subcategory listings (on any page of the store);
  • Display of categories;
  • Configurable widgets for categories listings;
  • Showing the images of categories and subcategories;
  • The ability of adding more links and keywords to lists;
  • The improvement of the link structure and etc.

Free Magento Extensions

4 Banner Slider

Banner Slider is one of the best magento extensions. It is a very powerful marketing tool that allows displaying and creating unlimited quantity of sliders on a website. The main features of the extension are the great amount of positions for showing sliders, that you can preview, many ways to create banners with, a lot of effects for sliders, the ability to view reports about banners’ clicks and impressions etc.

5 Multiple Select In Layered Navigation

This free magento extension gives an opportunity to choose a product by multiple values of the same filter criteria. Default Magento settings allow selecting only one option from each attributed group of navigation results or filtered search. Multiple actions at a time is the main advantage of this magento free extension

6 Related Products Manager

If you hate adding related items manually, then this is a great help. It will automatically generate products into related, cross-sells and upsells for the entire catalog only in one click. This tool will allow you to:

  • do the creation of related items for all products with one click;
  • have smart recommeandations that are based on customer behavior on your site;
  • mix automatic and manual related products;
  • construct the number of the shown products related;
  • have automatic daily update of products and etc.

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7 Magento Product feed generator

A “magento extension free” is the most popular query in search engines and this extension has gained the greatest popularity among others extensions because of its capability to generate a product feed in CSV file to use products info externally. This file can be used in Yahoo! Store, eBay, Shopping.com, Google Base and many more. There are lots of special peculiarities of Magento Product feed generator, but here are the main ones: you will have on your store the feeds in unlimited number, you are be able to send the product to all utilized Search Engine Services and to do it directly, also you can add some numbers of attributes, to use the filter Product Type and etc.

8 Quick Contact

This is an extremely useful one from all the magento extensions free price of which is tempting for everyone. It allows customers to send feedback to your website in the fastest and easiest way. It also enables admin to arrange emails and contact fields well. Get closer to your customers with this extension.

9 Prevent SPAM with Akismet

Are you fed up with constant SPAM in your blog or from the “Contact us” form? This is no more a problem! This extension is a solution for all the unwanted mails and to restore innocence to blogging.


So, in this article we have told you how to  choose magento extensions. Hope you will try them all and write your own review. And if you wonder how to install magento extension, read another article from our blog that is dedicated to this topic. And make sure that with all these extensions your online store will be widely used by Internet surfers. Remember, Magento is a high performance, stable operation and constant development of your Internet project and Artjoker company is always there to help you with it. Good luck!

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