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White Paper: Magento Extensions That you Need Now


White Paper: Magento Extensions That you Need Now

Nowadays the development of the websites is one of the most popular ways of earning money in the Internet. There are thousands of different directions according to which you may be able to develop your own web resource. However, one of the most popular are the creation of e-commerce sites and social networks. Despite of the fact, that the whole market of social networks is fully monopolised by the major players, ecommerce strategy of the development of your business remains as one of the most popular and widely used. So, today we are going to talk much closer about the idea of the creation of different internet online shops for selling various goods and provide you with a piece of information about several pretty useful and must--have tips, which any of the beginning developers or businessmen has to know.

But, in the very beginning I would like to make a small reference, arguing that the main topic will be not an entire idea of the creation of e-commerce websites but the sage of various plugins, extensions and additional tools for one of the most CMS in the world, Magento. However, despite of the fact, that I am willing to talk today on Magento, the best strategy will be to provide the reader with the most fundamental data on what it CMS and what is namely Magento.

CMS or Content management system is one of the various approaches used by the developers to create the websites. Unlike the classical coding strategy that one is much more simple and could be highly suitable for those beginning developers, who are only thinking on the creation of their own web project, which will not only make them popular but also will,, be able to bring money. In case of the usage of CMS the majority of the whole building process is based on the graphical connection between the user and the software, what makes it absolutely useless to operate with codes and programming formulas. While talking directly on Magento we have to notice, that this CMS is developed directly for the creation of internet shops. While the whole process of the creation of the website is not really different from those, which are used within other CMSs, some additional features could be obtained through the implementation of special magento plugins. So, today we are going to talk on top magento extensions, which could be got for free and not and will try to give a proper answer on the question “how to find the best magento extensions?”.

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Best Free Magento Extensions

Magento Marketing extensions and Free Magento Extensions

There are numerous special plugins and extensions, which could be used within a developing website skeleton created upon Magento. These additional frameworks and libraries are usually implemented in order to improve the key operating systems of the e-commerce websites. For instance, you may make the whole checkout process easier, create a good feedback system of your users and allow them to share the materials from the your website in their social networks. Usually all of the plugins and special additions are created simply in order to improve traffic and increase the popularity of your web resource among the users. And now, in order to make the whole process of your future of ongoing web building much easier I will present you the most popular Magento marketplace extension, which you can find in the Internet and the starting point will become paid additions for your site.

Best magento extensions which you can get for money

To be honest, sometimes it is better to get magento reviews extension as the paid product. Do not think, that it is simple advertisement of the most popular programmers, of course not. The main reason why I am saying is the fact, that those plugins for which you have to pay are usually better developed and their level of functionality, as a result, is higher. Furthermore, sometimes while buying a single extension you can replace several free ones, what is better due to the fact, that even if you are implementing several even the most useful Magento extensions for free it becomes much harder to manage the key flows within the website, what may be not really good for a beginning programmer or a businessman who is not really experienced in that particular field. In other words, here is a small list of top 6 magento marketing extensions, which you can get for money.

One step checkout

As I have already highlighted earlier, magento checkout extensions are one of the most popular ones among the great bunch of it, while One Step Checkout is the most popular in that very group. Despite of the fact, that other additional plugins are similar between each other, there are several special features of that one directly. This plugin may help to reduce the number of the checkout steps from 6 to only 1, what definitely can make your website much easier to use. Moreover, according to statistics the majority of web pages, which have implemented that particular plugin have increased their sales up to 60%. Besides, I believe, that you may know how annoying the whole process of checkout within an ecommerce website can be.

Extended Grid with Editor

One of the most essential Magento extensions could be  Extended Grid with Editor. It is so due to the fact, that people use different currencies to buy stuffs, while currencies tend to change their exchange rates. According to that particular additional framework you can not take care of the changing exchange rates any more within your Internet shop. In case of the usage of this plugin you become able to transform and alter huge amounts of data with the usage of one or two functions, what could be pretty useful in case if you have a pretty big Internet-based shop.

Free Magento Extensions

Ultimate SEO suit

One of the most useful magento marketplace extensions could be various SEO suits. It is so because of the fact, that throughout the whole history of that plugin lots of programmers and developers have been making a strong emphasis on the fact, that Magento is not the best CMS in case if you are willing to make SEO one of the most vital fields for the promotion of your website. However, in case of the installation of that Ultimate suit you become able to deal with all of these problems. For example, there are no more problems with the sitemap updates or duplicate content, all the operations become fast and pretty simple.


If you ask me “What are the most essential Magento extensions?”, I would answer, that one of the most vital among them could be Sociable. These days lots of developers and programmers sometimes make a pretty big mistake, while underestimating the whole great power of the social networks. Despite of the fact, that they are famous for their overwhelming popularity, they also acts as one of the strongest platforms for the arrangement of good advertising campaigns for the promotion of your website. Thanks to that particular extension you become able to allow your users to share the goods the bought within your website within their social profiles. There are actually several pretty good outcomes of that plugin, such as:

  • Sales Growth;

  • Increasing trust of the users;

  • Growing popularity among the potential buyers;

Shop by Brand

While talking on the question on how to choose magento extensions we should not forget a pretty important plugin for the breeding purchases. It is really important because of the fact, that sometimes, when you are using an e-commerce shop for buying something it becomes pretty complicated to search for a right product, while such a plugin may help you to implement an advanced search engine within a website and make it much more useful and simple for the users.

Top free plugins for the usage upon Magento

After finishing the discussion over the most popular paid plugins for Magento it will be much more suitable to transfer to the description of free Magento extensions, which may become great additional features for your site. Despite of the fact, that paid plugins sometimes are better than the free ones, lots of beginning developers sometimes do not have enough financial resources to buy additional libraries for their sites, so there is no choice, but the installation of the free extensions. So, I am willing to present you the list of those free additions, which may be your must-haves for a successful website development.

Craete SEO

Again we get back to SEO. As I have already mentioned that thing sometimes plays a highly important role in the whole world of web building, while Magento for a pretty long time has been not the best CMS for the implementation of that strategy. So, even in case if you do not have a proper financial ground, there is still an opportunity to create a proper SEO environment with the usage of that plugin. Among those various functions, that it allows you to arrange are:

  • HTML Sitemap Page;

  • Noindex category filter;

  • Disabled product redirecting;

  • SEO options checker;

  • Meta Keywords and etc.

top magento extensions

Easy Catalog Image 2.0

Description of catalogs is highly vital for a proper e-commerce shop. However, sometimes, it becomes pretty complicated to do it within the existing CMS. So, the only possible way to fulfill your aim is the magento extensions download. East Catalog 2.0 can offer a wide range of

functions, among them are:

  • Subcategory listings (on any page of the store);

  • Display of categories;

  • Configurable widgets for categories listings;

  • Showing the images of categories and subcategories;

  • The ability of adding more links and keywords to lists;

  • The improvement of the link structure and etc.

Banner Slider

Sometimes for the creation of a really good design for your website you may need to implement lots of various sliding pages and photos, however, sometimes it is really difficult to make it without the usage of any possible tool. So, one of the best Magento marketing extensions here could be called the Banner Slider. It is so because of the fact, that this particular extension may allow you to implement any amount of media data and organise the movement of it within a page in any needed way. Moreover, it is done through the usage of simple tools and techniques for the Magento CMS.

Multiple Select In Layered Navigation

Sometimes it becomes really important for the user to find a specific product on your website, however, if you do not have a tool of an advanced search it gets pretty complicated. That is why, the best solution may be the choice of that very extension. It will allow you to create a tool for the user, which will make the whole process of its search really efficient and fast. Moreover, that will mean, that thanks to the usability and the simplicity of the usage your web shop can gain much more in popularity and, as a result, attract more traffic.

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Related Product Manager

It is really important for the developer to be able to add any important related items annually. For instance, it will allow you to generate generate products into related, cross-sells and upsells for the entire catalog only in one click. In such a case, the best decision will be to use that particular extension, which will make it possible to:

  • do the creation of related items for all products with one click;

  • have smart recommendations that are based on customer behavior on your site;

  • mix automatic and manual related products;

  • construct the number of the shown products related;

  • have automatic daily update of products and etc.

Bottom Line

Taking everything into consideration I would like to say, that a right choice of proper Magento extension is a pretty complicated task, moreover we have to take into consideration Magento’s complexity by creating different extensions. So, any choice depends directly on your personal needs and priorities. Moreover, it also depends on your financial support in the whole process of the creation of a good ecommerce shop. Finally, it is also possible to say, that sometimes there is no need in downloading these plugins. In case if you are a pretty experienced programmer, you can on your own develop lots of Magento extensions. All in all, I hope that I was able to give a proper answer on those your questions, which were related to the issue of the usage of the Magento plugins and extensions.

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