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Best Free Web Development Software

Web building nowadays is one of the most popular and one of the most profitable business in the whole field of the cyber-management and entrepreneurship. Lots of the beginning developers and businessmen are willing to achieve certain financial and revenue goals through the creation of their own website. The majority of them are now focusing on the creation of various blogs, online news agencies and social networks. Despite of their great desire and will to  become famous and simultaneously well of, as any newbies and primary owners they make lots of different mistakes, which later may lead to pretty serious and negative outcomes, that could mean, that the whole project could be under threat. One of the most widespreaded complications is the issue of choice of the best web design software resources, which actually act as skeleton for the future evolvement of your just created website. So, because of the fact, that such problem is so overwhelming I am willing to describe the majority of those free web development platforms, the choice of which might be the best decision for the future evolution of your website. Thus, here would be presented a list of top five free website builders, which are available for anyone and anytime.

What is a good free website builders?

On the first place, let me just identify, what is actually a web building platform. Web platform or web software, as people sometimes call it, is a foundation of your website, its background structure, which allows you to regulate all of the flows within a website and implement any needed settings. Moreover, web platform controls the main data flows and the actions of the users, which are made by your clients in the border of the website. So, speaking in a clear manner, web software regulates the webpage and is, frankly speaking, its actual soul and brain, which helps you to control the site. However, you have to remember, that in the majority of situations, or, let us be honest, always, web software has nothing to do with the software of your personal computer of laptop. Moreover, let me also emphasise, that sometimes people have problems with that term and tend to confuse their key characteristics.

Free Web Development Software

Now, it would be suitable to get a bit deeper in the background structure and describe, which main aspects identify a really good web software. The inside structure of any platform consists of several elements. They are network, the actual structure of the linked devices, website itself, your main creation, administration sector from which you regulate the website and deal with the upcoming vital issues, create design and key functions, content, the information with which you fill the website, open-source code, domain and server, where the majority or the whole bunch of the information on your website is saved, data all the technical notes and statistics related to the web resource and PDF-HTML. That is a list of those most fundamental and key things with which you have to operate in case of the usage of a good desktop-based free website builder.

However, that is not all. The main thing here is that nowadays the majority of the beginning developes are using so-called CMS platforms. CMS stands for Content management system and is a more simple version, that any existing HTML field of programming. The majority of CMS are built on a pretty simple and user friendly design and are pretty useful for those people, who are just beginning their journey to the world of free development software.

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

CoffeeCup might be the best example of a simple coding HTML platform for beginners. In case if you are willing to practise directly in coding, that very software will be the best decision for you. There are several highly positive features of this particular platform. With the usage of free version of the original software, you get an opportunity to build almost any website you want. Even in case of the usage of a limited edition, there is a great bunch of various functions and setting, which you can use for the improvement of your site. Moreover, that platform includes lots of simple and clear manuals and tutorials, which will help you to quickly orientate in the field of it. By the way, you can turn off the function of automatic tips and code on your own. Furthermore, despite of the simplicity CoffeeCup operates with a pretty simple and clear interface, which fortunately may not lead to any complications. Besides, CoffeeCup has a set of the most popular and useful programming tools, that may help you in coding. If you want, you can even get an additional package for $79, but as I highlighted earlier, even using a basic version you are able to achieve any actual level of complexity of your web resources. The last, but not least positive point is the fast process of debugging and launching the programme, that will help you to quickly test and analyse of the bugs and mistakes, made during the process of building. So, if you are a beginning developer, focused on classical web coding there is nothing better to operate with the CoffeeCup resource.

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Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit

To be honest Komodo Edit could be called one of the best basic CSS and HTML coding platforms. While talking on Komodo platforms we have to understand, that it is highly opposite in lots of features to the already existing CoffeeCup platform. For example, despite of the fact, that CoffeeCup is alco considered as a platform for beginners, it would be much better to start your web designing career with that particular software. And, there are actually several highly strong reasons to say so.

First of all, the set of the features of the Komodo software is a bit smaller, than in CoffeeCup, however, its is not a drawback, due to the fact, that developers made in in such a way, that within Komodo you have a set of the most important and fundamental functions, which you need to create a proper web resource. Secondly, while describing that pretty outstanding programming platform it is vital to make an emphasis on its really simple but useful design. For instance, within the menu of Komodo Edit you will never get lost and will be able to find all the essential functions and features you need. Moreover, there are even more really valuable special offers within Komodo. One of the most important is that it is a part of the Active State Suite, what makes it multiplatform. So, anu integration will pass with no problems. Furthermore, despite of the fact, that the functionality here is a bit bordered, the usage of Komodo means an access to different pretty nice opportunities with which a beginning programmer may play and which will greatly contribute to the field of your web design.

Besides, Komodo is also a multi lingual system. Thus, if you want to create a good content for your website, which will be popular all over the world, Komodo is what you need. As an example, you can use absolutely any language and special characters for coding, what for sure, will help to make your website not local, but global. All in all, I can even say, that Komodo could be called the best free software for app building.


Continuing our zoo journey I would like to proceed to another really nice platform, which is called Bluegriffon. Trying to describe various free HTML platforms I am focused predominantly on the differences between all of them, so, you will be able to make clear choice, basing on special, but not common features. And, in case of the Bluegriffon that rules is 100% valid. While talking on the structure and the special features of that HTML and CSS platform, it is important to mention, that thanks to a pretty good design, the interface is not only simple, but also beautiful, what may bring you not only professional programming but also an esthetic joy. However, let us be more concentrated on the technical features. First of all, we have to mention, that Bluegriffon is a multiplatform software, strongly linked to such players as Mozilla and Netspace, so the integration of your final product does not posses any problems. Moreover, one of the most important features, that may attract a beginning programmer is a great bunch of tips and tutorials, which are already built in the software, so, in case if you have any questions or problems you can easily refer to simple and clear manuals and rules of the usage.

Secondly, while discussing that software, let me also mention, that it is focused predominantly on the development of the design. Of course, coding itself plays a huge role, but Bluegriffon gives a user a great variety of highly useful and great tools, which will allow you to manage and control any designing elements within a resource in a way you want. Furthermore, text editing here is also vital. You can, to be honest, hold any possible operations with the text in the web page, depending on your tastes and needs.

Finally, let me also mention a great community of supporters. It is pretty vital due to the fact, that in case of a big number of followers the software gets an opportunity to develop in any possible way and advance more and more. For instance, even the web pages of the European Parliament operate upon Bluegriffon, while the french government has once presented it as one of the best and safest free web building platforms.



We can say, that WordPress is called one of the best best free web development softwares absolutely just. There are several reasons for us to say so, due to the fact, that throughout its pretty long and interesting history WordPress was able to achieve not only a high level of trust among the users but also to collect so huge library of the useful features, that any existing and widely used platform for web design could envied it. However, let us deal with all of that steadily. First of all, one of the most outstanding features of WordPress is the existence of a pretty good group of followers. Many people tend to underestimate that fact, but ut plays pretty important role, due to the fact, that thanks to that group, the platform has an opportunity to develop and evolve as a result of the financial inflows, which are made by that society of supporters. Secondly, the most distinguished feature of WordPress is its simplicity and a highly user-friendly interface, which may allow you to freely operate with that system after the several days of learning on how to do that. All the functions and parameters are located in a special menu, so you are able to chose anything you need pretty quickly. Moreover, the whole process is object-oriented, however, you can also use coding if you want. Moreover, WordPress is fully multiplatform, what means, that you will face no problems, trying to implement your site to any resource you want. And then, last but not least, WordPress gives you an opportunity to operate with various plugins, which makes it possible to implement any functions and additions to your site. Of course, for some of them you have to pay, while in case of the usage of those free ones, you can fully complete almost any type of job. Here I would like to enlist the most popular of them:

  • Yoast → Searching optimisation;

  • WooCommerce → Organization of sales;

  • NextGEN → For the management of a gallery;

  • Gravity Forms → Helps to add the leading capture to the website;

  • Jetpack → Increasing such vital aspects as: traffic, website loading speed and the level of protection from the hacks;

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Frankly speaking, MODX is not the most popular web building platform. However, it is one of the most useful softwares for the beginners due to the fact, that it is quite simple and almost absolutely free. First of all, that software has a user-friendly interface similar to those, which are used by the developers within the WordPress. Moreover, it perfectly fits to SEO optimization. So, in case if we recognize the fact, that promotion is one of the most vital elements of the web development, MODX is the best thing, which the world web can offer you to operate with. Then, it is absolutely free. So, in that topic MODX is actually one of the strongest competitors because of the fact, that in case of the usage of it you do not have to pay even a cent, comparing to others. Moreover, MODX can impress you with a huge variety of different designs, shapes and already done basic backgrounds for the website. So, the creation of a resource here by a beginner is almost not a problem at all. Then, we have also make an emphasis on the absence of any user limits, so, you can develop several websites simultaneously.

Lastly, I have to mention, that MODX perfectly fits the development of blogs, corporate websites and simple social networks. Furthermore, in case of having good PHP skills you may be able to implement several changes to the MODX directly, thanks to the open source code and set the platform in away you need.

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All in all…

Taking everything into consideration, I have to say, that the process of choosing the best free software  is not a really easy and fast process. First of all you have to remember about your aims and only after analysing their real potential, you are able to make a right choice, basing on that data. Then, do not over evaluate your opportunities and skills, try to choose a platform, which will cause as less misunderstandings as only possible. Finally, do not forget, that a choice itself is only a very beginning of the whole process of the project development. I really hope, that this article became a good foundation for you and helped you to get a clear perception of the choice of the most suitable free website builders.

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