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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Best Laptop For App Development

As every craftsman needs a good set of tools to make his product the right way, web developers are not different and also need a laptop to call their own. Choosing a laptop shouldn't be a quick decision. Programmers have different needs, and before making a final choice, they need to shop around. Keep in mind that getting the wrong laptop may lower your web development opportunities, so you should choose the right one on the first try. Read our guide on choosing the best laptop for app development and web design.

Operating System

At first, decide what operating system would be comfortable for you to work on. There is a variety of operating systems with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used are Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS X. Let's take a look at each of them.

  • Chrome OS is considered the simplest operating system today. Simply put, it is the same Chrome web browser but transformed into an operating system. It doesn't have a file browser and doesn't run applications, but all the web development work can be done through the browser-run web apps. This OS is perfect for those that don't like using code editors or development environments and prefer to code in raw HTML and CSS.
  • Linux seems to be the most difficult-to-use OS for many developers. Even making changes or installing additional apps may be difficult too. But nevertheless, it is the most powerful operating system because it allows one to create their own (and that is why it is perfect) development environment.
  • Windows is the most popular OS in the world. Despite the criticism of its last versions, it is still a great and reliable operating system. The majority of web development tools and programs are available on Windows. Also, it is the most flexible OS of the three operating systems listed above because it is available on a variety of laptops at different prices.
  • Mac OS X, in ordinary parlance, is an operating system for deep pockets who can afford Apple units. It is quickly becoming the operating system of choice for many developers. It is easy-to-use, powerful enough and good-looking. It includes the built-in terminal providing easy access to different tools.
  • Mac OS X

Cost of a Laptop

You are lucky because the computer hardware for web designing doesn't cost much as the one for graphics programmers or computer scientists. If you are searching for a laptop model that will last for a few years, it is worth paying attention to a more expensive model. However, you can find a lot of excellent units for a lower price.

There are 4 price brackets of best laptops for developers:

  • budget laptops ($150-350);
  • mid-range ($350-700);
  • high-end instruments ($700-1000);
  • performance ($1000).

And it is up to you which to choose.

cost of a laptop

Appropriate Specifications

To get the right laptop you need a list of tasks you will be using it for. It will guide you when it is time to compare different models. If your regular tools are Adobe Photoshop and GIMP, look for a laptop with a fast CPU for quick rendering effects and carrying out computations. But if you have to spend the most of your work time in Firebug or Sublime Text, a slower ULT Intel i3/i5 or AMD A8/A10 APU is exactly what you need.

The best laptop for developers which is always on the go is a light one with a great battery life. If your laptop usually stays on a desk, you will be glad to have a desktop replacement laptop with its large screen and a powerful hardware inside. But be ready for its poor battery life. Also, it is very important for your laptop to have a quality keyboard and trackpad. When you are ready to make a purchase, find out more about its service and warranty. If it suddenly breaks, you should know a place where a reliable repair or replacement program is provided.

To sum it up

Let me advise you on the last thing. The wrong laptop won't be a good deal, so before purchasing be sure you are careful and well informed about your choice.

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