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Best Magento Extensions

Since we have already reviewed all the best free extensions for Magento, it's high time I told you about the paid ones. Most people think that anything that costs money is better than free ones. And they are right to some extent. But the thing is that developers that create extensions, plugins or anything want their efforts to pay off. This is why they have to set up a price for their products.

Types of Magento extensions

There exist a list of the best Magento extensions that help developers all over the world improve the productivity and usability of online stores. Some extensions are made for reducing steps of checkout, some are useful because of their ability to zoom product images, etc. They are really useful and serve as a “decoration” to your online store. Don't skimp, and you will see real results. There are plenty of them, but we have selected the best ones .

Extensions you can't do without

Without these top Magento extensions, your online store may seem like a lonely tree in the forest, To see result, you need to develop and improve your online store with the help of these extensions.

1 One Step Checkout

Owing to this extension, you can reduce checkout process from 6 boring steps to 1, and make the checkout process quicker and easier, which leads to sales growth by up to 60% and fix the problem of cart abandonments.

2 Extended Grid with Editor

This is the best Magento extension for businesses with fluctuating price levels due to currency or other factors. It edits a big amount of product data in no time. With it you are able to update your stock on a regular basis, sort and filter products and edit product attributes without much effort.

3 Ultimate SEO Suite

Magento has long been considered a difficult CMS for optimizing search engines and an SEO's weak side. It is one of the most popular Magento extensions which are made to solve this problem. There is no more fear about the issues of sitemap updates and setup, as well as massive duplicate content issues. Use and enjoy!

4 Sociable

Provide your users with a share-to-social-networks option. There are plenty of advantages of this provision: sales growth, increase in trust and more popularity among potential buyers. Don't you think that this is one of the best magento extensions for your online store?

Best magento extensions

5 Shop by Brand

It is ideal for ecommerce websites that sell clothes of various brands It gives your customers an opportunity to choose items from their favorite brands.

6 Follow up email

Stay in tight-knit and long-term relationship with your customers even after purchasing, by sending them emails with an announcement of sales or a new collection and providing them with coupons or just sending them holiday postcards.

7 Gift Card Extension

Magento web development guarantees success because there are a lot of extensions that help you simplify shopping for your users and your life as an online store owner.

Nowadays, Gift Card is a very popular gift for different holidays. Besides, statistics show that almost 45% of their recipients don't ever use the total value of the card; that is a big advantage to your profit.

8 Webforms PRO

Install magento extension and attract more and more leads as it allows you to create beautiful contact forms, quotes or surveys in a minute. You will agree with me that when people see an image, they either take action or not. Attract your customers to fill the form or participate in a survey through colorful and beautiful designs.


I would like to say that it is up to you to decide which one to choose in order to save money. But all the same, the result will show if you did something wrong or did not what is necessary to improve. Install, enjoy and keep abreast of the tendencies.

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