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Best Mobile App Development Platform

Continuing speaking about application development platforms, we are going to find an answer on what is the best mobile app development framework for designing the awesome cross-formated app. Everybody knows that it is rather troubling to choose app creating tools. Thanks to availability of great multi-platform developer tools today on the market, you can pick the right one to achieve your goal.

Lets start from reviewing types of mobile development tools and what applications they are wired for. There are three different technologies on which mobile dev tools are based.

Mobile app development platforms – what are they?

Native mobile app development platforms (e.g. iOS, Android) have its advantages and disadvantages. You will get the full and rich experience but you may not have no such a deep understanding of the platform to build a perfect application. Be sure that for your company native application will be the way to go, because it is costly to develop several apps on different platforms.

Web toolkits are considered to be the best mobile application development platforms for building browser-based web applications which are set up on different mobile operating systems and devices. There are a lot of advantages of using such web toolkit. It is multi-platform and its cost in comparison with native toolkits is lower. Application, built on a web toolkit, will run on any mobile platform. Also, this software for mobile app development has its downsides, one of them is app will not work being offline.

Also there are special mobile app development platforms which include the best of the previous types. Application created on such platform is cheaper and can be cross-platform. Let's focus on them.

So, what are the most popular hybrid platforms for building mobile apps?

1 Xamarin

It is a C# cross-platform, that gives developers an opportunity to build apps that seem to be native to each mobile device. In spite of this, the downside is that the process of creating an app takes more time because you need to code against each platform it is built for, though using the same back-end data. Use Xamarin if you are going to develop for Windows Mobile, iOS or Android. Having C# and .Net coverage it is the best software for mobile app development and offers the best options for these platforms.

2 PhoneGap

Award-winner on Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco’s 2009 Launch Pad event, this FOSS (Free Open Source Software) environment is one of the best tools for android development, but is also available for developers to design applications for BlackBerry, iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Palm and Symbian devices. PhoneGap is convenient by using standard web development languages – HTML and JavaScript. Use it if cross platform reach is more important than deep functionality that native apps have. Be certain, decent ecosystem of PhoneGap plugins are worth looking at.

Best Mobile App Development Platform

3 Appcelerator

A lot of developers consider Titanium Development Platform from Appcelerator to be the best mobile app development platform because of power to develop “native-feel” applications for smartphones, tablets and desktops using HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Python programming languages. This tool is in high-usage – over 1, 000 native mobile apps per month are ready to be placed on appmarkets. It is free to download and looks pretty easy to on-board an app. Clients created on Appcelerator are totally hardware-based, you can chose where its data will be placed - in the cloud or on the device.

4 Kony One

This cross platform application framework seems to be universal because it includes mobile application management, appstore management, security capabilities and managed deployment. The platform has decent integration methods for SAP, Seibel, Oracle, JD Edwards and PeopleSoft, that's why it is perfect for designing apps that need to access existing systems. This platform is easy to use, but also has a downside – it is more difficult to find a skilled developer with experience of Kony One, than of Xamarin or Appcelerator one.

5 Whoop

This mobile application development platform would be interesting for those who have no clue about of mobile application designing. Whoop is a one-stop mobile app publishing platform which allows to get some cross-formating done even for non-developers. Nevertheless, keep in mind that your product might not be as perfect as it can be once master developers deal with it, but, though, it is worth trying to create. In some way, Whoop reminds editor that enables you dragging and dropping mobile elements to it to get desired result. Being depend on the OS your app is going to be set up (usually it is Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android or iPhone), you can export it in many formats.

Finding the best mobile app development platform is only one of the first steps of building a perfect app client for your like-minders. Learn about next steps in the technology stack in the article “How to develop mobile apps for Android”.

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