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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Case: VPN

Sometimes, you often need to be anonymous when surfing the web. Special web applications and programs can help you achieve that, but this may also need long-term installation, and, moreover, stop your work.

There is a solution! We've developed VPN TRUE that secures a user from DPI, corporate control systems and hack attacks, and protect your privacy while surfing the Internet.

Our goals are:

  • To create a mobile app that keeps a user anonymous. It should ensure his security on the web in terms of server customer base.
  • To launch the project with dispatch,as a priority, and to rate its use perceptiveness and update its functionality in the course of time.
  • To offer and implement an optional way of monetization.

The result is next:

Goal #1

The mobile app was to be developed specially for server customer base around the world. The key idea was to give free access that doesn't demand app registration. Our goal was to create a mobile application that allows a client use these servers, and guarantee stable and fast server operation without traffic limitations. Users should have the opportunity to choose different servers for different goals (social media, messengers or access to content in any part of the world).

Case: VPN

Usage of VPN True guarantees not only user's anonymity, but also his safety. With its help, you can make payments, connect to public Wi-Fi, make calls, and send messages knowing that your data is secure and can't be reached by hackers.

The main advantages are:

  • No app registration;
  • Great choice of target servers (23) — processing data is always pointed on the page;
  • No limitation on internet connection and traffic volume;
  • Access to locked sites and content;
  • Security and data privacy.

Goal #2

We used SCRUM methodology to keep our workflow fast and efficient. This allows us to save time by engaging several activities at the same time, and not in turn. Results were considered for approval at a go, and in a month we were ready with VPN True launch on 10 servers. And in 3 weeks, we added 50 servers and extended the original functionality – you can rate it in a paid version.


Goal #3

One of the mobile app development goals was choosing the method of monetization. We implemented 2 versions of the app: trial and paid. Paying for access you get:

  • more servers;
  • high connection speed;
  • no adverts;
  • stable work on any gadget;
  • premium 24/7 support;
  • maximum data security.

VPN TRUE is a mobile application that is a must-have in the world of Internet and high technologies. A high-grade product, the way it is implemented turns it to a necessity. So with its simple functionality, the app becomes your daily right hand. Be ready to rate VPN TRUE even today!

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