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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Easy App Development Software

If you read this article about simple and easy app development software or at least have interest in it, then you may have an idea of how to create your app without hiring any app development studio or company and spending much money. It’s really common in nowadays to become a cross functional specialist. Like, if you have a small business or a startup it is expected that you will have to play not only as director or CEO, but sometimes even a programmer or designer. In this article we gathered the best applications for those who want to develop something, but do not know how to. So, let's start out our journey to the world of easy android app development tools that are able to help you with the creation of your own app without any difficulties.

How to create an app without coding?

You might think that the capability to code is an obligatory skill in application development? Don't worry! There are plenty of tools that don't demand this type of skills and provide building mobile apps without coding. The only thing you need is to choose one that fits you best and the platform depending on what you are planning to create it and you will have the ability to make apps without code almost like the best programmers do.

List of tools to build an app without code:

1 AppMakr

AppMakr is a platform that is based on browser and  designed to make the creation of your app easy and quick. The feature of AppMakr is that it is confined to special data consumption scenarios that allow you to generate applications based on the parameters you specify (for example, the RSS feed source). It includes features like custom Javascript and CSS capabilities, push notifications and location-aware GeoRSS. This tool is free, but if you want to get access to the advanced features, then you need to pay 79$ per month. It works with the Android, Windows and iOS operating systems and helps to make mobile app without coding in less than 10 minutes!

create an app without coding

2 GENWI (short for “Generation Wireless”)

This smartphone and tablet publishing platform allows you to construct and and regulate your presence on well-known and popular mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, HTML5 and Android apps. It delivers photos, videos, audio, rich graphics etc. Apps made with GENWI include numerous revenue-generating capacities for all businesses such as in-app subscriptions, coupons and ads. You have a free three-month trial before you start paying for this easy app development software.

What GENWI provides you with in building mobile apps without coding?

      • package and share - you are able to create multiple sourced content and easily share it;
      • track interactions - you can get feedback from your clients in time;
      • integrates easily - you can link GENWI with a lot of CMS as well as with social media.

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3 AppInstitute

Appstitute service provides small businesses or startups with some tools in creation, publishing, managing any iPhone and Android applications by yourself. It uses a DoItYourself application builder platform, that makes entering the application market really easy even for the least tech-savvy business or startup owner.

The system in the platform is a drag-and-drop one, it offers templates for wide range of business types, from beauty salons to restaurants. Among the features we can highlight these:

  • a loyalty system;
  • geo-targeted push notifications;
  • You are able to use the service for free without publishing, or choose 4 different packages of services for mobile app development without coding.

4 SwebApps

You have a small business without app development budget and want to build your app in a simple and inexpensive way? This tool perfectly fits your needs! With this software you can create your Android or iOS app online. The service provides you with several templates, among which you can choose different amount of buttons package - four, six or eight. Once updating is available on App Store, you can update your app via SwebApps. The basic package requires a one-time $399 fee (includes one app for one platform).

5 MyAppBuilder 

For just $29 per month MyAppBuilder can create an Android or Iphone app for you. You need nothing, but provide content (photos, videos, books, etc.). Also you won't need some tech background. Having paid $29 per month and registered you can create two apps for a month.

Mippin is a really easy-to-use platform that allows you to develop apps for Windows, iOS and Android and provides a lot of flexibility in designing it. It can distribute your app to the iTunes, Windows, Amazon and Android stores. But the price is not so cheap – native apps cost about $999 per year.

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Easy App Development

6 AppsBuilder

It is absolutely free platform (you can pay also 15$ per month if you do not want to see any of advertisements). AppsBuilder is used for Native iOS, Native Android, WebApp platforms development. You can create applications and web applications in 3 steps for android, iphone, ipad and tablets and to embed images, video clips, music and more. To addition you have free access to the resources of the site. Also you can find out in real time who uses the application, what they are interested in and where they are. Owners can place ads in their applications and earn on it.

So, what to choose - developing by yourself or relying on development company?

You can mention, that easy mobile app development can be done even without programming manually by yourself.  In this way you do not pay to the developers, which means you gain invaluable personal experience in creating and benefiting in the initial installment. If you develop the program yourself, it will be easier for you to create exactly  what you want, because it is difficult sometimes to clearly describe your desires, and even more so recreate the program.

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But if you decide to trust the development studio, you can count on the rapid execution of your order. Professionals in their field can give you very practical tips for improving your program, increasing its profitability and quality.  In general, each of the resources will help you achieve the desired - it is only a wish.

Everything is for you

Apps are very useful nowadays and besides can make your business more popular. They differentiate your brand, deepen your relationship with the customers and open new revenue channels. Creation of an app is will help you with it!

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