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Essentials to Keep an eCommerce Site in Order: Get Started With Updated Functionalities


Essentials to Keep an eCommerce Site in Order: Get Started With Updated Functionalities

If you are wondering how to start an eCommerce site, the first thing you should do is to read our existingchecklist. Done? Get ready for the next portion of items that are to be checked, tested and cross-checked again to be fully confident that your customers have a nice experience with the site.

Today, I'm going to walk through the list of UX characteristics. Mark them off when completed to ensure your online store is ready for selling.

First, Manage The Homepage Your Customers See First

There are two kinds of events that takes place when someone comes to a site. A user keeps looking around or just leave the site forever. So as not to make the online buyer hit the road because of homepage interface and navigation that is not user-friendly, fill your homepage with some additions to guide them through the site.

What to double-check and include?

  • A well-designed logo
  • Make sure the site has cross-browser compatibility and responsive
  • Promotional graphics and links
  • Links to the most popular products, sales, and special offers
  • Calls to action to push people to purchase
  • Language options if the site is multilingual
  • An easy-to-use search field at the top of the site
  • Displaying all the specials and free shipping options
  • The latest news special area

start an eCommerce site

Second, Manage Overall Ecommerce Site's Look

Every eCommerce site needs constant moderation to be on trend. Copy out next list of items to double-check how the site looks and works in general. Repeat it monthly to be sure your site runs properly.

Things to remember when checking the site:

  • It is easier to navigate through a minimalistic designed site
  • Use Pingdom to test the speed of your site pages
  • No broken links and empty product pages!
  • Categories should have filtering options
  • Email signup form shows up on every page
  • Footer links to Career Page, Privacy Policy, Contact Page, FAQ Page, your social pages, Return and Exchange Policies, and Supplier Information Pages
  • Buttons to share on social media
  • A login option
  • Tabs to categories and a shopping cart at the top of the site
  • Images of payment systems shoppers can use
  • Use breadcrumbs to help people not loose their way to products or pages they need.

Third, Keep Product Pages In Order

Another situation could happen. When someone is searching for an item through the search engines, he may find a particular product page. So, your goal is to keep product pages well-organized in order to push people to make purchases.

Make shoppers buy:

  • Calls to action
  • Include customer reviews and ratings
  • Add related product links
  • Selling points, like opportunity for free shipping or getting a discount
  • Providing zoom-in functionality for product images
  • Complete information about product (multiple images, specs)
  • A creative selling description with an optimized product title
  • An opportunity to change purchase quantity in the cart
  • Current information about sales and discounts
  • Add-to-cart button
  • Shipping and tax calculations in order to know the end cost
  • Materials used, colors, weight, and washing instructions if need be
  • Available sizes
  • Section for comments, questions, and reviews
  • A Wishlist button
  • A converter if needed
  • Shares, views and sales information about each product
  • Buttons for sharing products on the social media
  • Deals if purchasing related products together
  • Information about product availability
  • Fast product page load up
  • Keywords in item's description to improve search engine rankings

Essentials to Keep an eCommerce Site in Order

Fourth, Topic News Pages to Add

You are more than just an eCommerce site selling items. You are the expert in people's wishes.

To strengthen your brand, include separate pages such as:

  • Tutorials
  • Reviews and showcases
  • Trends
  • Company events
  • Recent news
  • Interviews with people who have already used your products

Complete these pages with:

    • Ability to comment
    • Social sharing options
    • Links to external resources
    • Areas to submit users' content

Fifth, Find Out If It Is Comfortable To Look Through The Shopping Cart and Wishlist

YThis is a critical stage of e-shopping, so give it the best shot to make a buyer make purchases.

Be ready to check out next items:

      • A need of creating account only after placing an order
      • Accepting all the payment methods
      • Offering free or low-cost shipping through multiple methods
      • Add more fun to encourage user activity
      • Asking people to come back to do the shopping again
      • Saving a cart to a Wishlist for later
      • Showing the approximate delivery time
      • If a product is digital downloads, explain how to receive it
      • Explain what you do with their personal information
      • Offering a sample of completing a form
      • Test the checkout process to be sure it works

Sixth, Getting On Track With Customers

Once clients buy from your site, you have a chance to offer additional products or specials with emails they left on the site. Your mailings should contain:

      • An image of the item
      • A link to the product
      • Follow up to figure out how the bought product is
      • Ask for review
      • Offering a discount if user hasn't bought anything for a few months
      • Selling gift cards
      • A promotion for abandoned carts
      • “Thank You” message
      • A link to track shipping
      • A link to return instructions

Seventh, Let A Customer Get More Information By Support Pages

Give your customer an opportunity to get answers to his questions. I recommend next support features:

        • Links to social media communities
        • Customer Support manager's contact forms
        • A LiveChat area
        • Forums or FAQs

That is all to eCommerce site checklist. In the next articles, we'll have a detailed look on different types of e-shops and requirements they should meet to be on TOP of users' favorite sites list.

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