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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

FAQ: 8 Questions on Website Development


FAQ: 8 Questions on Website Development

1What is included in website or online store development and how many people will be involved?

The process of development is divided into several stages, and each of them requires the competence of different specialists and completion of single-functioned tasks. TA team of 6 (UX specialist, designer, markup specialist, 1-2 programmers, QA, and content manager) under the supervision of a project manager works stage by stage to get the result.

Stages of website/online store development:

  • Formation of Project Requirements project manager, programmers and UX specialist are involved in this process. They choose the most appropriate platform, solve issues with hosting, domain name, create website architecture and work with all the technical details.
  • Website projecting (UX)  — usability (or a provision of comfortable and intuitively understandable interaction with a user) should be thought over in great details before an active development starts. UX specialists create an optimal menu and navigation system, taking into account your business peculiarities and your clients' needs.
  • Design — is a creation of brand elements, elaboration of brand style, website and every page's “cover” . We offer the best visual solution for your project , although admitting 2 global edits.
  • Markup and testing — specialists provide technical realization of design, working on website code, creating responsive and beautiful resource checked by QAs.
  • Programming + testing — technical realization, complex work with back-end, setting of necessary modules and a ready individual solution at the end, custom-made to meet your business needs. The result is checked by QA specialists. That's why there are no chances for bugs.
  • Filling in with content - content manager is involved at this stage. He/she places content provided by a client (text/photos). If necessary, we are ready to offer the services of copywriter who will prepare such texts that will be loved both by search engines and your clients and the main thing according to the project requirements by SEO specialists.

Questions on Website Development

  • Final test is executed before the final website launching. This is realized in-house, which helps to reduce time and financial expenses. We provide a guaranteed technical support for your resource in the 30-day period after launching as well as 1-year hosting we offer to all our clients.

We provide a guaranteed technical support for your resource in the 30-day period after launching as well as 1-year hosting we offer to all our clients.

2Which platform will be chosen for the development of my website?

While choosing an optimal platform, we do it on the basis of project objectives and tasks, and that's why we offer multi-functional and reliable CMS. 

To develop easy-to-manage online stores, we offer Magento and MODx, because we have in-house experienced programmers. Owing to this platform, you will get a selling resource with extended functional opportunities, which will become a reliable source of clients and profit.

For difficult custom projects ,we use Laravel framework with open-source code, which allows for realization of your idea, taking into account all technical difficulties.

Before the final decision on which platform your website will be based on, we will hold a briefing and a meeting dedicated to detecting technical details of your website. Want to learn more about tech stack we use? Click here.

3How can I monitor development process?

All the development process is held on the dedicated private server so that you stay abreast of the process and follow the preparation process. For your convenience, a dedicated manager will tell you on a regular basis about the results in view of weekly reports, and the end product can be seen in our WS.

4How many markups of the homepage will I get?

Design is one of the stages of website development, which includes homepage markup development. Before the start, we gather clients' ideas and wishes (examples of what he likes) in the quote and put them down in the project requirements. According to project requirements, we will create a prototype of a homepage which can be worked out and improved by a designer and integrated to the website/online store only after a few adjustments. If the first variant doesn't suit you, we are ready to change the initial variant 2 times more till the client is happy.

5What is your approach to project development?

There two methods of work that are popular nowadays – Waterfall (step-by-step work) and SCRUM (multiple small teams working in an intensive and interdependent manner).

Having chosen preferable development model, we talk about ways of estimating work quality and then form KPI.

Questions on Website

6How much time does development take?

Terms of development depend on project difficulty and scope of work, number of involved experts and project specifics. That's why every deadline is determined individually. On average, it takes 30 days to develop a website and 45 days for an online store.

7Is the hourly pay the same for all specialists?

Yes. This way we show that the contribution of every team member is equal and necessary for the complete realization of the project. That's why the hourly pay is the same.

8What influences the development price?

Decision on the price takes into account numerous factors, which can be structured in the following ways:

  • design —creation of a brand style from scratch or the improvement of an already existing visual elements of brand, and usage of web design latest trends take into account difficulties with drawing or markup;
  • markup —is an integration of a developed markup design on the website. This ensures that the website is responsive;
  • programming — work on CMS (website engine), necessary functional set (for example, personal account, cart, methods of payment, extended filters) and powers (integrated modules). In the case of online store – implementation of automatized promotions and bonuses, loyalty programs, etc.

The more difficult the structure, the higher the price of web resource development.

When it comes to us, you pay for a complex product as  Artjoker — is a LEGO-contractor, because all the details of a resource custom-made for you ideally fit each other. These details are worked out and realized by a team of qualified specialists (we have been developing websites for almost 10 years and we have completed more than 500 projects).

As all the processes run perfectly, the team acts fast and flexibly. This way you get a ready-to-use website in 30 days, an online store in 45 days, and an app in 60 days. Everything will be proven by law.

More questions? Download a white paper “Rules of choosing website developers for your project”

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