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Free Online Plagiarism Checker and Duplicate Content Finder


Free Online Plagiarism Checker and Duplicate Content Finder

Plagiarism is the imitation of someone’s ideas or ready work without submitting a credit to an author. It is even the usage of someone’s quote without giving a reference in an essay. As you may know, plagiarism is one of the main problems for the whole society of copywriters, writers, bloggers, web developers and even students and teachers in the universities. Despite of the fact, that nowadays our technologies are rapidly developing and advancing from day to day, we sometimes face that problem, while working on our content. However, in case if two hundred years ago the detection of plagiarism was a pretty complicated tasks, and even lots of famous people then created their fate and gained success, thanks to plagiarism. But, thanks to the innovations in the IT sphere, in the 21st century, we can pretty easy find those, who steal our work or prevent our own copying of someone’s work. However, in order to achieve these goals successfully you have to know those tools, which may help you. But, let me first of all explain the whole problem in a much broader way.

What are the key types of plagiarism?

To be honest, while talking on plagiarism, we may say, that there are dozens of types of it. Moreover, they all are based on special law regulations and are fully presented in all the existing state codes, published in a state of your origin. However, here I am willing to closer examine only two of them. The first one is the international plagiarism and the second one is unintentional plagiarism. So, now, I would like to give a word on both of them.

International Plagiarism

Frankly speaking, International Plagiarism could be called equal to a classic type of it. However, in its very name we already see, what does it mean. For example, we may say, that in case if someone from any state in the world steal your article published in the internet, it is plagiarism. Moreover, in case if you are a, for instance, an Australian student, studying in Poland, and while writing an essay you gave several quotes and extracts from other works of different writers, it is plagiarism as well. For instance, continuing the topic on universities, I would like to say, that, even those agencies, which exist in different universities and take your money in order to write a work for you, also commit plagiarism, due to the fact, that they absolutely illegally use the whole big pieces from other works. Besides, I would like to add even more. Your acceptance of their services could be also recognise as plagiarism by the university authorities. Thus, as you can see, in the universities as well as in the field of blogging copying of the works of others is a giant problem too.

    Free Online Plagiarism Checker

    Unintentional Plagiarism

    That point is much bigger and here, I would like to give only several short phrases. First of all, unintentional plagiarism is a type of stealing, which was not based on a direct desire of that, but which is actually an unexpected coincidence, happened only due to several reasons. Secondly, it may happen in case if you decided to enlighten the same topic as someone other and started to write your own work. Such situations could be easily seen in the world of copywriting and thesis publishing. Moreover, sometimes, people’s way of writing and their desire to present the core content could be similar sometimes. However, as you may know, it is impossible to have a 100% similar texts even in case of the most fantastic coincidence in the world. Moreover, unintentional plagiarism is sometimes really hard to prove even if you have a good lawyer and a great desire to show, that you are not guilty and fully right.

    What are the best tools for plagiarism checking?

    So, now, I am willing to give you a pretty short list of those the most important and useful softwares, which are used not only by the copywriters and teachers, but also by really famous writers and even governments all over the world.

    1 Grammarly

    Indisputably one of the best anti plagiarism softwares could be called Grammarly. Furthermore, it is not only a plagiarism analyser, but also a really good grammar checker, which is able to find and correct all the grammar mistakes, basing on the content and style of your text. I am sure, that you have been annoyed numerous times, while working with Word or any other similar text editors, when it tries to correct a “mistake”, which is suitable to the text according to the idea and content. However, with the usage of grammar, you will never face that problem again, while its mistakes archive consists of more, than 250 possible grammar errors.

    But, that is not the key feature. The most important things on that editor is that it is able to find any similarities with the usage of different searching engines in several seconds. For instance, Grammarly operates with more, than 8 billion websites and could find any possible similarities. Besides, Grammarly is able to commit a professional text proofreading, so you do not need a professional editor any more. And, last but not least, Grammarly has a giant vocabulary of any possible word and sentence structures, which could be used. For instance, its content library consists of more, than 20 million special word combinations, which are used in the language not really frequently. Moreover, it is fully multi lingual.

    2 Check for Plagiarism. net

    That anti plagiarism software was developed by a team of professional programmers, computer scientists and editors and focused predominantly on the search of similarities within the global net in any possible web pages. It is one of the most popular and one of the most widely used programmers for writing and editing texts in order to avoid copying and stealing of the content.

    It is marked by a great number of pretty useful features and elements, which will be able to later help you in your project. For example, within that platform you are able to implement any possible search setting with the exclusion of special web pages, sentences, frequency and many other aspects. Furthermore, it perfectly fits for the teacher and students of the universities, because it also monitors special scientific publications and books, where that content could be stolen. Moreover, there is also a great set of explanations and manuals for those, who are operating with that tool for the first time. Lastly, you are also able to address to a 24/7 customer support in case of any bugs or serious mistakes. It could be done via phone, email and even simple message on Facebook.

    3 Plagiarisma

    This tool is a really good free substitute for Copyscape. If you have a word document highlight it and copy, pull up Plagiarism and paste your text into the box. It's up to you which search engine to select. There is also an option of uploading a full document , regardless its format, due to the fact, that Plagiarism is a fully multi platform software, so you are able to operate with any text data. This free online plagiarism checker and duplicate content finder can help you with the operation with any existing and possible language, due to the fact, that its linguistic data libraries are even bigger, than those, which are used by Grammarly. Moreover, there are also several other special and important features. For instance, thanks to a great set of searching engines and all those web pages with which that programme can operate you are able to get any information on your text from any possible corner of the world web. Besides, it is also marked with a great operational speed, what , for sure, is an awesome benefit for you.

    However, it has a weak side: if the text is really copied there will be no results from bing, only from yandex and google! Bing will consider the text as unique. One more disappointing thing is the restrictions in a number of free queries a day.

    content checker

    4 The Plagiarism Checker

    This is also another pretty popular and professional plagiarism checker, that is highly useful for those, who is willing to edit really big texts. It is so because of the fact, that unlike other text editors, Checker has no word limitation, so, if you want, you can even edit “War and Peace” with the usage of that tool. Moreover, there is no registrations requirements and official steps to use the programme. It happens because of the fact, that the whole process of installation is really simple and totally free, so, there is no need to pay. Besides, that programme is also marked with a pretty high speed of analysis and web pages checking. Thus, if you want to see the similarities even in a pretty big text, it will take only several seconds.
    However, there is a pretty important drawback. For instance, there is no box for excluding a URL if you’re are trying to check an already existing text. So, maybe for those, who want to analyse the already published and ready articles, presented in the net, it would be a pretty vital negative aspect.

    5 PlagiarismCheck

    This is the last, but not least anti plagiarism software, which is also pretty popular. First of all, as well as the Checker it does not have any word limit, som, the analysis of even really big and massive texts does not seem to be a big problem. Secondly, thanks to a multi platform system, PlagiarismChecker supports any possible text format, so, it will not be complicated for anyone to implement their own articles there. Then. such a software is absolutely international and could be used in any state upon any possible language, what makes it highly useful if you work as an international freelancer or in the international company. Furthermore, it is 100% free, so there is no need to pay for any addition or come through a complicated and long process of installation.

    However, there is also a drawback. Due to the existence of no warranty there is impossible to start a lawsuit in case if you find, that someone has stolen your article, book or something else. Thus, despite of all those positive features, PlagiarismCheck has also a pretty vital negative point.


    All in all, I can argue, that plagiarism is one of the most important problems with which we have to cope with by any means. Moreover, as a copywriter I may say, that it is more, than disgusting to realise, that someone is stealing your ideas or works and sta unpunished. So, the usage of such programmes and softwares is one of the most important tools, which allows us to deal with such a vital and important problem. Then, I hope, that this moderate list beca a pretty interesting for you and was able to give an answer for those questions, which you had.

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