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Free Online Plagiarism Checker and Duplicate Content Finder

I have formed the list of free duplicate content checker tools for you to prevent you from copying or duplicating text. Surely you can use these tools to find out who are those “bad guys” that are stealing your content or just “borrow” them to publish without your permission. I have tested all the tools given below to make sure they:

  • analyze an entire text including paragraphs, words, and phrases
  • reliable, fast and free
  • catch plagiarized material
  • find non unique content

Free Online Plagiarism Checker

Use Internet for your benefit

In my experience, I faced the situations when unknowingly I wrote some similar phrases to those that had already been on the web and you are not secure from this as they are numerous on the Internet. To avoid situations like this and to prevent yourself from little thieves within the web I insist on using duplicate content checker software no matter they are free or not. They are all great and advanced , as you know that Internet Technologies are constantly improving and introduce something new to the online world, why not use it for your benefit?

The best duplicate content checker tools

No doubts you have heard a lot of time about claims of copyright infringement ( avoid this with the online duplicate content checker they work for it) and this does not have to do only with some music stars or movie makers but with all authors around the world. And you are not the exception as you have exerted every effort to create a unique and interesting content and somebody decides to steal it, do you agree that this is a kind of offensive thing? So to your attention here the list of tools for successful search engine optimization SEO and for the sake of the text uniqueness.

1 Plagiarisma

This tool is a really good free substitute for Copyscape. If you have a word document highlight it and copy, pull up Plagiarism and paste your text into the box. It's up to you which search engine to select. There is also an option of uploading a full document (TXT, PDF,DOCX, RTF, DOC, ODT, and HTML files are supported). This free online plagiarism checker and duplicate content finder help a lot more than 190 “languages”. It has a weak side: if the text is really copied (I pasted plagiarized text on purpose) there will be no results from bing, only from yandex and google! Bing will consider the text as unique. One more disappointing thing is the restrictions in a number of free queries a day.

2 The plagiarism checker

It had been an ideal free duplicate content checker tool for me:

  • No registrations
  • Limitless number of queries
  • Big number of words per search

But then something has happened and it began glitching. But maybe it is something wrong with my computer and you will be a lucky user of this tool. Also, there is no box for excluding a URL if you’re are trying to check an already existing text.

content checker

3 Small SEO tools

A free online duplicate content checker that is very useful , but, in my opinion, is not really deep in search. However, it contains all the necessary options: insert your text in the box, search by URL or exclude one, and to upload a file docx or txt (not so wide range of formats are supported). A lot of websites use captcha and it is really annoying for users, especially if they are not understandable. This site also has it but clear and easy-to-understand.

4 Dupli Checker

Is another duplicate content checker tool free of charge. It highlights all plagiarized text on the website that is extremely advantageous, as visual highlighting of the text can tell how much of your text is duplicated word-by-word at that website. Copy and paste or text uploading are available.

To sum up

In the era of IT, there are plenty of services that simplify our everyday life no matter you are a SEO specialist, real estate agent, gamer, business man or a simple housewife. But sometimes we face the problem of being unable to choose something particular as there are a lot of things similar to it , the same thing with duplicate content checker online free. Hope I helped you to choose the best suitable for you!

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