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General Facts About Java Application Development


General Facts About Java Application Development

Java is the most popular programming language used to develop Android applications. We have a tutorial for you to get a brief introduction to Java fundamentals. If you are a newbie to Java, or just need more details to foster your skills, this tutorial must be useful for you. We are going to discuss what you should learn to start programming in the Java language. To develop Android applications using Java, you'll need a development environment. Actually, you can use Eclipse that is very popular for Java and the preferred for Android development. It is free for Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.

What actually Java is?

Today, Java is the really only option to create native applications. It incorporates many powerful features of C and C++. The core features of this language are:

  • it is easy-to-learn
  • it is platform-independent using virtual machines
  • it is object-oriented

The Android SDK includes many Java libraries as well as their own to make possible creating awesome Android applications.

About Java Appl

There are several reasons why is Java easy to learn. For example, there are a lot of resources to help you learn how to make an android app with java, it is used for many types of programming projects and widely discussed all over the programming world. If compare to C and C++, java syntax is quite similar, so it won't be a troublesome for you to be up and run in it. Also, Java is the most human-readable programming language – a person who understand nothing in programing can look at Java code and get an idea what it is actually for.

Your code won't be portable if you don't compile an application for each different device or machine language. Java is the winner in this situation. The Java compilers convert a code from human understanding Java source files to bytecode in the Java world. A Java Virtual Machine does this to execute the compiled code. As for how to develop android apps using java, the ones run in a special Dalvik virtual machine. Just imagine: Dalvik is a bubble, where an Android app runs. Thanks to it, you may not be worry about a device the application is going to be setup. The device is friendly with its VM, and that is why it is the device manufacturer's job to implement, but not yours.

Taking the bubble idea further, we'll explain why is java secure. Java applications are isolated from the underlying device hardware. A VM encapsulates, contains and manages code execution in a safe manner. Every Android app runs on the operating system using a different user account and its own instance of the Dalvik VM. The operating system closely monitor Android apps and shut them down if they don't play nice.

About Java Application

General facts about making android apps with java:

1 Availability to setup an app on any device

Setup the same application on different Android devices thanks to Dalvik VM we have discussed before.

2 Speed loading

The productivity of code may depend on a variety of factors. Java code is considered to be one of the fastest, besides, it takes fewer efforts to be written. That is why the question of how to create an app using java makes no delay for Android app developers.

3 Security

As we have mentioned before, security is one of the main Java rules. Thanks to it we can write the code that is maximally secured from bugs, vulnerabilities and machine interventions.

4 Easy way of development and further maintenance

Java performs a great quantity of out-of-the-box functionalities that simplify the process of development and give specialists an opportunity to concentrate on the main application elements or its business logic.

5 Spread community

There is a great number of competent people who are interested in how to write android apps in java. Such community is ready to help you solve any problem with your Java code.

6 Hibernate

A lot of additional libraries that are to realize different aspects of designed projects is one of the best sides of Java. The most useful tool for working with data persistence is Hibernate.

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