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How is it made? “About us” page

What do you pay your attention to while visiting the website. I feel a lot will agree with me that it is “About us” page. And it makes sense. Exactly, this kind of page forms our first impression about the website and company in general.

As a matter of fact, it is a great art to create a competent “About us” page. It should tell your visitors about your company through content. From this article you will learn how to create “the right” “About us” page, and overview the most interesting and successful design examples .

Company values and mission

No doubt, you have corporate values and mission. Then tell the whole World about it! Such tricks will be to your image advantage. Just imagine, will you trust a company that is not just chasing after profit but devotes its attention to the corporate aspects of business management?

Example of “about us “ page on the Artjokerwebsite:

Artjoker values


Have you got any interesting story about your product/brand creation? Place it within the page “About us”. Good stories will make your brand more vivid. Besides, a suchlike content ideally fits for viral marketing. Every company has something to tell . But creation of a descriptive and emotional texts for the page will require more effort than a composition writing in school . But all the spent efforts will pay off .

Example of a company where the story of brand creation is told in a very light and poetic style is Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Highlight an individuality

Don't try to imitate or copy someone's ideas. Be original and show yourself the way you are. Use funny images and witty headings.

Example of such kind of page:

Chronological chain of website development

What do you do if you don't have an interesting story about your company development? Write out all the events connected with your company. The date of establishment, change of staff, what events took place, what other date was prominent etc. Trust me, people love this kind of details.

Play with gamification

About us page is a mirror of your company and its activity. Stylistics of this page will directly depend on your activity. If you are app developers, then you can decorate your page in the view of a game and replace all the staff photos on the drawn images.

Example of this is on the Molecube website. There you can look and get inspired by the suchlike stylistics.

Create a human page

A lot supposes by mistake that a formally written page, “About us”, builds more trust, but it's not the case. The majority of users trust the real human creatures but not senseless robots. Trying to express this in a formal way means that you are risking becoming invisible to users. When you create texts, don't abuse of professional slang. The main rule is that it has to be for human beings and well-wishing.

Remember that no matter what style your page is decorated in, sincerity and openness will become your main triumphs. Visitors always feel a “soulful” content. And trust me, the visitor won't leave unnoticed.

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