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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How is it Made? Online Store Promotion on Instagram


How is it Made? Online Store Promotion on Instagram

Recently, I decided to analyze an activity in social networks and came to a conclusion that Instagram is hitting stride every day and apparently pretends to be the most popular social network. In all, I think it is not a kind of discovery for you. It is no secret that a lot are trying to promote their online business through this network. The keyword here is 'trying'. What can be easier than to place bright photos and put lots of hashtags? That's the way the majority think. But in practice, it isn't that easy; users don't notice your 'tryings' and don't treat you and your product seriously. These are nothing but cute photos with lots of tags on them.

So in today's article, you will get the working rules  of running campaign on this social network.

I have to point out that Instagram is ideally fit for your product if it deals with:

      • family
      • gadgets and electronics
      • sport
      • food
      • travelings
      • fashion

If your business really deals with these categories, then it is excellent. But if no, don't be upset. This list is not a strong restriction, but a recommendation for the most successful beginning of a campaign on the Internet based on its preferences.

1 Why do you need this?

If you are going to run a corporate account on Instagram , you have to understand one thing – the audience is tired of a direct ad of products and services. The direct ad is an imposition of services, wasting of users' time – the main and the most unforgivable mistake that is likely to be made by business owner beginners. “Sell” the interest and a certain atmosphere, but not the products. Then the quantity of subscribers and buyers will increase.

2 Define your Target audience

You need to know who to target when running an ad campaign. Create its portrait and study all its preferences and tastes.

3 Use only qualitative content

As you might have guessed, the main peculiarity of Instagram is that all the information is visual. It means that your photos should be the most qualitative, juicy, bright and have an advantageous angle. The best variant is to create your own mini photo studio with cool tricks and cute accessories that you can use in the process of product photo shoot. Don't be afraid of experiments; consult your colleagues and friend to discuss the quality and interest in the photos.

4 Use only the best products

If you make photos of your products, then undoubtedly, it has to be the most interesting products regardless of its price segment. Besides, the information on what is depicted on the images can be provided by giving the link on the product page.

promotion on Instagram

Advice by Artjoker: So what do you share with your subscribers?:

Here is a small list of what will be liked by them:

      • photos of gift packing
      • photos of happy clients
      • photos of your office
      • photos of products in everyday life
      • working issues
      • video reviews from product photo shoot

5 Determine the posting frequency

As with the practice of world brands, an optimal quantity of posts per day shouldn't exceed 2-3 . The most active time for posting is morning, lunch break, after 6 p.m., and late in the evening. We have already figured out for whom, what and when to post, so now let's proceed to the “how to begin an Instagram promotion.” part.

6 Create and promote brand's hashtag

It will be useful for company's positioning and for the wide coverage of audience in case users want to see the photos of your product. In such a way, friends of your subscribers will be able to see photos connected with your brand and account.

7 Like and Comment on photos with your hashtags

Leave pleasant comments, write compliments and highlight the owner's good taste. Trust me, there is nothing better for a subscriber than noticing his choice by the brand.

8 Follow your competitors

Don't be shy of following them.

“To take the best and make it better” can become your motto. Being knowledgeable about their activity can help you stay abreast of their matters and take outrunning steps.

9 Film your own video

Instagram allow posting videos with duration up to 60 seconds where you can show all the events from brand's everyday life to the process of gifts packing. This will allow you to diversify your feed and attract attention to your page.

10 Be friend with your audience

Why not tell your subscribers about the management of your online store and its staff? You can share a story of online store development and give some recommendations.

online store promotion on Instagram

11 Involve subscribers

Try to maintain connection with those that are interested in your business account. Ask questions, ask them to leave feedback, and don't forget to answer comments. All this will help show your involvement and build a communication channel. Think of holding some competitions connected with your store and products. Scrolling an Instagram news feed, I notice more often topical flash mobs. Usually, subscribers are asked to take a photo with an unusual thing where the logo of the address of the website is placed. In addition, it would be great to use your own hashtag. That allows participants of a competition to see each other and to contest. One the methods of active involvement of subscribers can be promotions on the company's history or the product it sells. Prize can be a coupon for discount or the possibility of getting a souvenir. QR codes also can be used; place the discount codes only for Instagram followers, emphasizing its value and uniqueness.

Well, these are all tools that we advise to use for a successful Instagram promotion. We hope you will manage to implement them.

P.S. It will be great if you share your own tricks or boast your successful online business promotion in this almighty network.

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