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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Yelp?


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Yelp?

App development, today, is extremely popular. So it is not strange when people want to create something really successful, which may  bring them fame and money. However,  beginner developers usually tend to face a lot of problems in regard to the whole process of  creating  an application. These problems could be absolutely different, such as:

  • Programming issues;

  • Designing questions;

  • Problems with finances;

  • Distribution and advertisement, and many others.

However, today, we are going to talk only about one of these  widespread problems. So, we are going to observe the issue of finances because sometimes, the beginners are willing to use only the best tools and  strategies without knowing  anything about the  money politics of this or another type of  application. Also, we are going to talk about such apps like Yelp because the beginner programmers  usually  follow trends and create such apps similar to the already popular ones. Thus, today, we are going to talk about the  Yelp application, how to build an app like Yelp, and what are the main financial nuances of that process.

What is Yelp and how does it work?

For people interested in the development of an app like yelp, it is pretty important to understand the history of the app and the main steps of its development. So, here we are going to explain what Yelp actually is and why it became popular among  users in various parts of the world.

mobile app like yelp

I believe that at least many  readers of this article have  traveled to somewhere else. So, you may definitely know about the complexity of  searching for interesting places to visit, places to eat and  sleep, etc. This is why the use of  Yelp-like applications is extremely popular. You may say that there is also a possibility of using  Google Maps or only Google for your search. Yes, that is true, but you all know that Google is a broad resource with no strict attention to a certain topic. So, the developers of the US Yelp.inc in 2004 decided to deal with that problem and released their main product called Yelp. The application deals with problems associated with traveling, such as where to find food, where to find a shelter and what to see. Furthermore, the app is able to detect your location, thanks to GPS. Yes, this feature is almost available in the majority of  new applications. But the main feature is that after locating you on the map, the app  will start to show you the nearest places that may  interest you. For sure, the list is huge, however, thanks to the main Yelp app components, you can apply various filters such as:

  • The cheapest places;

  • The most popular places;

  • Most near places.

This way, the Yelp mobile application is able to help you search for anything you need in almost any kind of terrain. However, despite  the fact that understanding  the key periods of the history and ideas of that company is really important, we are talking about business, so let us examine the whole idea of Yelp clone app from the perspective of profitability. Besides, a highly important role is played by the financial aspect of that question because you have to know how much to spend on the development of an application like that.

Business plan for yelp app development

While developing an application, it does not matter which one because you may face various obstacles and problems during the developmental process of your project. For example, you may have several issues with promotion, your audience, programming and designing features. So, in this article, we will give you an approximate list of several features you may notice while creating your Yelp-like application.

Determination of your audience

After observing this really important element of the whole app building process, we have to answer one simple question. Who would use  apps similar to Yelp? The response is pretty easy. Usually, the users would be travelers, businessmen and students. So, thanks to such a simple analysis you may be able to find out who will be using your final product. Why is it important? It is so crucial because based on the main data about your users, you may be able to build the main advertising and promotional programs, you may be able to choose the main tools for promotion, and furthermore, you may be able to find out which attractions to use for the majority of your customers, from young students to well-off businessmen.

Yelp mobile app

Furthermore, as a result, you may be able to specialize  your application. As you may  already know, most famous brands  are widely known for a special thing out of the great variety of services they offer. For instance, Coca-Cola Company. The company offers terrific selection of products, while Fanta and Sprite are only the top of the iceberg. However, the top talisman and aim remains only Cola. The same applies to your app. You may offer people various options from food to sights, but be more focused on  things like sights, or hotels, or food or whatever you want.

Looking for competitors

In any business, competitors tend to play the most crucial role. You have to know who you are up against, which tools  they have and why people tend to go to them, not to you. This is why the creation of the so-called “intelligence service” by programmers is really a nice idea. It  really allows you to know as much as  possible about the other players in the same field. You have to know their weak sides, be able to sort out who is dangerous and who is not, who are strong and who are weak. This is one of the key priorities of a dealer. Business is struggle and business is war. During any war, the winner usually has  more information about the enemy, than rifles and cannons, so the same is applicable here. Remember, that one of the main things is data and an opportunity to know everything about everyone.

How to make money from a Yelp-like app?

While talking about how to create an app like Yelp, one of the most important things that should be observed is monetization. Why so? It is not a secret at all that any developer wants to also  earn money in order to make his life  better. So, here we will  talk about  monetization of Yelp-like application. Frankly speaking, there are three key strategies:

  • Ads;

  • Premium Functions;

  • Discounts and special offers.

All of them are really good and useful. However, all of these functions are pretty old, so it will be really nice to create something new to stand out from the crowd. But it does not mean that these strategies listed earlier are bad. Of course not, but you also have to keep in mind that all these functions have to be included in an app, which takes time and, as a result, money.

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How much does an app like yelp cost?

During the creation of an application like Yelp, as well as any other application, one of the key things to consider is, for sure, the cost of the developmental process of that application. I would like to examine this passage briefly and clearly because it is really complicated. I know that if I start to talk about all the issues, you will be confused, without a doubt.

So, first of all, I would like to say that in order to build the best apps like Yelp, you will definitely spend lots of time and money. So, you have to be ready to spend some money. You can also start  looking for a sponsor. In order to make it, you have to create a business plan and just look for  people who may be able to finance your project and help you  create a review website.

how much does an app like yelp cost

Then, we have to deal with hours because  that would help us look for  developers and create our budget. So, first, let us make it clear that platform matters. If you are going to build an app on iOS, you will probably spend less time on programming. For Android, opposite is the case. Then,  if we are talking about an extension that looks like Yelp business app, we have to remember that the process relies on UI and UX. The first one will take up to 200 hours before it is finished, while the second one will take 120 hours. There are also other options such as:

  • Geolocation = 32h;

  • Notifications = 30h;

  • Social sign in = 10h;

  • In-app purchases = 60h;

  • User profile = 120h;

  • Uploading photos and videos = 60h;

  • Review and rating = 30h;

  • Filtering = 13h.

In the  end, we get 675 hours, which is pretty much. So, now we have to talk directly about the cost of an app like Yelp .In the process of developing an app, we have two options. We can decide to build an app in the West or in the East. In the West, the cost per hour equals approximately $100, while in the East, it equals $40. A simple calculation shows that, for instance, in Canada, the app will cost up to $67 000, while in India, the same app will not cost up to $20 500. However, I want to  emphasize  that the Asian region or Eastern Europe, despite  being one of the cheapest , does not guarantee 100% security for people  looking for  programming services. Hackers, data thieves, pirates and many other dangers may become fatal for your ideas in these regions. That is why being careful is highly vital. But actually, it may be even better not to suffer from paranoia, and find a good and reliable partner such as Artjoker, which  not only  ensures  a high level of data security but also shows a good level of professionalism.

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Bottom Line

In this very article, we tried to let you know about the main issues of the developmental process of an application like Yelp, while presenting the main financial questions separately. So, these passages may serve as an  informational platform for you and  any other primary developer. I hope that you find this useful. Thanks to this information, you may be able to successfully create something.

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