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How to Check for Duplicate Content

Internet technologies have gained great popularity along with websites, content, SEO and SMM issues, so all the Internet “enforcement” have to get used to following all the laws of Internet “regime”, search engine optimization SEO rules, various Google algorithms, etc.

Everyone knows that failing in obedience causes damaging consequences for your website pages' rankings in search engines or traffic losses. The main problem and goal of search engines like Google are to find duplicate content and remove it.

What is duplicate content for sure

It is content that being shown on multiple pages locations on and off your website. Search engines are a bit confused and it's difficult for them to decide which version is more relevant to a search query when seeing multiple pieces of non-unique content on the web.

Duplicate content is frequently called as “copypaste” and a person who steals this content a “copypaster”. During the process of website ranging, special attention is attracted to content: it should be unique (to check it, use duplicate content checker tools that will be looked through below) and useful for users. For today search engines are unable to detect a primary source of duplicate content that's why no one but they are often under suspect in content stealing and penalized by search engines. Due to algorithm panda, duplicate content is penalized quite strictly.

unique content vs search engines

Tips for primary sources

To make sure your unique content will be considered yours and isn't detected by search engines as duplicate it is necessary to hold several actions before posting it:

  • Choose a line from the text of 5-7 words
  • Paste this phrase into a search box and check it for uniqueness. If text is unique (don't forget to check website for duplicate content) , then there will be no matches
  • To buy links on the page with the content. It's better to use stated phrase as a link anchor
  • After Search engines have indexed your website with the unique content, exactly this website will be considered as the primary source

How to check duplicate content on website

1 Copyscape – website that allows checking content that is already on the web (website pages, blog articles, etc.). It is very popular and somehow useful, but you have a limited number of queries per month check for duplicate content and then have to sign up. So you have to establish long-term cooperation with this tool.

2 Dupeoff.com is a good tool except its restrictions in the view of a limited number of sentences you can submit for free per week as an unregistered user and sentences longer than fifteen words are truncated.

3 How to find duplicate content on your website for free and without difficulties? Paste a line from your text in the brackets in the search box of one of search engines and by the results look through web-resources that have the same content as yours. This is the easiest way.

All these tools will help you check your website on duplicate content. According to the words of Matt Cutts duplicate content won't hurt you much unless it is spammy but, all the same, be careful and do not cross the line of permissible.

unique seo content

Always remember that your main objective is to build trust with your visitors and customers by providing them with valuable and relevant content, otherwise Google panda duplicate content algorithm will penalize you for having duplicate content, sometimes to the level of removing your site from their searches all together. Mind it not only for your own personal reputation but for your Google rankings as well. Try to build a strong online presence using only unique content.

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