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Turning a Website into a Mobile Application. Main Strategies and Techniques


Turning a Website into a Mobile Application. Main Strategies and Techniques

Nowadays, the majority of cyber developers or businessmen, who are involved in any entrepreneur filed, found out, that in the age of smartphones it is sometimes much better to have an application, not a website. However, usually, those people, who are not the professionals in that area do not really understand, which technologies ought to be used for turning a website into a mobile app. Besides, some of them tend to make lots of pretty important mistakes, trying to make an app from website. However, sometimes it possesses much less problems, than a fact, that sometimes people do not understand, why do they actually need an application for their business and which benefits it may bring to their lives. So, due to the fact, that those promery programmers and designers tend to face lots of problems, while trying to turn website into app we decided to arrange that article. However, the very beginning of that texts I am willing to start with a description of the key beneficial features, which may be the main factors for you to choose the dominating usage of an application, rather than a website.

Why do you need to convert a website into an app?

To be honest, there are plenty of reasons, why do you need to turn your website into an app. First of all, it is highly beneficial for a business, which you are leading. It is just because of the fact, that nowadays, as well as ten years ago, technologies are developing with a terrific speed, so we sometimes even lag behind them. However, real business is field, where one of the main factors in ability to follow the trends and try to keep up with all the innovations, which appear in the market. However, even that is not enough, because you need to understand, what are the main strategies of the usage of these technologies and which strategies are you going to adopt in order to make them useful for a business you have.

First of all, the creation of an application instead of a website may allow you to keep up with trends. Yes, I have already highlighted that earlier, but in order to make you understand that point better, I am willing to repeat it. Usually, the common users, who are rotating in the world of offers and products tend to adopt all of the innovation faster, than those people, who offer these various services. As a result, your customers tend to have a highler IT experience than you, as a producer, what is actually wrong. It is do, because of the fact, that for you, it is terrifically vital to be one step forward in order to have an opportunity to impress people with new innovations, developed by your company. One of them may be definately the idea of the entrepreneurs to convert their websites to Android or iPhone mobile apps.

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Secondly, another vital point is an opportunity to arrange strong contacts with the customers. You may agree, that any good businessmen is really interested in an opportunity to contact various customers and be able to acquire their real statement about the services and offers, which are presented to them. Frankly speaking, that very system is called CRM. CRM or Customer Relationship Management is just a system of the relations between you and your customers. The main aim of it is to make the process of the feedbacks acquisition fast and simple not only for the developers but also for the customers, what may allow us to collect all the needed intelligence for further improvement of a product and the fulfillment of the willing of the users. Then, another important thing about tan idea to convert website to mobile app is the fact, that we are becoming able to provide people with all the needed information and news about our company, which is offering certain services to people. Thanks to such a technology as push-notification, it becomes as easy as pie to give your users the latest news about the updates and trends. For instance, France 24, the French news agency uses the same technology in order to provide people with the latests breaking news, which are important to know for any interested user. So, you may be able to use all the same after the transition of a website to mobile application.

turn your website into an app

Lastly, in order to finally fulfill the whole topic of the main benefits of the usage of apps for the development of your business, it may be really vital to remind you, that applications have a great potential of the introduction of lots of special functions and services in it. For instance, let us imagine, that you have a restaurant, which offers a delivery service. Then, you decided to make an application. Thus, there is no problem of the integration of a delivery function into an app. So, the customer does not have to take a phone, make a call directly to the restaurant and make an order. It is enough to use an app and the Internet in order to achieve such a goal. Besides, it is only a top of an iceberg and the variety of functions is bordered only by your imagination.

How to turn website into app?

After the discussion of the main benefits of the usage of an app for your app, we need to take a look at the main etapes, which have to be taken in order to find an answer on how to turn a website into an app. First of all, the main role in the whole process, which has to be considered in order to convert mobile website to app is the creation of a really good user experience design or just UX. What it actually is? Frankly speaking, it is just a form f a simple and clear design, where a user will spend as less time as only possible to find, what he or she actually needs.

However, in order to understand the whole concept of that idea, there is a need to examine it in a much closer manner. So, the creation of a good UX consists of several really important elements. They are:

  • Color Balance;

  • Intuitiveness;

  • Simplicity.

All of them are highly vital for the arrangement of a proper UX, hat will help you in turning a website into a native app. First of all, color balance. Actually it is really simple to follow, The only thing, which you have to remember is that it is really wrong to use more than four different colors. Otherwise, you will make the whole design too astounding and bright, what will make it simply impossible to search for those functions you need. So, choose two or three color and try to arrange the design with the usage if these three or two ones. Then, intuitiveness and simplicity. These two aspect are almost all the same, but play a really important role. It so because of the fact, that usually, according to statistics, those sites, where people are not able to find what they really need in 5-6 seconds have a decreasing popularity. So, in order to have a proper outcome and successfully convert your Website into an App, try to use simple techniques.

Secondly, while arranging an app version of a website, keep in mind, that it is a mistake to use all of the functions within an app. In order to turn an existing website into an iPhone app or Android app, remember, that you have to implement only those elements and functions,which are really important. It is so because smartphones screens are, for sure, smaller than the laptop ones. So, of your app will be full of useless and massive icons with different functions, which are useful or not really, it will pay a terrible damage to the UX structure of an application you are creating, and as a result, may lead to a rapidly falling popularity of it.

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Finally, let me also make an emphasis on such an important thing as an instant gratitude. For the beginners, that term may be pretty unfamiliar, so I will say in a simple manner. Your application have to be fast. Due to this, you have to avoid the usage of too much gifs and animation. For sure, they are really good and useful for your application, but it is really vital to keep balance in it and follow the key speeding flows within an application. Besides, we have to get back to the statistics for a while. For example, according to the main resources of Apple and Android, 60% of the users tend to leave an app or a website if it is not responding for more, than 7 seconds.

How can I convert web to mobile? Main technological features

First of all, we have to describe main points of turning a website into a native app. You may know, that there are several strategies of the creation of applications. The most popular are native approach and cross-platform approach. The first one means, that in you are creating an app for Android and iOS platforms absolutely separately. While the second strategy means, that the creation of these applications is arranged simultaneously. There are various nuances of both of these technologies. However, the main thing here, which we have to know is the actual technological benefit and the price. Incse if you are using a native approach, it is much more reliable, due to the fact, that it may help you to set each app with all the details and special features, while getting rid of the bugs. However, it is pretty expensive, because you are actually paying for two different types of work. The cross-platform method is much cheaper. But there is a problem. It is really complicated to arrange all the nuances in a right way. So, in the future, you may face different minor and big problems. Thus, everything here depends on your financial support.

website to mobile application

Secondly, another technological nuance is server. Among the variety of website to mobile app converters, it will be really nice to choose a classical variant, which is actually the usage of a mobile integrated server, Despite of the fact, that a creation of it is pretty long and complicated, it allows you to transfer the whole variety of the features and main technological frames of a website to an app pretty fast and without any complications. Besides, while website into mobile app converter for iOS and Android, keep in mind, that you will be needed to use such a thing as JSON APIs. It is actually a usually API but arranged in a way, which allows you to work with the smartphones and similar devices without any problems, in case if you are of course a developer, not a beginning enthusiast.

By the way, we forgot about the developers. Usually, there is a dilemma, who to choose, freelancers or a professional team of the developers form a company. As for me, the best places to turn your website into an app for Android and iPhone are, for sure, companies. Of course, it may be sometimes much more expensive, but in case of the cooperation with them you can be sure in the quality of a product, which you are going to get in the end. However, one of the main problems with the freelancer is management because of the fact, that in case of the existence of a pretty massive project, like a transition from web to app, you need approximately 5 developers. But even in case of such moderate numbers, it seems pretty complicated to control all of those people, who do not have a strict schedule and are located maybe in 1000 miles from you.

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Taking everything into consideration I am willing to say, that, of course, it is a complicated process, to move your web to an app. However, everything depends on your skills of manager and, actually, owner of a website to controll all of the main changes and flows within an application. Moreover, you have to play lots of attention to the team, which you are hiring. Why so? Because from their work depends up to 70% of the whole bunch of final material, which you are going to have. In the very end I am willing just to wish you all the best in your future projects and as much inspiration as possible.

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