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How to Create a Digital Music Streaming App?


How to Create a Digital Music Streaming App?

Listening to a music has been always popular among people all over the world throughout the whole history of the humanity. It is not only an important part of any existing culture but also a great fun and a source of inspiration for many people in various countries. So, the popularity of music in the society is really hard to over evaluate. Because of it, people are looking for more and more simple and comfortable ways of listening to music. That is why we have invented a gramophone, a tape recorder, then CD player and now, we have the Internet. While being a great field for the development of lots of new ideas and approaches, Internet was not also an exception for such thing as music streaming services. I think, that it may be even needless to say, that the popularity of various streaming applications has risen rapidly through the past several years in more than 90%.

Nowadays you may see lots of different resources which may allow you to listen to music in different ways and with the usage of various technologies. One of the most popular approaches could be the music streaming apps. We have a pretty big variety of them in the field of the world cyber net, it is even enough to name two most popular, which are Spotify and Pandora. These applications have created an absolutely new way of the search of data and its distribution among the users. Furthermore, they are pretty convenient and simple to use, what makes them awesome. Due to such a parameter and the popularity of such resources it is not really strange, that lots of developers are willing to create something similar, what may be able to bring them not only good revenues but also popularity and fame among the users. However, they tend to make several mistakes even in the very beginning. So, we are willing to present a brief explanation of the main steps of the developmental process of a music streaming application.

create a music app

Which things to consider to develop a music streaming app successfully

As I have already highlighted earlier the developers and entrepreneurs are usually making various pretty strange and even terrible mistakes, while developing their own applications, which later may lead to the problems with the future establishment of an app and its further promotion. Because of it, this particular paragraph is going to be dedicated to the main points and tips, which ought to be taken into consideration by the programmers. These special points could be:

  • Acquisition of a license; 
  • Choice of the streaming technologies; 
  • Designing arrangements; 
  • Creation of a recommendation engine.

Acquisition of a license

To be honest, this particular step is the first one and maybe one of the most important ones. You may know, that streaming music and movies without a special license is prohibited by the governmental laws in all the civilized states. So, illegal creation of such an application will be recognized as piracy, what may result for you in a criminal responsibility. Due to this, you have to keep in mind that the creation of a proper license is your key to the world of music streaming and music streaming application development. Moreover, you have to remember, that this step may be really expensive due to the fact, that despite of the fact, that the cost of the music licenses are ranging radically in various states, they still remain pretty high.

Thus, in order to avoid some unexpected spendings, the best thing to do may become the arrangement of several pretty important calculations and the held of the negotiations, which special law and state agencies, which amin jurisdiction is namely the distribution of such licenses. Lastly, you have to keep in mind, that it is a long and complicated process because the governmental organs are not interested in giving the licenses to all the random people in the street.

Choice of the streaming technologies

In case of the creation of a private Music streaming app the choice of a right streaming technology is playing a pretty important role, due to the fact, that it is one of those most vital factors from which the quality of an app depends in a really great manner. So, there are several different ways of streaming technologies. Besides, you have to remember, that the streaming technology usually identifies the architecture of your application. There are two main streaming strategies, such as RTM and WEBRTC. Both of them have lots of common feature, while the core difference is in speed. But the identification of speed limits is better to leave for your programmer in a team.

how to make music app

Designing arrangements

If you are interested in the development of music streaming app one of the most essential things may be the creation of a proper design. However, in such cases color and shapes do not matter a lot. The key role is played with a simplicity and usability of an interface. Furthermore, it is vital to remember, that from the usability of an application may depend a prevailing part of its popularity. So, the arrangement of an intuitive and rather simple design might be one of the main priorities of a beginning music app developer.

Creation of a recommendation engine

Now we got to the most important part of the developmental process of a music app, like Pandora or Spotify, the creation of a proper recommendation engine. You may ask, why it is so important? The answer is pretty simple. The main thing here is the fact, that the recommendation engine is one of the best features of the modern music streaming applications, which may be able to build the content offered to you, while basing on your dislikes, favorite hits and genres, which you put down during the registration and even a giant database of more than 400 criterias, which influence the compositions, which app is offering you.

Thus, it seems to be terrifically vital to arrange a brain storm on the issue of special features and additions to your recommendation engine, which may lead to a pretty nice contribution to the whole structure of an application. Because of it is not only needless but also dangerous to hire inexperienced or cheap developers, while thinking on the launch of a project similar to, for example, Pandora.

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What is the music streaming app development cost?

While talking on the prices of such a project we have to consider, first of all, the location of the developmental team, which is going to create an application. It is not a secret, that the prices in the Western states, such as USA, Britain, Canada or Australia are pretty high. For instance if we take an average prices for the development of an app in the West we will see, that the process may range from $75 to $150 over an hour of work, what is absolutely not acceptable for a developer with a pretty moderate budget. However, we do not have to forget about such a great place as Asia, where we have India, Malaysia and China. In these states the pricing situation is much better. For example, in India, prices are fluctuating between $20 to $50 per an hour, with the same situation in China. In Malaysia, despite of the fact, that prices are a bit higher they are not able to achieve the same level as the Western ones, so, in Malaysia you will need to pay from $35 to $70 per an hour of work. In case if we are going to spend for about 750 hours on the creation of an entire application, with the usage of several simple calculations we may conclude, that we will be obliged to spend for bout $35.000 on the creation of a whole application, what is a pretty nice price, comparing to those, which you can see in Europe and North America. But, in case if you consider yourself as a person, who is responsible for the development and support of your application, there is a highly important feature, which you have to keep in mind. That feature is considered on the fact, that despite of the fact, that India, as well as entire Asia itself, is pretty cheap in programming and app support, is not the safest place for the arrangement of an extension. That is so, because of the poor security measure, which later act as a foundation for cyber piracy, data stealing and hacking. Due to this, I am willing to claim, that Artjoker may be a pretty nice company in case if you are willing to arrange an application with low prices and safe measurements. By the way, Artjoker, is also a team of the programmers, who are able to cater all the tastes of the customers, who require various services.

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How to monetize music streaming app

There are no projects, that may be able to exist with the involvement of any monetization technologies. Despite of the fact, that applications are usually based on some great ideas the developers still need money and I am doubting that in the cyber sphere there are any people, who are not willing to earn money and as much of them as possible.  Monetization is a pretty important aspect of the development of your project, so you have to think about the main strategies even before the beginning of the very first steps in the process of the development of your raw-material application. There are several key approaches of magnetization:

  1. In-app Purchases. Creation of special features and functions, which people may be able to get for money, which will be able to help them to increase the level of the functionality of their accounts and introduce several pretty interesting features;
  2. Premium Accounts. The strategy of the usage is almost the same as the first one, however the difference is only in the massiveness of such an idea, due to the fact, that the creation of accounts takes more time, money and amounts of data; 
  3. Advertisement.

The actual choice of one of them for your similar to Pandora music website depends only on your aims as a developer and owner and those key perspectives, which you are creating for the future evolvement of your very project.

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Bottom Line

All in all, in that article we tried to give you a pretty nice set of the very basic rules, which you need to follow in order to achieve a certain level of success in the field of the cyber world. Moreover, as you may notice, the creation of a music app is not only pretty costly but also a complicated deal. So, we wish you good luck and inspiration in your future projects.


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