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How to Develop a Website Using ASP.net?


How to Develop a Website Using ASP.net?

Nowadays developers from all over the world have a wide range of methods of creating websites. One of such methods is ASP.NET website development. No one can tell you how to develop a website using asp.net without abbreviation expansion, as all the given information, form a particular image and understanding of one or another subject. ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages.NET. It is a platform supporting dynamic websites, services and applications that are known by users worldwide and is built by Microsoft. This platform has gained great popularity owing to its simplicity of flexible scripting using several languages. At the beginning ASP.NET was called as ASP+ and the changed it name to the current one and was a great leap forward from original ASP either in its productivity for developers or in sophistication. Development using ASP.NET requires understanding of HTML, Web design and the concepts of object-oriented development and programming. I can't give you an answer on the question “ how to develop website in asp.net” without giving you a detailed answer on the question “what does it actually mean”, breaking all the jargon-filled sentences down, speaking on an understandable language for everyone from simple browser or a professional developer who wants to improve his knowledge and find something new and yet unknown.

ASP.NET. General notion

1 Server-side technology

It is a server-side that means that it runs on the Web server. It is called so, because when a browser requests some web page created with server-side technologies, server-side code is interpreted by the Web server in comparison with client side technologies where no one but a client is responsible for reading the code in the files and interpreting it to display on the screen after having been sent them by the Web server down the line. That's why it is called a server-side technology as all the processing of ASP.NET code happens on the server. Explaining this is very important in website development using asp.net.

Develop a Website Using ASPnet

2 ASP.NET for Web applications

Don't be so scared, web application is not something hard to understand. In reality, it's just a name for a dynamic website. Most of web applications store information on the web server in a database, that allows visitors to the website to access and change this information. To create Web applications many supported languages and programming technologies have been developed. The main advantage of ASP.NET is that it allows you to write web apps using great number of programming languages.

3 Microsoft .NET - based framework

The .NET framework is a set of more than 20 programming languages that includes all the technologies that are necessary for building Web services, Web applications, and Windows applications. All you need for ASP.NET website development is to upload the .NET Framework development kit.

Pros and Cons of asp.net


    • You can use any programming languages you like and want to. Because .Net framework now supports more than 20 languages, and four of them can be used while building ASP.NET websites
    • Asp.NET considerably reduces the amount of code that is required for building large apps.
    • Your apps are secured and safe owing to per-application configuration and out-of-the-box Windows authentication.
    • This framework is provided by an excellent toolbox and designer in the VS (Visual Studio) integrated development environment.
    • ASP.NET provides simplicity because it makes easy to perform common tasks.
    • Your application is constantly run even if the process is stopped in its place is created the new one owing to the fact that all the processes are managed by ASP.NET runtime.

Reading all the cons helps you to understand whether you want to develop your website and browse all the information related to the request “how to develop a website in asp.net” or not. It is a kind of a preparation stage before making the decision.


    • It is made by Microsoft, so it should be run on Windows server. But, in case you have other OS, you are unable to run it.
    • AS it was already mentioned, ASP.NET development needs knowledge of object-oriented programming.

To sum up

Want to point out that there is a large quantity of frameworks, platforms, etc. So you can choose any of them. But before choosing the most affordable, easy-to-understand, save or providing big opportunities, you have to read about all of them a lot of information to stop your choice on something worthy.

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