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How to Develop a Website Using Java?

In today's article, we are going to answer the question “how to develop a website using java” , consider all the pros and cons of such development and a lot of other aspects. Java (don't mess up with Javascript) is a powerful C-related language that has been developed as a simplified and improved version of C++ language and also a cross-platform technology that can be used to create a big variety of applications including websites. For web-applications Java is usually used with Windows-IIS. Java is the main language that is used for development of Android applications for tablets and smartphones and this is its main advantage, on taking in account that big projects usually have the necessity in creation of a separate mobile applications.

Java- general information

1 Platform independence

The same code successfully can run under the management of different operational systems, like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.

2 Load and speed

Code productivity depends on many factors. Under certain circumstances, Java code can be made to work the same way and even faster than the code , written in C, although it will take fewer efforts. That's why website development using java is popular among most of the developers The main stress during the development was given to the work within multi-core processors. Code constructions are extremely easy adapted to it.

3 Safety

Safety is one of the main Java rules. This aspect is worked out in great details at all the levels of language structure. This allows us to create the code, maximally secured from bugs and vulnerabilities.

4 Simplicity of development and support

Java platform has a large quantity of realized standard functional set out-of-the-box that helps to simplify and to quicken the development process, having concentrated on the main elements of business logic.

Website Using Java

5 Community and documentation

For a long period of its development, Java platform has gathered a big number of competent, interested and respondent like-minded people. Java community is ready to help anytime with any question someone is interested in, it can considerably quicker websites developed in java and make it absolutely easy.

6 Networking-orientation

At first, Java was created as a platform for the creation of distributed system and network cooperation. For the time of its development mechanisms and tools for online work were constantly adapting for a greater convenience and more simple work.

7 Hibernate

Numerous additional libraries for a realization of different aspects of created solutions is one more advantage of Java platform. One of the most useful tools for the work with data persistence is Hibernate. This framework brings work with Java on a brand new level.

Java Strengths and weaknesses


    • Java is pretty simple. It was designed to be easy-to-use and easy-to-write, debug, compile and learn.
    • It is object-oriented. Development in Java is centered on manipulating objects, creating objects, as well as making them work together. This let you create reusable code and modular code. The best for object-oriented approach.
    • Platform-independence. It has an ability to move without any difficulties from one OS to another. So website development in java simplifies the life of everyone who uses it.
    • It is distributed. It's designed to make distributed computing simple with the networking capability that is integrated into it.
    • It is multi-threaded. Multi-threaded programming has been integrated into it.
    • Modularity. Java is very modular.


    • Memory consuming
    • If a program is big, garbage collector slows the performance
    • Constantly changing
    • Not do handy for one-off throwaway scripts
    • Difficulties with web app development in comparison with PHP

To sum up

Java is usually used in medium and small websites. So if you have decided to become a part of the online world this language is made for you. But don't hurry and before choosing one or another language, weigh all pros and cons and only then make a decision!

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