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How to Develop a Website Using WordPress?


How to Develop a Website Using WordPress?

Before starting acknowledging the issue how to develop a website using WordPress it would be interesting to everyone to find out what Wordpress is. Wordpress is the most popular CMS, a constructor with the help of which you can easily and in a fast way create your website. Today owing to an updated variety of plugins it has now become a qualitative CMS for e-commerce. If you are going to create a website using Wordpress, then at first identify the scope of your business and determine a type of plugin. The easiest and popular one is Wordpress commerce that differs with different templates. Although there are a lot of others CMS not worse than this one, for example, Magento, OpenCart and Symfony and no matter which one you'll choose, you may enjoy the privilege of using our services as we can develop websites using any of these CMS.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages to Wordpress?

  • Almost unlimited possibilities. With the help of Wordpress, you can create a private blog, corporate website, online store, informational portal , multimedia gallery.
  • Administrating simplicity. You don't need some special knowledge to work and developing a website with Wordpress. Work principles with this engine are intuitively understandable.
  • Flexible setting of interface and functionality. Free and paid templates are available for Wordpress websites owners, with the help of which they can customize their web resource. And using plugins, they can solve technical matters, provide necessary website functionality.
  • Price. It is absolutely free, you can use this product for any purpose, including commercial ones.

Website Using WordPress

  • SEO-friendly. There are numerous plugins for Wordpress that can installed for achieving better SEO results and make doing your on-site Search Engine Optimization simple.

Along with WP considerable advantages, there are, however, several disadvantages that should be taken into consideration:

  • Spam. Great target among all spammers. Spam security can be surely held, but it is really difficult.
  • Speed. Loading time of web pages become slower because WP websites contain lots of generic code that are absolutely unnecessary for every specific site. It is either bad for good rankings in search engines or good user experience. So as you can see website development using Wordpress has its downsides.
  • Frequent software updating. People are always annoyed by frequent experiments on an administrating interface: tabs, annoying hints or something else. Who would love this?

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Steps of website development using Wordpress

1 Choosing domain name and hosting

Nowadays you may have a free website, but a free is not always mean “qualitative and advantageous”. In our case, it means that you will get a subdomain name that can lead to “disrespect” from the part of search engines and not gets much traffic from them. Pay for the good domain name and get rid of further problems of such type. It is better to choose commercial web host as with it you can avoid ads within your website,price of this type of hosting is not very high, everyone can afford it, moreover, you can choose a plan that will be the most useful for you. Other pros are that you make sure it is reliable and speedy, if you have any questions or problems technical support is for you 24/7 and other privileges are at your disposal. Usually, the best hosts offer you a free domain name, so getting qualitative host you receive a domain for free! It is not so bad, isn't it?

Website Using WordPress

2 Installing

After this point, I hope, you'll stop wondering how to develop a website in Wordpress as I have tried to explain to you which problems you may face and what questions may appear. As you already have got your web hosting account, then we can proceed directly to setting up your website.

Summing up

Wordpress was developed not for professionals but as a helping hand for people who were interested in creating their personal blog without any knowledge in programming. So this CMS is the most easy-to-use solution. WP also offers a good toolset to beginners and numerous design plugins to widen capabilities for advanced users. But if you decide to entrust this to professionals you will get a ready-to-use Wordpress already in 35-45 days

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