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How to Hire And Manage a Remote Development Team?

Nowadays it is no great surprise that your colleagues might be having their workplaces out of town or, even, half the world away. A remote team is a game changer in the IT sphere: it doesn't matter anymore how many employees are sitting near the CEO. The right result could be achieved even with the partaking of remote staff.

Remote Development Team

The ultimate guide explaining how to hire and manage a remote tech devs has been already published by Cleveroad, the team of motivated engineers, developers, and designers, knowing all the angles of producing high-quality web product.

There are a lot of particular aspects of working with tech specialists in the web and mobile development process. Understanding the basics of choosing suitable devs, the software process and best practices of managing remote employees will definitely help you organize right working atmosphere and producing reliable output.

Before you download the ebook, let me explain why you should have it noted. So you'll:

  • Figure out the difference between outsourcing and outstaffing – the ways of how does a remote team going to work on your business.
  • Overcome common concerns. You shouldn't be afraid of risky affairs, slow process and lack of trust between you and remote team anymore.
  • Learn who actually remote workers are, and what traits to pay attention for when putting a team together.
  • No more secret places and savvy strategies of searching for candidates! Find recommendations what job boards, sharing communities and rate platforms to surf to choose most suitable and skilled team.
  • Run with the steps Cleveroad has pointed out to make the process of hiring remote developers less challenging. Learn also the software development team structure, and the role every team member is responsible for.
  • The next and not least important point that should be noted is software development process you're going to manage. Why is Agile Scrum the most suitable way of leading a project? What's the software development cycle about? How to build a shared infrastructure? Get all the essential tips for managing entrusted team.
  • If you've already managed a remote team but had failed, get advice on successful leading outstaff devs.
  • Focus on collaboration tools to use them for better communication.
  • Get more goodies at the end of the ebook to summarize your gain knowledge - free tips on creating a successful remote team.

So, download the ebook to keep it handy when choosing, interviewing, and managing your dream team that is at a distance work. Just keep calm and stay growing professionally.

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