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How To Hire The Best AngularJS Developer?


How To Hire The Best AngularJS Developer?

The hiring process is usually a headache. This hard task requires close attention to details and a lot of time to get a truly competent new employee.

The situation looks extra difficult when it is about hiring developers with AngularJS experience. Nowadays, IT specialists do not go looking for a job. The reason is simple: a job always finds them first. If you keep your hand on a pulse of a job market, you may know the answer to how to hire AngularJS developers question. But if you do not, then you definitely need a reliable assistant to get this task done. We prepared this article to provide you with the basic support to hire AngularJS developer. Take a look at the must-know details and find out how to find dedicated AngularJS developers most efficiently.

How To Hire The Best AngularJS Developer

Time, Money and Nerves, or What Will You Lose When Looking for the Best AngularJS Developer

We have experienced all the hiring hassles personally ourselves. And as it was great but complicated experience, we would like to inform our readers about the potential risks, top questions to answer, the basis of the process, etc.

So, if you are looking for AngularJS developers for hire, get ready for the following challenges to overcome:

  • It will cost you time

If you do not have a recruiter responsible for closing vacancies, you probably have to deal with this task by yourself. You need to spend from a week to a few months trying to hire Senior AngularJS Developers.

top AngularJS programmer

  • It will cost you money

If you are not able to handle recruiting issues by yourself, get ready to turn to a professional help. Here, recruitment agencies, independent talent sources or in-house recruiters will help you greatly. But the point is, you will need to pay them for their services.

  • It will cost you nerves

Oh yes, trust us that the process will not look as seamlessly as you believe it to be. Sometimes, even the best AngularJS specialists are rude, unorganized, or cheeky. Sometimes, they are simply late and you need to cancel a significant business meeting and wait for a potential coworker.

Recruiting processes may consist of various situations, so be ready for unexpected answers, hard conversations, and rejected offers. And if you’ve already prepared yourself, let’s move on.

TOP 5 Questions right off the bat

If you need AngularJS for your app the next thing to do is to answer several questions.

1How many Developers do You Need?

To define the exact number, you need to consult with your development team and know the project’s specifics. The more thoroughly you understand requirements, the faster you will find the best AngularJS developers.

2How Experienced should They Be?

You can hire one of the following specialists:

  • look for a trainee developer if you need to prepare a beginner for a future project;

  • look for junior specialists with 1-2 years of experience if you have an experienced team and just need a slight support for them;

  • look for a middle developer, if it is a solo project or your team needs someone more qualified than a junior;

  • look for a senior developer if your team is comparably weak and needs someone powerful to launch a superb product;

  • or look for a team lead if you need to set up the processes inside the team, optimize them and get the best results.

Hiring an AngularJS developer

3How much are You Ready to Pay Them?

The cost to hire AngularJS developer may vary. First of all, it depends on a level of expertise of a candidate you need. Second of all, you should define the exact budget to avoid potential troubles on the hiring stage.

4How much Time do You Have to Get This Task Done?

Is your project on fire? Or are you just thinking of a concept of a new app? This is crucial. The more time you have, the higher are chances to find a perfect match.

5Are you looking for an in-house or remote developer?

This question requires additional attention. Either you have decided that you want to see the developer at your office or you are OK with remote AngularJS development services, check the next chapter.

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In-House vs Remote AngularJS Development Services

First of all, take a note that in-house employee will cost you more. There are 3 main reasons for that:

  • you definitely need a skilled recruiter to find and hire AngularJS programmers for office work;

  • prices for development services in the USA, the UK, and Western European countries are quite high;

  • besides that, you have to organize proper work conditions for chosen candidates and take care of them full time.

Of course, if the project requires your specialist to be present at the office on a daily basis you have no options except for looking for a perfect candidate.

But on the other hand, you can go looking for remote specialists. This point has a lot of considerable advantages:

  • you do not need and external help as you can find the qualified person yourself;

  • many companies choose the outsourcing option as it is cheaper than in-house development;

  • remote workers have everything they need for a job so you get rid of a problem how to make them feel comfortable at the office.

a master AngularJS developer

How to Hire AngularJS Developers: Steps towards the goal

What is next? If you have answered vital questions and made influential decisions, it is time to start. Following steps will help you start off in more of a proper direction.

  • Present Your Firm

Before asking to schedule an interview, you need to provide a candidate with the information. Prepare an attractive presentation that includes company introduction, project description, job responsibilities, and required skills, as well as advantages of working with/for you.

  • Start the Recruitment

Where to find AngularJS developers? Such services as job websites popular in your region, hiring platforms, AngularJS communities, GitHub or Linkedin may be helpful here.

  • Conduct the Interview

If you are a technical specialist, then it is nothing difficult for you to check the knowledge of a candidate. If you are not, you need a help of a skilled developer to find a good match.

  • Make Things Official

If you have found the best person, do not hesitate and send a job offer as soon as possible. There are a lot of opportunities in the market so do not miss your great specialist.


If you are tired of continuous searching, if you lost faith and even if you’re not sure why hire AngularJS developers in your particular case - just drop us a line. Our company is the excellent place to hire dedicated AngularJS developers. We know how to solve your task and make the awesome app for you. Start your business improvement and experience great results of our cooperation!

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