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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to Install Magento Extension

What is magento extension? It is the first question that comes to the mind of almost every person that read the article's title. And before reading the article, I'd like to explain it to somehow shed some light on this issue. Magento extensions can widen the boundaries of your online store and pimp it with new abilities and features. Install Magento extension and develop your website, but they should be coded a bit by a competent developer. Owing to an extended Magento Community that consists of developers from all over the world , thousands of features are now available on the Magento Connect marketplace for sale. The only thing you need is to select and download Magento extension on your website.

There are 3 common ways to install Magento extensions: the quickest and the easiest way is to install it via SSH, Magento Connect or by downloading files directly to your FTP . In this article, you will find a step-by-step procedure to install magento extensions.

Preparation stage

Make sure you have everything you will need before starting the installation:

  • A product key provided by Magento Community ( if you are installing a free extension)
  • It's recommended to upload your files directly to the FTP root directory.
  • Download the files provided by the developer, a magento extension key (if applicable and if you are using a paid extension)
  • When installing an extension from Magento Connect, file uploads and product keys can work, but there are no guarantees for success.
  • If you have a product key and you want to use FTP to install a free extension for magento, use “freegento” to download the latest version of extension.
  • How to install Magento extension

Uploading via FTP

1 Step. Uploading of the extension folder

First of all, unzip the folder where the extension is stored and copy the App folder into your store root directory using FTP.

2 Step. Taking measures

If you have chosen CMS Magento, install extension very carefully and thoroughly. To make sure the installation is done without any errors, go to the Magento administrative panel and take the following steps:

  • You should check if you have a current backup. If no, create it by going to “systems-> tools-> backup”. This will help you if something goes wrong during the installation of the magento extension.
  • Disable compilation. Go to “system->tools->Compilations”.
  • Clear your cache via System->cache management, by choosing all the files in the list and selecting “refresh” in the drop-down menu and then clicking “submit”.
  • Log out and log in to your admin panel.

3 Step. Activation

Go to “System->Configuration”

I noticed that people who search for “how to install extension in magento” think that this is kind of difficult , but in fact it isn't like that as you can see.

Sometimes the extension requires a license key. In this case, find “licenses” on the left bar and click it, then enter your key next to the name of the extension, which you can choose from the list of recently installed ones. License keys are different from product keys that are provided with free Magento Connect extensions and can be provided by a developer when purchasing one or another extension.

When you have entered your license key, press “Save config” button and wait till the approval message, successfully installed and activated extension shows.

install Magento extension

4 Step. Confirmation of installation and activation

If you want to make sure that everything went successfully and without errors, go to “Advanced- >Developer”. Under “disable modules output”, check that your recently installed extension appears in the list. If it is there, then it means that you did a great job and you are ready to go. The only thing you need in magento web development is to find the extension setting and start configuring them to your preferences.

Installation via Magento Connect

If there are some problems with the manual installation or if you are trying to install free extensions using a product key, you have an alternative to install the extension through Magento Connect. Go to the marketplace and obtain your product key.

The next step in the installation of magento extension is to visit “System->Magento connect->Magento connect manager”, which can be found in your admin panel.

The main advantage of installing extensions via Magento Connect is that you don't need to create backups or clear cache; this would be completed automatically.

Uploading via SSH

If you want to upload an extension, without using the downloader UI on your local development box, then you have to download it, unzip and insert a single code into the SSH Terminal.

Hope we have answered your question on “how to install magento extension”? When you have done all the work, you can then read about free or paid magento extensions, which you can use to develop and diversify your online store!

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