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Payment Gateway For an Application. How to Integrate and Secure the System?


Payment Gateway For an Application. How to Integrate and Secure the System?

The development of the programming industry usually means, that the creation of those most recent technologies, which alter the area of app development and programming might soon change also those approaches, which are involved in the creation of one or another website. That could be claimed absolutely freely during the discussion of such an important topic as mobile payment Integration, which throughout several years has been acting as one of the most important parts of any e-commerce website or related platform. While talking on payment gateway for mobile apps we all may think on PayPal, however, people sometimes may not understand the main mechanisms, which arrange the key processes within such a complicated system. Moreover, we sometimes tend to forget, that there are also various different alternatives to PayPal, such as Stripe and others.

Another pretty important thing, which we have to take into consideration in case of the observation of the main processes which play the most important role in integrating payment gateway. That thing is security as well as the main technological approaches and demands, which are vital in case if a developer is thinking about the development of such a thing as a mobile payment gateway. Why is it so vital? The answer is pretty simple. It is so, because of the fact, those lots of the beginners and the primary developers might not know which important aspects to keep in mind while making the main steps of the assembling of the mobile payment system. Finally, we have to simply say, that we are talking about the financial resources of people, maybe hundreds of them. Thus, joking here makes no sense. In other words, in today’s article, we are going to talk on the main technologies of payment gateway integration, what may be really useful for the beginning programmers, who are just thinking on the creation of their own internet-based shop or another Internet resource.

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Why Internet paying became so popular and how does it work?

Frankly speaking, the answer to that question might be pretty simple. Through the years and all those period of the programming and web development, people became much lazier, than they were previously. By the way, we are pretty lazy by nature, but IT innovations made that situation even worse. So, in case if you have an opportunity to visit the shop with the usage of your smartphone or laptop, you automatically may have a desire to pay for the purchases with the usage of the same laptop or a smartphone.

payments in mobile app

Maybe, that actually was one of the main and one of the most important reasons for the emergence of such a thing as an online payment gateway. Moreover, while looking at the success of such platforms as PayPal, which is the most popular one, as I have already said, lots of other programmers decided, that an idea to design their own, independent clone of such a technology might be a pretty nice deal. So, now, thanks to those, who faced a question on “how to build a mobile app that accepts payments?”, we now may be able to operate with all that variety of paying gateways, where the dominating places are occupied by Braintree, stripe, and others.

Despite the fact, that the description of the essential motives, which led to the popularisation of mobile app payment gateway, is pretty important, the passage dedicated to the main functional aspects and key working technologies of such an innovation might be also really essential. The whole process of payment consists of several essential parts, which are eight key tapes. First of all, you choose a product, which you need; then, you send it to the cart and go through the process of registration and checkout. Another thing is payment. For sure, there you will be offered several different types of payment, but we are now talking only on mobile gateways. Your resume, which you are obliged to pay goes through the gateway of the mobile payment platform, which is situated on the website. After that, it arranges the connection with the credit card and the banking system of your bank and gets permission for the seizure of a certain sum of money, the transaction is successful. Actually, everything described here happens two times, faster, than you read my description. So, you might understand now, what is actually, the usage of the mobile payments app in reality.

Payment gateway comparison

In order to better understand the whole structure of the payment systems that might be really important to take into consideration the essential aspects of those most popular gateways, which are now the most popular among the users all over the world. So, I decided, to arrange a comparison of PayPal with Stripe.


In case if we talk about accepting payments in a mobile app with the usage of such a thing as PayPal, we have to make an emphasis that this particular tool is the most popular one. That automatically means, that thanks to such an aspect you get a product with rapper reputation, but also the fact, that thanks to a pretty big community of supporters and good CMS structure developed for the users, you might be able to get in touch with those who may help you in case if you have any serious problems with a system. Moreover, it is also supported by all existing trading platforms, what makes an opportunity for the usage of that tool really vast and unlimited. By, the way, it was impossible for PayPal to become so popular without a great level of reliability and simplicity of the usage. Thus, even in case if you are a beginner, you may not face any serious problems with the usage of a product of that company.

Besides, there are also several important aspects linked with the financial side of the usage of PayPal. First of all, the usage of the rating system is pretty interesting. In case if you are using PayPal, you have to keep in mind, that there is a rule of paying 2.9% more plus 30 percents per each successful transaction. Moreover, there are no monthly payments/ however, in case if you are using an extended version, you might be obliged to pay $30 each month. But there are no setup fees, while the currency conversion depends on the region, where you hold an operation.

Here we also have to let the reader know some more information about another really successful and famous type of payment gateways, which is called Stripe. First of all, we have to enlighten the fact, that thanks to the usage of the independent servers, which allow the company to arrange the transactions of the users, the operations upon Stripe may be much safer sometimes. Moreover, it also allows the users to avoid the storing of lots of additional information, which is required. Besides, Stripe has an opportunity to support six absolutely different languages libraries, what automatically allows eliminating various linguistic problems.

Furthermore, one of the most beneficial aspects of the usage of Stripe as your main paying technology is an opportunity to operate upon more than 100 currencies, what is highly great in case if you are willing to make your resource an international one. Besides, the usage of Stripe is available with the involvement of any possible payment system, what is also really nice. So, for now, it doesn't matter, what you have, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa or Visa Electron.

integrate payment gateway in a mobile app

How to integrate mobile payments system?

How to integrate payment gateway in a mobile app may a pretty challenging question for any beginner, who is interested in these technologies. However, we are here namely to understand the majority of the nuances, which play the most important role in that process.

First of all, one of the most important things, which you have to remember, is the fact, that the arrangement of a selling process is impossible with the involvement of the third party players. Moreover, a huge role is played by the security measures. A bit later, we are going to observe that vital topic in a separate passage. So, the integration of a payment system might possible only with the usage of one of two dominating app platforms, or even both of them, App Store and Google Play.

Then, any developer has to keep in mind, that the integration of a similar paying platform is also linked with the implementation of various powerful additional libraries, which might allow the developer to arrange a unification of a payment technology with an application. So, these things are absolutely inevitable in case if your aim is the arrangement of a simple, properly working and fast payment extension. Another thing, which you can not forget s the coordination of all the actions with a server. Why so? It is just because of the fact, that the transition of such important data requires a great level of encryption, what is actually impossible in case if you do not have an ability to form a good server with the all the needed functions working and up to date.

Finally, there are also two highly vital things, which have to be taken into consideration for a successful integration of a payment extension. First of all, that will be really nice to arrange a special set of functions, which will make the process of authorization easier, safer and faster. For instance, the best variant might be the implementation of a function, which will be able to save and remember the CVV number of the user, what makes the entire process of authorization much safer. Finally, you have to keep in mind that a good payment extension has to be pretty fast. That is why; you need good relations with the payment platforms, banks, which are used by your customers most frequently. So, that automatically makes possible the desire to spend less time as possible, while paying for the services.


how to build a mobile app  payments

Security and payment gateway integration in mobile application

While answering the question on “how to integrate payment gateway in a mobile app?” we have to keep in mind, that the most important thing here is even not a proper level of functionality of an extension, but ten usages of a highly innovative security measures. And we are going to discuss them here and now.

First of all, the usage of SSL encryption and the adoption of main HTTP functions and technologies for the arrangement of a payment system must become your “Pater Noster”. These actions are the first ones, which might allow you to secure the money of your customers and save your reputation. Moreover, another thing is the usage of PCI DSS Certification, what increases the level of the data security. Besides, I strongly advise you to use your own servers in case if you deal with pretty big sums of money. Thus, Strive here will be the best deal for you.

Finally, you have to control everything and keep an eye on all the most important and even minor flows within the website. So, the essential sector for you may be the authorization. Arrange a special database for all the users, which enter the system, so, you may have enough intelligence on each person, which is trying to commit any operation within a website. Furthermore, you will be even able to prevent a catastrophe.

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Bottom line

Taking everything into consideration, I am willing to say, that the integration of a payment system into an application is not the easiest task, for sure. Besides, it is not even necessary to do that. However, such a technological decision may allow the user to achieve a new level of professionalism and make the entire potential of the website or just an e-commerce platform or a platform much bigger and, of course, greater. So, do not hesitate to make such an innovation decision for your application and show your clients, that you really take care of the fact, how convenient it is for them to use your web page. Besides, you already have a pretty basic instruction. Finally, you are even able to ask for help from much more experienced developers and entrepreneur, who already have achieved some specific goals and heights. Thus, I can only wish you all the best in the future and more fresh ideas for your business, which will lead you to success.

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