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What are the Technologies, Which Help you to Make an App Viral?


What are the Technologies, Which Help you to Make an App Viral?

One of the main aims for any developer, who is willing to make his application really popular, useful and interesting, is to make it viral. Usually, the beginners do not always understand, how important may be that aspect of the app building process. However, there are lots of really outstanding features, which act as a direct evidence of the fact, that the usefulness of the entire concept of viral application might be one of the most important ones in the entire field of app development.

While talking about making your app viral we have to keep in mind the fact, that it is not as easy as people may usually think. To be honest, in case if you were able to make your application viral enough it already means, that you have achieved something in the world of app development. But, there is also another really vital thing. This thing is the fact, that usually young developers and especially beginners, who have just started their way of real programmers and businessmen, are willing to make their application viral from the very beginning. Actually, ambitions are really good, but in order to avoid a bitter disappointment in the end, as a young programmer, you do not have to have too many expectations on that issue. But today in that article we are going to give you an explanation of the most essential and important strategies, which you may use to achieve the goal of a viral application. So, in that article downstream I will explain to you what does actually viral mean, how to make a viral app and which three approaches it is better to use in order to get what you need and want.

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What is a Viral app?

To be honest, the explanation of what is actually viral application is not the most complicated task here. The main idea of the creation of a viral application is easy as a pie. The main concept here is just the achievement of a high level of shares among the users of your application within the entire Internet. That concept of viral app marketing is not something really new and innovative. For instance, previously, in the early year of app development, the idea of the main techniques that would help to make an app viral was pretty primitive.

Making your app viral

For instance, in case if you ask me how to make an app go viral in 2010, I will tell you just o use an application, which will be pretty fancy and interesting for the users. So, they might be able to create something really interesting on their own within an application and share with that in their social networks. However, that strategy is highly unreliable in 2017. It is so because of the fact, that according to the statistics people do not usually use their social networks in order to share with others while using some things from the applications at random, the system doesn't work.

That is why; the marketing specialists and developers came up with another idea, which may be able to help to make your app popular. That concept consists of several really important parts. Frankly speaking, there are only three of them. All of these pillars of modern app promotion and spreading among the potential users are circulating around the materialistic reward for what people do. So, here now I will give you a brief explanation of all of these three norms, which regulate the process of viral apps. The first strategy is focused on making the process effortless, so the user will not even be obliged to do something really complicated and boring to help your application to develop. That is actually really good due to the fact, that sometimes, especially nowadays, people are really lazy, and in case if we are talking about something like applications or the Internet, people just do not want to do anything, what may take too many efforts. Automatic and cyber applications make the world working today. Another approach is linked to rewarding the user. As I have already highlighted, that is really important to give to the user an explanation that he or she is doing something not for free but for something, what later would be given to him or her. And finally, the last point is the fact that you have to give the control to the user. So, a person may feel free to post something on his or her web page or not. They may be able to make a choice to tell their friends about an app they downloaded or not. Thus, it is really vital, when you are willing to explain the user that his decision really means something.

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How to get people to use your app? Three main strategies

When we consider most useful viral strategies, we have to think first of all about the main outcomes, which it may bring. So, in case if you choose the strategy, which I have just presented here, it would have a double profit, because of the fact, that you are going to make the entertaining part of the entire application more interesting, while in the same time, you can get revenues.

1 Making the process effortless

One of the essential things for the developer, who is willing to make his application popular, is to make the entire process of its popularisation really simple for the users. Why so? Everything is pretty simple. People now get more and lazier, that is why, it is really important to give them an opportunity to spend as less power as only possible on any action, which they have to make.

Furthermore, you may use some motivational techniques without telling people to do this or that. For instance, you may use special bars with the photos and pictures of their friends, who already us that application, give them just an opportunity to click at a button of sharing really fast and in an easy manner. Then, it is also a good idea to make the users able to post on several platforms at the same time, what is doubling the possibility of your success.

app go viral

2 Rewarding the Users

That is also really important. For a successful promotion of an application, you have to arrange a sort of a trade with your users. For example, in case if you have a gaming application, you may be able to allow them to use some pretty expensive things for free just because the users are with the app with their friends and relatives. So, they will have a better motivation to follow your advises, what is highly beneficial for you as well as or him or her. Finally, it does not actually matter, which application do you have, gaming or library one. You may be always able to find a proper way of arranging a reward to those, who really work hard while trying to promote an app, which you have created.

3 Giving a freedom to the user

That is really essential to show people that they are free not to follow those services, which you offer them. For example, not all of the people are really willing to take part in your Viral Strategy. That is why you have to give them a choice. Moreover, that may attract more people to your application, because sometimes, those developers, who do not oppress people with a 24/7 desire to promote, what they have created, get more popularity and profit, than those who tend to use some really annoying and even silly tricks to make you share their creation and tell your friends, what you have.

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Making an app viral is really complicated. It is much easier to say, what to do than actually do it. Due to this, I advise you to monitor that topic as precise as only possible, so, you may be able to avoid different troubles and problems in the future. Moreover, I highly recommend you to look for an advice among much more experienced and successful developer, who actually know, what does viral app mean, and how does the entire system work.

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