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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to Pitch an Idea Like a God

There are two camps of startupers: self-assured and yellow-belly ones. Both can either succeed or take a bath. They have one common goal: to deliver a pitch that can't be turned down. Reaching this level is not so easy as it seems, but at the same time it is rather simple if you organize your pitch well , taking into account milestones that can appear during your pitching. So, this article is like a guide or a checklist, call it as you wish, on the way to winning investor's heart and money, of course.

Components of an epic pitch

1 Storytelling

The best way to present your speech is to tell a compelling story that addresses the problem you are solving in the marketplace, explaining why your product stands out. Make sure it is concise and short without any excess devices as it should be easily explained by an investor to others. Besides, buzz words are not your winning ticket. Unless the investor is knowledgeable in the domain your pitch is about, everything should be pretty clear, but not sophisticated.

Self assurance is not the last thing when pitching. From the previous point you have built some credibility and now it's time to blow your own trumpet, show the investor what you have accomplished to date with your team (product launches, sales, useful contracts, etc.).

2 Target Market

Don't lie that all the world is your potential market. Be precise and realistic in pointing out your target audience and break out your market into Total possible demand for your product (TAM) based on your current business model (SAM), and based on practical limits of your business model (SOM). Using this trick you will impress your angel or a venture capitalist and help you think strategically about your roll-out plan.

3 Customers and competition

Do not omit this section while pitching. Your investor has a right to know:

  • How much this project will cost him
  • How can you measure your success
  • Your strategy for reaching customers.
  • Who your competitors are.
  • Why your product has a competitive advantage.

So, make sure you answer all these questions in your pitch. And remember, do not get scattered; shoot right at a target.

Pitch an Idea Like a God

4 It's all about the money

Revenue model. Everyone cares about their money and investors are no exception, especially when they literally give money “to the first person they come across”. Answer the question: “how will you make money using your product? Be specific about pricing and emphasize on how the market is awaiting the arrival of your products.

Funding needs. This section is about the money you have already spent and one you will need in the future to succeed, develop and bla bla bla. Be precise and mention all the figures, including your target. Spell out how much money you will need to go on with the next stage. Is the investment an equity round, a convertible note?

Exit strategy. Seeking a big sum of money always presupposes some safe backup strategy for the investor. That's why it is better to tell him how he can get his money back. Your idea must be prefect, brilliant and all other good words. But if the investor can't see its benefit , he will make sure to find where to invest his hoard of money. Show him some due diligence you have done on this strategy, composed of companies you are aiming at, and why it will make sense 5 or 10 years down the road.

5 Your fellows in arms

You and your management team is a single whole, so share details of your dream team and why they are worth to be invested in, as it is known that investors first invest in people and ideas come second. Since investors are usually old hands and have seen a good deal in their long life, they know for sure that a bad partnership can easily ruin a business. Your rock star team should help you inspire confidence and not suspicion or any issues. Your team – your ticket to winning over investors. The most important thing in this issue, which is usually skipped or not mentioned, is what skills your team lack. Please, we are all humans and can't know everything, including investors. So, if you have some missing talents, do not hesitate to get the message across to him whether it is management or marketing expertise. Honesty is the best policy.

Some tips to move heaven and earth

    • Timing.

      Time is money, so don't waste it for nothing. The less time your pitch takes, the better, but remember it should include all the components so that everything is clear and understandable. Concentrate on the core components and go ahead pitching.

    • Enthusiasm.

      Passion and business interest are a killing mix that stands a good chance to win your “pitch-listening” audience. Wild enthusiasm will only enhance your sophistication, realism and integrity, but not obscure it.

    • Be spick-and-span.

      There are a lot of talks around this issue, and people are still arguing whether it makes sense or not. But in business domain, first impression plays a big part. Spending a pretty penny on a new luxury suit will pay out in the future.

    • Repetition is the mother of learning.

      The more times you practice your pitch , the more you will be confident in what you are talking about. So, practice, practice and practice.

  • Turn on your extrasensory skills.

    Be ready for all the questions the investor may ask. Persuasive and skillful answers will show your panoply of traits and abilities, which will be estimated by their own value by the investor.

Good luck!

The result of an impressive pitch should be getting funds from the investor. But after reading this article I bet this way isn't seemed so simple anymore . Every undertaking demands much time and preparation. I hope that all the tips and tricks from this article will be grist to the mill on your way to impressing an investor. Good luck and be self-assured. It is many times better than being an under-confident person assured of failure before even getting started. Weigh all the pros and cons of the startup and start out your thorny path from idea pitching to bringing it to life. Don’t be afraid of failures. Trust in your idea and follow it out.

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