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How to Plan a Budget for Mobile App Marketing?


How to Plan a Budget for Mobile App Marketing?

When your business has already achieved a proper developmental level, it seems really vital to transit it to a much bigger audience. One of the most popular ways is the creation of your own application and the implementation of the core mobile app marketing services, which may help you not also to develop an application but also to promote it properly. Despite of the fact, that the creation of an application for business is pretty popular not all of the developers really know, which approaches and technologies to use in order to achieve that goal. Besides, one of the main problem is the arrangement of the mobile app marketing budget, which you need for your project design. Due to this, in that article we are going to talk on several issues. First of all how to plan a mobile app marketing budget, and secondly, whu promotion plays such an important role?

Why the usage of an application is so important?

Frankly speaking, the creation of an application for your business may have several pretty important benefits. For instance, it may be used for the development of the advertising programs of your business, such as the set of various special offers, sales and discounts. It may also allow you to arrange a proper contact with the users all over the world. Besides, thanks to the usage of an application, you get an opportunity to inform the users about all the news pretty quickly with the usage of special push notifications. Lastly, it acts as a really nice tool for the increase of your competitiveness among others. Despite of the fact, that we are living at an age of the Internet and modern technologies, lots of businessmen still do not have application for their projects, what makes them much less powerful in case if they face those who have already acquired the knowledges on what are the main principles of  marketing a mobile app.

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How to calculate mobile app marketing budget?

Financial questions have always played one of the most crucial roles in the development of any possible business. That is why, even a cyber field is no exception. In case if we are talking on a budget for marketing a mobile app, we have to keep in mind, that all of the calculations ought to be made really carefully and accurately in order to avoid even a minor mistake. It is so important due to the fact, that usually in case if you do not have a strong financial support, each cent matters for you and your team. Due to this, mobile app advertising budget ought to be calculated a long before the very beginning etapes of the development of an application itself because of the fact, that as in the situation if you are building a house, you have to buy materials, what is actually investments, so, the same thing is in case of the development of a marketing app programme, all elements ought to be prepared before the beginning.

promote your app

Moreover, in order to arrange all of the calculations in  right and clear way, it is extremely important to know almost everything about those powers, which take place in the market of apps and websites. So, you may know with whom it is better to compete and who are not so important for you as the main opponents. Finally, let me say, that in order to find out the cost to promote your app and actually develop it, you are obliged to come through four key steps of development., while each of them is pretty complicated and full of various nuances. simply speaking, the great project may be separated on four main etapes. The first one is Pre-MVP development, the second one is called MVP design and release, the next one is focused on Beta version release and all of the complications linked to that decision, while the last one, trying to finish the whole composition, is describing the actual life-time product. Thus, here you will see a description of all of these periods of the designing strategy.

1 Pre-MVP arrangements and the beginnin

That etapes might be one of the most complicated and one of the most important ones, which you have to pass through during the development of an application. You may wonder, why it is so important and complicated. The answer here is pretty easy and simple. The main point here is that it is a beginning, when you have to arrange and coordinate high tones of data and information, which is important for a project. Furthermore, you have to take lots of decisions here, which are actually linked with the future in app marketing choices. So, let us deal with everything pretty fast and in a simple manner.

First of all, here you have to find out, do you actually need and application or not? What are the main purposes of its creation directly for you? As I highlighted earlier, there are different benefits of an app for business. However, in order to make all the future decisions more successful, you have to choose your own. Then, you must arrange a simple but effective business model. Why do you need it? It is done to explain the developers and even yourself, what is a problem, which an app is going to solve? So, it might be much more simple to deal with the upcoming issues in case if you know, what are you actually doing. Lastly, we have three really vital points, which are important directly for marketing. Firstly, you have to define, what is your potential audience and which people may use an app. Basing on that data you have to plan the main advertising strategies in the future. Then, we have to know, which main monetization strategies are we going to use. And lastly, which promotional measures are we going to arrange:

  • Social Media;

  • Creation of a Landing Page.

2 MVP Development and Release

One of the most important part of the calculation of the cost of mobile app advertising is the arrangement of an MVP. Simply speaking, MVP is just a skeleton of an application, which requires as less elements and details as only possible. Thanks to that you are able to launch any possible tests, which help you to deal with bugs and problems within an app and in the very end have an application, which may be free of errors and problems. In order to arrange an MVP and attract angel investments, you have to base your strategy on:

  • The chosen platform;

  • Designing arrangements;

  • Functionality and special features;

  • Security measures.

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cost of mobile marketing

3 Beta Version Release

While discussing the issue on how much does it cost to market an app, we should not forget about such an important pre-last etape as the release of a Beta Version. Frankly speaking, Beta Version is an almost final type of an application you are willing to publish. It if full of the designing and functional changes and has passed through a line of tests, which helped to detect all of the issues. It is released in order to make it possible for common users to test it and be able to find various bugs in real life, what is sometimes more productive, than the usage of some unnatural testing arrangements. On that stage you have to think a lot about app advertising cost. So, within the Beta Version of an app you have to find out, which tactics to use in order to arrange such decisions as:

  • The creation of a blog;

  • Analysis of the competitors and espionage;

  • Arrangement of a good CRM;

  • Launch of your guest blogging;

  • Booking of the advertising space.

4 Life-time product

That is a final stage, when you have to estimate budget for mobile app marketing pretty clearly and on a proper level. Besides, you have to be able to present a perfect and final version of an application with no bugs and errors, what is really important for your marketing place. Besides, the development of the influence within such resources, such as App Store or Google Play is really beneficial for the future promotion. Maybe, it will be even possible to decrease an app marketing cost. Finally, here, you have to control and monitor all the key flows within an app and be able to solve any upcoming problem.

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All in all, as you may see, the arrangement of an app budget depends on lots of various aspects, which tend to influence that process on different etapes. Lots of the beginners tend to ask, which approach for the calculations it will be better to use. As for me, the most reliable decision may be to go straight forward to the mobile app marketing company, where real professionals may be able to give you not only an advice, but also to make a major part of the job.

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