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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to Protect Your Idea and End Product While Outsourcing Software Development


How to Protect Your Idea and End Product While Outsourcing Software Development

Nowadays with the rapidly developing world people more and more frequently come up with new revolutionary ideas in almost all the possible fields. However, these changes especially relate to the field of cyber development, programming and app building. As you can see, that field of international interests is tending to be more and more protracted not only from virus and hacking attacks, but also from the direct intervention to the intellectual property right and the rights of inventors. Numerous times you was able to see these copied apps on Google Store and other resources, which are nothing more but a result of committed crimes, which could be classified only like theft. Because of such terrible tendency starting developers face a question on - How To Protect Your Mobile App Idea and act upon a law? Namely about that issue we are willing to talk in that very article.

To be honest there a lot of different ways to protect your inventions from being stolen. Sometimes people may say, that the whole field of intellectual property rights protection is not developed enough. However, it is not true, and they usually refer like that only because of the fact, that just do not know all the approaches and possible strategies to be implemented in order to increase the level of your invention protection. Here I am going to give the examples of one of the most vital possible strategies, from the usage of secured hardware, non-disclosure agreement for app development and even spying. But let me  explain everything in a clear and calm manner.

Core strategies

As I highlighted earlier there are several core strategies, which allow us to keep the information about a developing app or a web resource in a deep secret and then to protect your actual rights of the intellectual property within a certain limits of a law. First of all I would like to mention all the possible strategies, which I am going to enlighten in an article downstream. They are:

  • Prevention of revealing;

  • Usage of special hardware;

  • Establishment of a patent;

  • Usage of an NDA for a company;

  • Establishment of a trademark;

  • Examination of partners;

So, now, let me speak more clearly and give a full explanation for each of the described points.

need to protect my IP rights


One of the most prioritised strategies to secure the information is to pay any effort in order to establish a strong non-revealing strategy. We have to always keep in mind, that your tongue is your enemy in each case, no matter, what you are going to do. You may say, that those strategies, which I am going to present in that paragraph are too serious or could be one the most distinguished features of classical paranoiac. However, if you are really interested in the development of your project and the future revenues you will pay any effort in order to make your expectations come true.

First of all you have to remember, that presenting too much information is a highly dangerous activity, because of the fact, that people around you usually do not care about you well being and will not bother to obtain an already developed idea, which shows any actual perspectives. We live in the world of realism do not forget about it. Furthermore, you have to take into consideration, that even while talking to your potential partners or investors you do not have to give them too many details about an app or a webb resource you want to develop. I believe, that in such situation it is principal to keep in mind, that one of your most important charges is to think about how to protect an idea for an app. Furthermore, even the communication within a working team have to be kept in secret. For instance, several cyber companies, even small one, tend to use secure terminal telephones, while transferring the information from one another. Of course, I do not encourage you to use them, but in case if you hire an office such strategy will not be useless.

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Secondly, try to use more papers and document everything you are working on. Moreover, it would be really suitable to save all the written materials in a remote place or even in a safe, due to the fact, that sometimes to break a safe you need more time and skills, than to hack a computer or a laptop. Then, a good decision will be to save all the materials, especially those, which are written in a programming code on special hardware or just on the secure HDDs. It is not a problem at all to buy one of them in a common computer store. In the picture you may see, that the connection of an HDD is possible only after typing a password, what automatically increase the level of the information security in several times. It will be not useless to remember, that in case of usage of a secure hardware for app development , your documentation will be more protected from unnecessary eyes and minds.

app development nda

Establishment of a patent

Protection of app idea could be reached also in another way, which in combination with the previous one will give you a good result, due to the fact, that if something, even a paper may disappear from your archives and a bit later will result in the creation of almost the same thing you created you will be under a fully legitimate protection of the law.

Sign a patent agreement is a pretty long going process, which have lots of different nuances. For instance in some states the intellectual property rights protection affairs are not really developed, what automatically mean, that the whole process of getting a patent will be pretty long and complicated. Furthermore, if you would like to form a patent overseas, for example in Israel or the USA, you have to be ready for  pretty big expenditures. However, in case if in your state everything is okay with the structure of the legislation system, you will be obliged to come through a line of bureaucratic institutions, and only after that you will be able to freely obtain the app development agreements. In lots of states the process of the creation of a patent certificate could be pretty similar. So, let me present you a quite generalised list of those etapes through which you have to come through in order to fulfill your goal.

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NDA for mobile app development

One of the most reliable to protect the information about your project is to sign a so-called non disclosure agreement for app development, what will help you to secure the informational flows between your partners and investors. Actually, why do you need an nda for a mobile app? The answer is pretty simple. The background structure of that treaty means, that people, who are involved in it will not tell anyone about the ongoing negotiations and the building processes under the threat of the financial compensation or the termination of a cooperation agreement between the involved sides. In case if you are willing to look for investors NDA for app development will be one of the most reliable ways of the arrangement of that process. However, you have to remember that signing of such a treaty with too many players could later result in several more essential problems for you. Keeping the balance of powers in such a situation is the bedrock of the whole project.

There are several types of such contracts in different states. However, the majority of them are established upon the Indian Contract act of 1872, which was recognized by the British colonial government in the British Raj (modern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ceylon, Burma and UAE). So, keep in mind that queen Victoria already took care of signing of your nda template for app development. Anyway, let us get back to the matter of fact. As I mentioned, there are three types of NDAs:

  • Unilateral → When only one side reveal the information to another one in order to cooperate;

  • Bilateral →  When two powers reveal their information within an agreement in favour of cooperation;

  • Multilateral → When more, than two powers reveal their information in favour of cooperation; (* such an agreement is not really popular due to the big amount of players and, as a consequence, instability within an alliance).

For instance, in such states as India, Israel, Germany and Australia signing an nda after the fact is highly important because of the fact of the strong emphasis made by these states’ governmental powers on the issue of the intellectual protectionism.

secure hardware app development

Create a trademark

Creation of a trademark for your project is a pretty reliable way to protect, what you are doing. Furthermore, the price for that decision is not really high. For example, it usually fluctuate between $500 and $1.,500, what is not pretty high, comparing to the expenditures for the development of an app or a web resource. Of course, in order to get  a trademark you have to come through a bureaucratic institutions as well as with the situation with a patent. However, you even can not imagine how beneficial would be that decision for the later development and evolution of your idea. 

Examination of partners

In case of establishment of a reliable app developing project and future contracts with investors and partners you have always remember, that it is impossible to hold the negotiation and even meet your potential allie without looking for the information about his activity, and you have to look for as long as it will be needed for you to be absolutely convinced in his reliability. When you are talking about your business, sometimes it  will not be shameful to use any possible approach of getting the needed information. Try to analyse everything about your investor or companion, examine its previous activity with other programmers and entrepreneurial, ask their viewpoints and thoughts about that person or company. Be aware of any serious scandals, problems and even rumours about your potential co-worker. Remember analyse and examine even those, whose reputation seems to be perfect and sinless, you never know, what to wait for. Furthermore, that safety and caution are not superfluous, everything vital in case of your business and career.

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