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How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for SEO?


How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for SEO?

It doesn't matter, whether you are already an Adwords user or the one who has just acquainted with this SEO tool – Google's keyword tool suits every SEO specialist. It's opportunities allow to achieve good rankings and get more visitors to a website through its search engine optimization SEO experts must be in the swim. To cut a long story short, choosing keywords is a critical stage in the SEO process and understanding how to use this tool is essential for everyone who wants to promote his brand.

Before start using the tool, you should know about few aspects that can result in mistakes being made.

How to use Google keyword tool for SEO to be not mistaken?

    • View data for only one location

Make a note, that a website will only rank highly in one version of Google. Use Google keyword planner for SEO to get that level of traffic you need to rank highly in one version of Google that is much more likely than to do the same for every Google's version. It is only how many searches a keyword gets in the certain location that matters to you.

    • Search volume figures don't guarantee 100% accurate

Use Google SEO keyword tool only as a guide rather than a list of exact data of how much traffic a website will receive from Google.

google adwords

Here you are with how-tos of using the Google Keyword Tool:

1 Sign into Google Adwords.

After clicking “Tools and Analysis” choose “Keyword Planner”. If you still haven't an Adwords account, set up this free SEO keyword tool in a matter of minutes.

2 Start searching for keywords ideas by clicking the special field.

3 Look through settings Google SEO keyword generator proposes bellow.

You are to enter a list of data: keyword ideas, website URL, location, languages, data source, etc. When you are asked to customize your search, click “only show ideas closely related to my search terms”. In field “Your product or service” enter your keyword ideas again – delete or type the new ones. Then click “Keyword ideas” to see the results for the data you entered. Also, you are recommended additional keyword suggestions. Take a note of “Competition” and pay per click ads field – it is Adwords only, so you should ignore it. To have these results handy, you can download all the keyword data you got.

4 Be ready to make a list of keywords that relate to your business.

Include in SEO keyword planner long-tail keywords and head terms to be both broad and specific. Also include names of regions that you want to target. Show your keywords list partners, customers, and even friends to get with their ideas and associations with your business.

5 Enter all the Google keyword tool SEO managing fields you have (but without paying attention of necessity of entering your landing page), and click “Keyword ideas”.

You will get the keywords list with the average monthly search volume for each of them. Download this list as a .CSV file.

6 After this, in Google keyword search tool SEO specialists use, do a modify search by clicking the following button.

Clean “Your product or service” field and enter the URL of a website. Download another keyword ideas as a .CSV file.

7 Knowing how to use keyword planner for SEO can't be completed without using Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Put both files together to create a complete list of keywords you got. Sort the keywords by monthly searches, remove duplicated ones and ones with the search volume of less than 10. Also, make sure that list you have finally got is relevant to your business.

So, you have got a list of 10-100 keywords that are relevant to you for sure and finally know how to use Google Adwords keyword tool for SEO. But it doesn't matter that you have to target all of them. You still need to be on pins and needles and think over how competitive each keyword is decided which of them are worth targeting.

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