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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to use Smartwatch Applications for The Business?


How to use Smartwatch Applications for The Business?

Laptops let us take care of businesses in cafes, on the coach – everywhere, keeping your options open. Smartphones increase our access to the Internet, and now everyone can manage business processes wherever he wants, even in the sub, and you get updates through push notifications.

Technology opportunities do not end here – smartwatches let us have our own online world on our wrist.

So how can Smartwatches help optimize a business?

Actually, this device is the same as a smartphone, which is always within eyeshot. You always have a smartwatch with you even in those places where the use of phones is not allowed, or just uncomfortable.

Your smartphone synchronizes with the watch. When you're push-notified, the smartwatch also displays the received message.

Basic opportunities:

  • viewing messages
  • checking e-mails
  • calls
  • social media notifications

Smartwatch applications for the business

Additional opportunities:

  • music
  • using mobile applications
  • photos
  • sports activity (gadget takes user's pulse rate)

Business benefits:

  1. Smartwatch saves your time

    This gadget is a perfect reminder of meetings. It controls your to-do-lists, and point out time frames. You can manage your work on a project and lay out its priorities. Another bonus is the ability to read important documents on the go.

  2. Be kept up-to-date

    Emails could be lost in an infinite stream, and you can miss a lucrative offer. Notifications that appear right on your wrist won't let you forget about important business call, or miss potential opportunity for co-operation. You just open the e-mail, read it, and reply using voice message.

  3. Ideas on the go

    Smartwatch has great voice features, which help to keep all your thoughts in order by recording all necessary information and ideas.

  4. Payment systems

    Special application will help to optimize your work with credit cards and payments.

  5. Marketing

    Smartwatch is useful not only for internal business organization. With the GPS integration, you can send notifications about advert campaigns, sales, and special offers to every passerby in real time mode.

Smartwatch app for the business

The most popular applications to install on a smartwatch are:

  1. You need Todolist to create and manage projects by your own team or by another team. You can easily send the tasks to your colleagues.
  2. Use Evernote to record your ideas or search notes with the voice.
  3. Imeet Agenday joins all private and professional calendars in one interface. The watch lets you know your coming meetings, shows the forecast, and even help you navigate while driving.
  4. Salesforce is a business application for managing tasks and fast notifications response.

Smartwatch apps have all the chances to become your right hand in everyday life. They save time and help to organize and manage businesses. Start using them today!

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