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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

How to Write SEO Content?

To have a clear understanding of the whole process let's first consider what SEO content is. All the texts written with a particular quantity of keywords evenly distributed within the text are called SEO content. They are made to promote your website to the TOP of search engines.

I have some rules and an algorithm of writing content for SEO. First of all, I read all the given keywords to somehow imagine myself what I should write about and to work out a plan and content. Then I thoroughly study a topic and write out some key facts and important information due to it. Writing SEO content isn't that easy. Don't forget that new Google algorithm control all the texts and punish those who write texts for robots, but not for people. Mind that you write for a real audience, for users you want to interact and whose attention to the theme or services you provide you want to attract. SEO friendly content should be alive , interesting, attractive and unforgettable for everyone who read it.

Guidelines to write great SEO content

1 Target audience

Determine and analyze your target audience because everything depends on the level of people's involvement. Words, style of SEO optimized content should be chosen according to age and business field of your readers and potential clients.

seo content

2 Keywords

Some people think the more keywords is in the text – the better, it is a common mistake. My advice is not to stuff text with them while writing web content for SEO as you are risking to turn it into a dull set of words without any sense.

3 Uniqueness

You can hardly gain success with plagiarized text. If you are unable to invent your own articles, find related ones and try to paraphrase it to make a unique content SEO. Or examine carefully one of your main competitor's and improve it to perfectness ;-) So that you make sure it is absolutely unique use some content plagiarism checkers like PlagScan, NoPlag or PlagiarismSoftware

4 Do it simple for reading

Successful SEO content optimization includes number of rules that have to be followed. Use bullet lists to simplify its reading for users, divide the text into sense paragraphs. It will ensure more readers for your posts.

5 Headlines

Be aware of mediocre headlines during the process of SEO friendly content writing they should be eye-catching and attention-attracting. Statistics shows that nowadays people are interested in articles with numbers in their headlines. Such posts ( articles) are shared more frequently and gain great popularity among Internet users. That's why try to increase your rates basing the right SEO content strategy.

seo friendly content

6 Images

The rule of uniqueness also has to do with images. Change their name according to article's content, fill in their alt and title tags.

7 Size

Average size of the article is between two-three hundreds of characters. Mind that while writing SEO friendly content, don't write endless texts that are difficult to absorb.

Frequently made mistakes:

  • Absence of internal linkings
  • Shortage or surplus of keywords
  • Non unique images
  • Boring, senseless, long texts
  • Plagiarized content writing for SEO

Summing up

I hope that owing to this article I have answered several questions you have been wondering of. Now then I have listed all the main principles of SEO texts' writing I can determine one of the golden rules: “The more keywords are in the text – the more it is search engine friendly” and only after having read this article you can correctly understand and operate it. Answer such question like “What is SEO content writing” not disturbs you anymore as it was almost the main theme of this article.

Don't be lazy, write only qualitative SEO texts using all the rules given above, although you can idle and entrust it to our professionals and forget all the troubles connected with the question like “how to write SEO content”

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