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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Interview with Sergey Chikuenok

Today, we have a talk with a skilled programmer, Sergey Chikuenok. You will find out a lot of new and interesting things from the world of programming, what kind of boss is Artyom Lebedev and what is the Imobilco's direction of growth.


Was born in Belarus

Created first website at the age of 13

After graduation school, he left for Moscow where he is still living

Worked in Artemiy Lebedev Studio for 4 years

Now is working in Imobilco.

Keeps his own blog.


Hi, Sergey! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you. Tell us what was your first site? When you are 13, it is definitely difficult to develop it!

Hi! My first website was designed for the local mineral water producer, whom my father worked with. Sure thing, it was awful: photoshop claptraps, 200 Kb images, awful multicolor texts. When adults saw it, they burbled with laughter :) Though I liked the process, and it was starting to hit the fan. I should never have thought that this would become my profession.

After the graduation from school you left for Moscow. What difficulties did you meet when conquering the capital?

A lot: lack of money, friends and family, a landlady which was alcoholic and many others. But I have no regrets. These difficulties only tempered me, made me work hard and develop myself as a specialist

How was it to work in Artemiy Lebedev Studio?

It was really interesting to work there. There were many specialists. I could steal a page from their books. Working there, I understood that clients pay kilobucks for the site's quality and handiness, not for code lines and good-looking pictures. No one cares of if his site is valid or not. On the first place is the information availability. Sure thing, there were some negative impressions because of outdated technologies used in the development process. I hope everything has changed in a better way.

What kind of boss is Artemiy Lebedev?

I'm frequently asked this question :). Artemiy is a great-and-in-control-of-himself specialist. I could ask him anything and get any help I needed. I could come up to him and say what I think is wrong. He explained things in a well-argued manner, without any pressure. I was grateful to him for making me read the books about interface — these influenced me as a specialist in a great way.

What did the work in Artemiy Lebedev Studio give you?

It turned me around, gave me an opportunity to level up my knowledge and learn how to press my own buttons.

Tell us, how did you master JS-animation? Is there any example of site created this way?

I don't remember why I have become fond of it. My first serious project with JS-animations was Nokia Lab, which has been in a virtual museum for a long time.

Why did you decide to change the place of work and leave for Imobilco?

I am always excelling. It was interesting to work in the Studio, but I wanted to know what my knowledge is worth . As for me, the main disadvantage of website development on a by-order basis is the lack of the performer's interest. Sure thing, at the beginning of the development process, specialists root for a project. But when all the work is done and the check is paid, developers disengage the project.

How to understand that realized interface is user-friendly? That clients really have found the information they need? What variant of payment method suits most customers? We can answer these questions only after the project is launched.

At last I saw how much income every code line written by me brings. These are another feelings and the next level of responsibility and quality control.

Do you plan to start your own project? If yes, in what sphere?

Have been working for 3 years in a start-up, I understood that I wouldn't be able to start my own company. You need something more than desire and the knowledge of how to design websites well. Also, you need sponsors and a lot of money. Every interesting idea will be stolen by another company opportunities and resources of which are much greater.

In your opinion, what sites are correctly developed?

Those one, which do their job.

I know that you have crossed over to Eclipse framework. And what tools will you recommend to programmers to develop promo sites or online stores?

They can use any editor. I liked Notepad++, SciTE, TextMate, Sublime Text, Espresso, Coda.

What project was the most difficult for you?

Technically and psychologically, it was difficult to develop Imobilco platform. Technically – because of reasonable rate on mobile gadgets. Psychologically – because of 3-month hackathon without any results.

How is a web developer's time management like?

It depends. As for me, before starting a new task, I explore a question (if a field is new for me), then create a prototype and think over new functionalities. Then I realize it by refactoring new code and the old one. As a rule, if it is not critical, I delay releases – but these are my investments in the future. In most cases, I have to realize new features, which I have already learned , and I can do it in a quick and right way, not to down the main site.

How do you display sites created on HTML5/CSS3 in browsers which don't maintain this technology?

Well, HTML5 and CSS3 are tools for problems solution, but not a goal that should be managed. I use these technologies for basic site version progressive enhancement, but not as a single solution for site development. In old browsers, the main information should look accessibly and handy, all the buttons should be clickable and items should be paid for. No big deal if blocks have no fancy background.

What web programming trends do you consider in 2017?

It's hard to say. For the last three years, the web has changed more than for the last ten years. I hope that browsers will get fully-featured APIs for a better work with sound, graphics and desktop.

Do you consider web socket and web GL a better tomorrow or a dead-end road?

I think it is a better tomorrow. The advantage of Web GL is GPU access and faster data structure. In some years, you will be able to create fast and fancy web applications.

Who is the winner - computer vs. mobile?

I don't consider them competitors. It is handy to read news from a smartphone screen, but making purchases is still handy only on computers.

What inspires you in your projects - keeping the blog and work?

The desire to make Internet better.

What has stimulated you to create you own blog?

The desire to share information and become a star :). I like keeping blog because of the public discussing the topics I am interested in. I can describe a problem-solution, and someone looks at it with a fresh pair of eyes and even makes it better. In such a situation, all of us are winners.

Where do you take the topics of new posts from?

Being at work. It is the common situation – I need a task to be solved, and if I do it successfully – I write a post. Sometimes, I receive letters from the readers to help solve their problems. If the solution is interesting. I also write a post.

What are your plans for further blog development?

The main goal is to post regularly and create an English language version. But because of lack of time, probably, I will hire people to translate articles.

What are 3 must-read books for programmers?

Classic papers of Donald Knuth and refactoring manuals from gang of Four.

What sites do you surf every day?

lenta.ru, habrahabr.ru, eclipse.org

How do you wind down after work?

I am fond of listening to music, watching movies, traveling. Often, having rest from work, I develop my own project.

You haven't got accounts in any of the social networks. Why?

I have a Facebook account to communicate with several friends. But I consider social networks just a waste of time.

What kind of web developer will you be in 5 years?

I hope to realize the ideas that run in my head.

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