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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Interview with Radislav Gandapas

We interviewed guru of public speaking, leadership, and motivation – entrepreneur Radislav Gandapas. He told us how to engage the public's heart, make right goal setting and his beloved muse.


Business-couch and inspirational speaker

The author of the 6 books, such as bestsellers “The Kama Sutra of Public Speaking” and “By Speech Ready! Presentation Designer”.

Scriptwriter of public speaking and leadership movies.

Learn more about Radislav's activities on his website. .


Nice to meet you, Radislav! Thanks for giving an opportunity to interview you. For a start, I want to ask you what you started with? What inspired you to choose this way?

At the first sight, everything seemed like a series of accidents. But if take a good look, you will see that it took me a long time to be able to do with pleasure my work today.

I used to be a school teacher. But I have an impress of the vanity of my job. Judging from how much did the government pay – it didn't need it. Judging from how did headmasters deal with young professionals – they also didn't need it. The same situation is with children. Even at that time I dreamed about doing the same, but with those who really need it.

Today the government doesn't pay me, and I have no bosses above. People, that I'm teaching on training, come of their own free will, pay good money and listen to with profound interest. My dream has come true.

You are a great speaker. I wonder where have you got the skill of public speaking?

The best way to master skills is through practicing. Besides, when teaching public speaking for 16 years, you work them up better than any other expert does. There is a great method of self-educating – to coach others. Try to explain a kid English tenses – you'll understand it yourself and keep it in mind for ever.

You work with the big and top-line companies. How could you win the grandee clients on your career start?

I took the first commercial training at the invitation of my coursemate. It was the Swiss company of global renown. The downside of my qualification was replenished with our acquaintance. Having such experience in my CV, it was easier to offer training to serious companies. Though, frankly speaking, during fledging years I worked with the clients from both large and small companies.

Do you have a team? What are the responsibilities of its members?

There are only 3 men who help me, they are full of enthusiasm, so I think that they are worth of hundreds of employees. I empirically support the opinion of the usefulness of the broad structure of the coach. Some time it stops being controlled and begin to parasitic on coach.

What countries do you deliver training at?

I really appreciate my profession thanks to which I took training in Czech Republic, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Netherlands, and Norway. Now we are discussing with managers training in Germany. As for me, it is just an interesting and unusual experience.

How do you like webinars? Do you take the part in them?

When I kept such an event, I didn't like that at all! I am used to “live” contact with audience, but I have to keep them because of dynamic market evolution.

What conferences and events are you invited on more often?

More frequently, on corporate motivate conferences.

There is a sort of people called «trolls». Did you meet them on your speaking engagements? How do you think, what should we do when seeing a troll in expectation of the answer?

For years, I have no idea of what the “troubled” audience is. As a rule, people that are keen in such kind of lectures as mine come to listen to me. And if a “troll” reveals himself, they will press him even without my interruption.

What complexes blockade people who are afraid of public performance?

It is the banal “I can't be a speaker” belief. The majority of people think they are not speakers and consider they need a coach to practice a lot. That is why public speech training won't never be off the table. The main message of the training, competent experts take is “You'll make it”, but not “Look as it is supposed to”.

What do you think about “public speech” subject at schools?

It would be an awesome idea if there were teachers that are not boring and irritated with Demosthenes's and Cicero's «say-so”.

Do you consider charisma a gift or a constant self-improvement?

I think, it is a union of genotype (that is untutored) and phenotype (that is tried-and-tested throughout life).

Could you share how to set oneself a goal? Is it a set of certain rules or everything is individual?

To set goals, that are individual – that is the main. Make your life as comfort and safe as your wishes are – you shouldn't chase ghost targets.

According to your own experience what is the best motivation for a person that is on the way of aiming his goals?

The running away from hell always motivates more than the way to the skies. Difficulties, problems, and risks are the best motivators.

What manuals could you advise for better self-knowing and public understanding?

Read philosophical manuals of Michel de Montaigne, Schopenhauer, Ilyin. But you shouldn't forget about fiction books.

As for you, whose speech is the most inspiring? Why?

The most incentive speech I've ever heard is Fide Castro's speech on the May, 1st. Why? It was that running away from hell, I've already talked about.

Is there a new book in your plans? If yes, what it will be about?

I'm preparing for publication my first book about leadership. In few days, I am meeting with the editor, who always participates actively in formation of idea and concept.

What is your attitude to the social networks? Is it a new perspective branch of communications or a danger for real-life communications?

It depends. Someone needs to kill time, someone needs lovemaking and someone as me develop working relationships.

What is the secret of your time-management?

There is no any special secret. Just make the most of the opportunities when doing something.

Do you have a muse?

«My wife is the best drinking buddy” - I often repeat this joke. And this is true. Sometimes we talk all night long drinking Moet Chandon. Our communication inspires me. Fortunately, we hang out together a lot. Besides, she is my partner. Sales-director in the past, now she uses her experience in sales development, management and negotiating in our common activity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be the energetic and bracing man that doesn't look on his age and going to celebrate the anniversary in a month when I sum up the first half of my lifetime and make plans for the second one.

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