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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Interview with Sergey Rachok

Our today's guest is going all out, and not only in the interview. :-) Everything he deals on always succeeds, whether it is an app for iPhone or iPad or new methods of photographing. So, here comes web designer, Sergey Rachok.


Founder and producer of design studio Try Soda.

Planking movement founder

Active Live Journal user.


Hi, Sergey! Thanks for settling for a talk. For a start, what were you before you became a designer?

Hi. Thanks for the invitation. Your place looks homish.

As far back as I can remember, I was always fond of design. Never mind, I speak fluently. In my childhood, I drew a total crap such as skeletons and different kinds of cruelty. But when I was 6, I finally got over this and entered art school where I studied painting.

I was a punk there – graffitied the walls and textbooks, even classmates, and nobody loved me. I wasn't going to be an artist; their manners made me feel like throwing up. Then, I entered the university to become a fashion designer but suddenly understood this job wasn't much in demand in Ukraine even if I were gay. That's why, since my third year in the university, I was a graphic designer. You see, I was always a creative thinker, set electronic music, was a drummer in a punk band.... but I did right by deciding to start a commercial design.

How did you get your very first design development project? What was it?

It was 2004, and I was in my third year at the university. I managed none of the graphical packages, but wherever I was, I told everybody my skills in corporate designing (that time I was fond of identity development). My group mate came up to me and said that his friends started auto parts store, so they needed logo and business cards. I can't remember exactly how I did this; I did this within a week – just studied Corel draw, made up a brand book and designed a lot of corporate documentation. That was all. Things were not steady; I worked in ad agencies, studios, and even in the newspaper.

Tell me, when did you understand that it was high time you started your own company?

I have always known this but was hesitant. More than half a year I worked as a freelancer, and then started coworking with other designers and then, ta da, the Soda appeared. In 2010, we legally registered Soda as a limited liability company.

Why is the company called Soda?

Well, now it is “Try Soda”. “Soda” means a soda pop for Americans. It is tasty, and that's why we have a great brand linkage. As you can see, the logic is rather simple.

Who helped you sharpen the business?

Soda didn't get a chance to grow if not for its staff members. Lawyers, producers, art directors, project managers, investors – all these people are working and helping Soda. We are already six years old and have won even large clients' hearts.

How did you get them?

They found Soda on their through friends, via the Internet or “word-of-mouth marketing.”

How many people did you involve in the Accordeon project? Were there any nuances when developing the app?

At first, it was only Sasha Komarov and me. Today, there is a big team of developers and designers who are working on the project. The first process of iteration included graphic design of the product, its programming and MIDI implementation. Then, we raised funds from its sales and invested them in further development.

It all started with the fact that there was iPad release , and we were eager to become one of the first developers of apps for iPads. So, we came up with our idea, designed it and released our product in due time in the Appstore. We didn't need anything special to make our product successful.

Are you thinking of mobile apps developing department?

From the very beginning Soda was created as mobile app development studio that designs interfaces and images for mobile applications. But when we started, there was a lack of such kind of projects, and that is why we also worked on corporate identities and websites to survive. Now we have great mobile apps portfolio to say that Soda is a mobile app development studio.

How much have you grown in the last year?

Soda's stuff is steadily growing big, and we are always looking for trustworthy specialists. When we finally build a dream team, we'll change our focus area and wow potential customers.

How are you going to grow Soda?

Everyone will know Soda as the company that creates a high-quality product at affordable prices. You will see very soon.

What are the fundamental rules of an excellent web designer?

If I were a cool web designer, I would say that there are no rules. Nothing should limit him.

What will you advise newbie web designers?

If you are a beginner in web design and get the chance to be a part of a high-grade company with a five-star stuff, please, work hard to use this opportunity and develop your skills.

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