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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Interview with Yury Artyukh

Our today's guest, front-end developer, Yury Artyukh, is a very talented and just good man. During the interview, he told us secret tricks of site development, his love for salsa and a lot of more. Enjoy the reading!


Lives and works in Kyiv

Runs his own blog.

Event planner of UA Web Challenge - the first Ukrainian conference for web developers

Co-planer of SmartMe.

Planer of Coderiver.


Hi, Yury! Thanks for giving us an opportunity to interview you. The development department was full of smiles when it was preparing the questions :)

Let's start from the beginning. It is known that your career started after the optimization of the ukr.net layout. Why did you choose this site? Was it on impulse?

When watching rating on bigmir.net, I chose the website with the highest traffic. Some time later, there was the same logic with many projects.

When you are asked about how you became a front-end developer, you always tell a story about the expulsion from the dormitory and a guide to HTML. Where did you get it? It seems to me that something is missing in your story. :)

I really would like to tell you an amazing story about the Italian Mafia, famous top-model or even consignment of drugs, but the book was just my roommate's.

What role does the blog play in your professional career and self-development?

At the very beginning, the blog was intended for the posting of information which I have already learned and even practiced. Thanks to it, later I got acquainted with plenty of colleagues, planned conferences and sliced ukr.net. Even the questions you are asking me now are the effects of my blog.

How did you develop it? Did you use any promotion methods?

No, I never even, thought about this! I have a “SEO” allergy! Sure thing, I tried to make my HTML code look good , but I wrote about things that might be useful to other people – this is my methodology of promotion. It seems to me that it definitely was of service to someone. I was always writing without following search results data or popular posts. If it is found – great.

Tell us about tools and frameworks you are using now.

I use TextMate and Photoshop; these are all my tools. I don't use any framework; the projects are very different for them, as usual. For three years, my work computer has been Macbook Pro. But being afraid of my eyesight and back posture, I'm thinking about iMac.

Have you ever developed mobile app using HTML 5? If yes, what tools did you use?

Well, I used to. The tools were the same. Speaking about technologies, the next HTML 5 modules were at work: Application Cache, Local Storage, Web Database.

Markup for mobile apps is picking up speed. Is it worth to be your primary occupation?

No, it is boring enough to do one and the same. And if I am only doing markup just for mobile app, then I will go mad with boredom. But it doesn't mean that it is worth to be engaged in.

Is there any professional growth for front-end developers with the great experience in HTML/CSS and JS?

You can start a startup, open your own agency, become a top-paying consultant or a coach or just a well-experienced specialist. Someone can start his career as a project manager. Why not?

Where did you get the SmartMe project idea ? Who helped you implement it?

The idea of SmartMe came to mind after UAWEB 2008 conference, which I had organized. Then I decided to try arranging smaller but more field-oriented events. There wasn't any second hand; I did all by myself.

What are the plans for SmartMe?

My friends and like-minded people help me with SmartMe development. As for plans, other cities, webinars and courses are part of the plans.

Is this project capable of making money? Or is every thing just sheer enthusiasm?

The project is commercial. But if its profit isn't so large, I will give up everything.

Now that you are actively developing another project – Coderiver.com.ua - it will be interesting to learn more about the project – its idea, the process of development, goals, progress and plans for future.

I have been marking up for a long time, and have noticed that it is unprofitable to hire a full-time front-end developer. He will become lazy and not grow professionally. Coderiver project is for those who need a part-time specialist to provide a quality markup service. I wish I'll be able to put together a team of professionals that will be associated with the well-worked markup.

How to become an experienced front-end developer?

You just need to love what you are doing. When you love your job, everything looks like knowledge source, not only books and workshops. As for me, I brought different web pages to a sharper focus – that was the way I studied.

What programming textbooks can you advise?

Web development is a broad term; that is why I can say that almost every manual is a must-read. But usually, they are just compilation of blog posts. So, read more blogs of experienced specialists.

When you don't markup, what do you do?

I've been dancing salsa for two years, and I really like it. Also, I'm fond of swing.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Geographically? It doesn't matter. Morally – only happy :)

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