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Java Web Development Frameworks: Which One Is To Be Installed?

Java is considered one of the most popular programming languages for app and web app development, and offers plenty of options. If you are writing an app from scratch, then you will certainly want to select a framework that will make your life simpler and reduce time spent on the development. In this article, we will list the best java development frameworks.

Best java web development frameworks

1 Spark

Spark framework was modeled after Ruby's framework and based upon simplicity. Do not confuse Apache Spark , a big data engine, with Spark Java. The Spark framework quick start is a “Hello World” web server that consists of only 6 lines of code. It is much simpler than typical Java solutions and is built for REST web services. The main focus is on the really lightweight framework which provides everything that is necessary and on developer productivity. The main weakness of Spark framework is that it ignores the details, so such considerations like database connectivity and security are left to be handled by a programmer with some other frameworks or library.

2 Spring

Spring is a little old on our framework list and it goes hand-in-hand with Java web development. As it was expanded to include a full MVC ( Model-View-Controller) framework, it has gone on adapting to change and it is a full-service framework providing web services, services for security and database integrations, etc. The latest improvements include Spring Boot, which provides tooling and configuration necessary to get an app off the ground easily and quickly create standalone apps. Besides, professional java development with the spring framework is extremely popular. It also has some disadvantages and downsides. For many apps Spring's approach may add an unnecessary and undesired layer of complexity. By the way, Spring helps you create testable and high-performing apps. What else do you need from a framework?

Java Web Development

3 Play

It is in our list owing to its tenure and popularity among Java developers. In addition to Java, it supports Scala (object-oriented functional language). It was conceived as a web MVC framework supporting REST. Other important features that distinguish it from other Java frameworks are stateless services, first-class JSON support and asynchronous I/O. Don't worry about developer productivity as it was partly improved due to immediate code refresh that doesn't require restarting or republishing. Play also has some out-of-the-box testing tools that will let developers test their apps inside the framework.

Play downsides

  • Choice of Servlet specification (it may render unusable some 3rd party libraries).
  • Strong scala influence of Play (it has changed the mental model that is required to use the framework)
  • Version incompatibility

4 Dropwizard

Like Play and Spring Boot, this java framework for web development focuses on deployment and rapid development of REST services and Java web apps. Mostly, Dropwizard plays the role of a glue between several components to provide more integrated development experience. It is made as a lightweight, simple framework with everything you need for java development. Moreover, this framework is based on very best-of-breed, stable libraries which have independently achieved maturity and stability.

5 Grails

Grails is an open-source framework that is built upon Hibernate, Spring and GROMS frameworks. One of its biggest advantages is EJB support or the Enterprise Java Beans. EJB support helps lots of developers start their work the right way. And they even don't need to configure the XML. Grails lets you create highly scalable and robust apps and offers speedy development features. There is a big quantity of ready-made modules you can use. It includes unit testing feature. Besides, you can integrate other testing frameworks.

Your choice

Now you know which framework is best for web development in java. And having read the descriptions of listed Java frameworks you can make the right choice that will make your life simpler and your project full of features.

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