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Five Best Java Development Frameworks


Five Best Java Development Frameworks

The development of web building within the last ten years became one of the most distinguished features of cyber and computing development of the 21st century. Nowadays, because of the development of the Internet and various web resources, located there, we are looking for more and more valid approaches to that process, that may allow us to not only increase the speed of web building, but also to simplify the main stages of the given operation. Because of it, the programmers’ community came up with an idea of creation of the so-called frameworks for various languages. However, the most popular of them, which is now matchable with the biggest number of frameworks is Java. So, today I would like to give you a small top of those java frameworks, which have shown the highest level of reliability, biggest number of special features and opportunities and, as a consequence, proper credibility. And as an addition, help you to choose the best Java framework for your application.

However, first of all, let me give a word on, what are java frameworks. To make a long story short, content management framework or CMF is a template, basing on which programmers usually create such highly popular things as CMSs or web applications. As you all know CMS is a software, which allows you to develop a web resource without the direct involvement of a programmer. However, the achievement of such a goal is possible only thanks to the existence of the highlighted earlier frameworks. But, there is another thing more important, than CMS, the web page itself. Of course, it is possible to manufacture it by the usage of simple HTML or Java itself, however frameworks give an opportunity to not only make the process more simple, but also to include more interesting and outstanding features to your web site. Namely about that linkage between most popular java frameworks and the web site development we are going to talk today.

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Choosing the best java frameworks 2017

Of course, it is even impossible to arrange java web frameworks comparison for all the existing templates. Besides, it is even more impossible for a beginning programmer to make a proper choice among all these various frameworks, existing on the cyber market. So, due to that we would like to give you a brief description of the key popular java frameworks, which may perfectly fit to any programming project you are going to arrange. 


1 Spring

One of the best mvc frameworks indisputably remains Spring. Being on of the oldest frameworks ever made it is still occupying the first place in any rate, made upon the users’ feedbacks and the percentage of usage of one or another framework. Spring was developed and released more, than a decade ago, and steadily became one of the most popular web development tools. Now, it is pretty complicated to say, why did it happen, while I strongly believe, that the main winning point became the absence of strong competitors on the market during the first decade of the 21st century.

However, Spring MVC became the most popular framework not only because of it. It would not be possible to turn from a small set of libraries to a powerful framework in case of the absence of the direct positive sides and features of that product. The first step towards popularisation was made in the first year of the framework’s existence. The team of developers decided, that the only possible way of advertisement could be the non-stop advancement and updating of a product. So, they immediately decided to transfer to the upgrading process. Directly thanks to that it became possible to make spring the strongest and most useful framework. So, let me examine the key pros of that software.

You now have the full scale toolkit for your application development and configuration. Furthermore, it is also possible to increase the security level within a web resource in a needed way. Besides, Spring has the biggest gallery of add-ons and plugins among other competing frameworks. One of the most important and useful of them are:

1. REST APIs; 
2. SOA web services;
3. Security improvement:

• Authentication;
• Authorization;
• Encryption;

Spring framework also offers the usage of POJOs, that will help you to simplify all the data tests. Higher modularity on the other hand allows to achieve an easier code readability. Finally, Dependency Injections makes the whole coding process more flexible. But, in the end, I would like to make an emphasis on the fact, that Spring is not the easiest framework, so, it will not fit to beginners. But in any other case, while choosing Spring, you will obtain the best possible result in the end without any doubts.

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While discussing different java frameworks it is impossible to forget about such a vital framework as JavaServer Faces or JSF. It was found and released 13 years ago by Sun Microsystems as a part of Java EE. So, because of it JSF has a full support not only for Java itself but also from Oracle. Despite of the fact, that it is not the most popular system for the fast Java development. It has lots of different highly positive features, which make it the second most popular framework absolutely deservedly. Namely about all of them we will try to negotiate in the downstream paragraph.

First of all, while talking about JSF we have to remember, that throughout the whole history of the framework it has been always staffed with a huge number of exhaustive documentation, which gives a pretty simple and full explanation of all the features and operations, which are available within a framework. Secondly, we have to manage, that there is no outdoor dependencies for the framework, due to the fact, that it is fully based on Java EE. Then, JSF is marked a great variety of opportunities and operations, which can make the programming process much easier and faster. 

Java Web Development

In case of examining of all the outstanding features of JSF in a much broader sense we have to mention a highly positive ecosystem of the framework itself. JSF is situated upon a pretty big number of libraries and stacks. All of them could be adopted and used in almost any case. Depending on what you are willing to build and establish, you will choose the library, which is perfectly matching to what you are doing. Moreover, lots of the highlighted libraries are aimed on the development and improvement of the user interface, making it more comfortable, simple and understandable.

Moreover, it is also vital to manage, that because of that strong linkage with Java EE and consequently Oracle, the process of programming with the usage of JSF becomes highly flexible and elastic. So, you are now able to introduce any changes to the code with the absence of any negative consequences. Besides, thanks to it there is no need in attachment to a certain device, with which the user operates, programming protocols or direct and strict rules of only one programming language. As a result, flexible background structure leads to the development of a simpler and clear interface for the programmer himself. Lastly, let me also say, that the classes of user interface components that come with JavaServer Faces technology contain the functionality of the component, not the client-specific mapping, thus opening the possibility of rendering JSF components on different client devices.

However, there is one vital drawback of that java web framework, which is the high level of its complexity. But it is not strange at all, because in the very beginning the framework was not considered as a programme for wide usage. Any way, JFS is not the best framework for a newbie, but a pretty useful tool for an experienced and skillful programmer.


3 Vaadin

Vaadin framework started it development in 2002 with the name IT Mill Toolkit. Its first versions were not really popular. However, after the huge investment made by a finnish businessman Michael Widenius, the evolution of a company has radically skyrocketed. After that in 2009 the whole company was renamed and became today Vaadin and became the 3rd most popular Java framework among the programmers all over the world. For now Vaadin is a part of the Google Web Toolkit or GET, what adds more complexity to the background structure of the framework. However, it is not necessary to be an expert in GWT in order to successfully operate within the Vaadin framework.

Even more, Vaadin is considered to be one of the easiest frameworks in java, which could be used in the field of web development. That actual feature is one of the key advantages of the whole software. As you may considered earlier, all the highlighted frameworks are not really good for the beginning developers, while Vaadin was created almost for that purpose, to become a reliable and solid foundation for those, who do not have enough experience and skills in Java programming and web applications development.

Moreover, there is another vital feature of that framework, which makes it so popular. Unlike other frameworks, like spring or JSF, Vaadibn’s interface is one of the easiest in the world. Besides, it is distinguished by a designing regime, based on the WYSIWYG model. So, you are now able to edit the developing web resource in almost the same manner as in case of usage of typical CMS. Vaadin also offers to its user a great variety of documentation, using which you will be able to deal with almost any problem and learn, how to orientate faster and in a more efficient way within a framework itself. There are also several technological features, which allow us to call Vaadin one of the best java framework.

First of all, the coding manner is pretty simple and flexible, what may allow us to introduce and implement any root changes to the coding background of our script. Moreover, you are now able to increase the security level of you web resources directly from the coding scale. There is also the positive aspect. Unlike other top java framework, like Spring for example, Vaadin has a highly lower level of pressure on the RAM system of your computer, what allows you to use not so expensive and advanced hardware. Summing up, let me again say, that Vaadin is not so complicated as other MVCs, but still remains a top-notch template for Java web development and will perfectly fit for any beginning programmer as well as for any experienced developer.

Five Best Java Development Frameworks

4 Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

GWT is one of the most popular and widely used Java Framework, available in the Internet free search engine. It was developed and released in 2006 by Google company during the JavaOne conference. There is actually a pretty big list of those positive features, which make GWT so popular and widely known. Let us give as a list in order to make it more simple to understand all the benefits of that framework.

Choosing GWT will be a pretty good decision for those, who have a proper experience of working with Java coding and such frameworks as Swing or AWT. So, we can make a conclusion, that GWT is not the easiest and not the most Java framework ever existed. However, it is still a good start for the beginners with numerous features, which that template gives to its users.

1. The usage of GWT gives you an opportunity to create a highly responsive and sensitive web application with heavy-lifting on the client-side and no strikt with server-side. However, that pretty strong benefit has a drawback within it. In order to use GWT successfully you have to have a quite strong hardware with pretty big RAM resources, due to the fact, that the debugging processes and all the operations, committed within GWT have a big pressure on the device, which you are using.
2. GWT also is highly friendly with any other framework. So, you are able to migrate from one another to GWT with no losses and problems. Furthermore, debugging process will be much faster on Google Toolkit, than on any other popular template.
3. Thanks to the big community of follower GWT has an opportunity to obtain high revenues, thanks to which it develops and releases updates. So, GWT is a reliable and always evolutionizing framework with a solid and professionally manufactured programming foundation.
4. GWT has the biggest gallery of widgets among other its competitors. The whole library consists almost of 100 special widgets, which may allow you to operate with the design of your web page in a way you want to. One of the most popular are:

• Button;
• ListBox;
• SuggestBox;
• Grid, and many other useful additions.

5. GWT’s one of the most outstanding feature is a simple and user-friendly interface, thanks to which you may not face any problems, while operating with the framework. Moreover, there is also a Google Plugins Mode, which helps you to avoid to much code typing and help you to overcome several possible errors and mistakes.

Personally, I can say, that Google Web Toolkit is one of the best java web application framework, especially for those, who are beginning their web development career. Furthermore, the whole template is created by a team of professional Google developers, what automatically results in a high quality product, available for each user.

5 Play

Play is another pretty famous Java framework developed in 2007 upon Scala and Java languages. Play framework was inspired by such templates as Ruby on Rail or Django. That particular framework is sometimes undervalued due to its multi linguistic structure and the need of knowing, at least basically, Scala language in order to operate with the framework successfully. However, there are still several highly valuable features, which make Play a part of top java frameworks of 2017, which we are going to list downstream.

Best Java Frameworks

First of all, let us say, that such highly popular resources as: BBC, New-York Times, Walmart and Guardian operate upon that system. So, it is possible to conclude, that despite of the fact, that Play is not so popular as, for example, Vaadin or GWT it still has a group of those followers, and pretty respective followers, who are willing to operate with that template and not any other. That feature could be already accepted as a pretty valuable plus and argument in favour of usage of Play. It is so because of the fact, that in case if an app, framework or even a web page have enough followers and fans, it automatically means, that the company has enough money for development, what identifies a successful updates of their product according to the earliest innovations.

Then, Play framework is pretty to use and operate with. After several minutes of reading the documentation you will be already able to write something similar to “Hello World!” in your Java code. Moreover, thanks to the documentations and explanation of different features of the template, you will not probably face any minor or bigger problems, while building your project.

Furthermore, let me make an emphasis on a highly developed framework’s ecosystem. It includes lots of important libraries and plugins, which are highly useful while programming. For instance, while using Play, you may face such additions and extensions as SBT (Simple Building Tool) or Akka (Good library for the reactionary programming) and many other pretty important features.

However, despite of the fact, that play may be the best framework for beginners and startuppers and even for development of simple web pages, such as news sites, it is not the best template for creation of much more complicated projects as CMS, e-commerce resources and social networks.

Final java web frameworks comparison

All in all, it is not really easy to identify the best mvc java framework . It is so because of several facts. First of all any such choice depends on your own opportunities or knowledges, which act as the main foundation for your development. For example, in case if you are willing to choose Spring as your main framework you have to be ready for an expenditure on a good developer, who will be able to operate with it or be a good programmer yourself. Otherwise, if you are choosing Play as your key template, the expenses are going to be lower, while there is no need to be a highly educated and experienced web builder to use it.

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Anyway, all the frameworks listed here are one of those frameworks in java, which already gained high level of popularity as well as good reputation, so choosing any of them will not leave you broken or unsuccessful. The technological level, given by these frameworks is taken for granted as high, while the way in which it is going to be developed or will it succeed or not, depends directly from your activity.

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