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Mobile App Design Cost. What Does The Price to Design an App Depend on?


Mobile App Design Cost. What Does The Price to Design an App Depend on?

App development nowadays is one of the fastest evolving and developing fields of business. Thanks to the skyrocketing success of various applications and games in the ages of 2000s, in 2017 we can not even imagine our life without the usage of the smartphone and various extensions, which tend to make our lives much easier sometimes. So, lots of people are willing to create something compatible on their own and sometimes, while being the beginners in that field tend to face lots of various problems with different nuances linked to the developmental process. Despite of the fact, that usually, the project of app development may consist of various escapes, such as: programming, design developing or QA creating, one of the most important questions, which tend to bother the mind of the coders all over the world is the pricing issues, which usually does not depend on the type of an application, which you are willing to create. So, as you may have already guessed, in today’s article we will observe the main factors, which influence on the price to design a mobile app.

In case if you ask about mobile app design cost, you have to be ready for a pretty simple answer. It depends. It is impossible to predict the exact app design cost with 100% accuracy. Always, there will be absolutely different aspects, which influence the final bill. Frankly speaking, absolutely any, even the most minor change or decision can bring dramatic consequences to the whole programming process. Thus, one of the main mistakes, which are usually made by the beginning developers and app builders might be the desire to get an exact answer to the question, which as highlighted earlier. That is why pretty serious and passionate analysis is important in case if you want to get a more or less valid final information. Anyway, let us a get closer to the main topic and see, on which things you have to pay attention while planning the app designers cost.

What have you done at the beginning of an app designing?

The most fundamental and the most important thing, which you have to do just after an approximate planning of the project itself, is the search of a team. That factor sometimes plays the most important role in case if you are calculating the cost to design an app. Why so? The answer, to be honest, is really simple. It is so because all people are absolutely different in various companies and countries. I believe, that it might be obvious, that in case if you are hiring a beginning or even an experienced freelancer, the final price will be much smaller, than in case if you are going to look for a big corporation with top-notch specialists.

cost of designing a mobile app

However, everything is not so clear. Lost of those people, who thought, that during the mobile application design, they can save their money, while hiring independent coders all the time, in the future were losing lots of money, which have been spent on the project. That is so, due to the fact, that the size of your project, its key parameters, functionality and even the main idea here is highly crucial. For example, let us imagine, that you are planning to develop a very simple application. For instance, you have a desire to transfer a traditional “Sapper” game from your PC to a smartphone. So, in order to do that you definitely do not need the army of world’s best programmers in C++ or PHP or any other programming language. No, you need just a single person for that purpose, who can actually be a freelancer. Thus, it may be valid to say, that it is possible to hire the freelancers only in case if the potential team is not going to be bigger than 6 people. Otherwise, the usage of the team of bigger size will be really inefficient just because of the fact, that you may lose your money and face huge problems with simple management of all of these people. So, the very first thing, which you have to do is to find out the actual size of a potential team, which may match the size of a planned project.

How does the impression influence the app design price?

Another highly vital aspect, that may influence the pricing policy of your application is the impression, which the future developers will have from you directly and from your idea. Herem you have to show your professionalism, your opportunity to think in the same way as those people with whom you are going to work in the future. So, let us make an emphasis, that proper presentation and clear and obvious explanation will, in the future, have a strong influence not only on the pricing aspects but also on the attitude towards you. So, let us just spend a bit more time on the examination of those essential tips, that you have to keep in mind in order to have a proper level of understanding between each of the players within a team, respect, and some financial benefits.

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While answering the question on how much does it cost to design an app, it is absolutely impossible to forget about such a thing as the presentation of an idea, which you are willing to make real. So, while arranging a presentation of the future project you have to remember several really important things, which may later influence the consequences. First of all, try to think on all the possible details and features, which are going to include in the app. That is important to give the developers a clear information about those things on which they are going to work. Moreover, it is also important due to the fact, that all of the complications and possible future mistakes may be eliminated even in the very beginning of the development of an app or the website or any other project, which you want to create. Then, you have to clearly understand, and of course explain, which platforms are going to be used, That is so because iOS and Android app design cost are usually completely different. Besides, the type of the programming technology, I am talking about the approach now, is also one of essential things, which you have to keep in mind. However, these things are going to be discussed a bit later.

Finally, while finishing the explanation of the main aspects, which have a direct influence on the development of the pricing policy. Let us also underline, that polishing of your speech and presentation, hard work on all of the nuances and drawbacks is one of the essential operations, which will help you to show to the workers, how the final product is going to look like.

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Despite the fact, that presentation plays an important role and is really influential, there is another rule, which you have to remember. That rule actually is focused on how do you treat you developers, in which manner. Apart from the fact, that showing your professionalism in programming is essential, no less important is also an opportunity to show, that you can act as an entrepreneur, which can actually talk on serious things in an appropriate manner. Thus, it will be suitable to follow several other tips, which may help you in the implementation of proper relations with your future employees. Firstly, while contacting the developers the first time do not use the phone. You have to show, that your respect their and your time and do not want at all to waste it. Secondly, try to talk to them in a formal and polite manner, but do not show, that this particular company or people are your last chance, even in the case, that it is true. And, finally, be brave to discuss any ideas and concepts, you have to keep in mind two simple things. First one is that everything depends on you and the second one is that those people who you are willing to hire try to test you in the same manner as you were trying to test them.

cost of designing an app

How much to design an app in case if I have a big idea?

That is pretty obvious, that as big is your application and as big is the idea and the number of those features, which you are willing to implement there, as high is going to be the price of the final product. So, while discussing the cost of design, we must remember, that there are numerous aspects, which tend to change the number as well as the previously highlighted aspects. The first and maybe foremost things, which it ought to be taken into consideration is an approach, which you are going to use in order to achieve, what you really need in the future, In other words, we have two classical platforms, which we use, they are Apple and Android. By the way, there are also different techniques, which may be used in order to build something upon these popular platforms. These approaches are cross-platforms developing and native developing. Simple speaking, cross-platform development allows you to create a single application on two platforms simultaneously, while the second one requires the separate development of two almost different applications, one on Apple and another one on Android. There are also different positive and negative features, which influence the usage of these approaches. First of all. in case if we are talking on the cross-platform approach, we have to remember, that despite the fact, that it is pretty cheap and convenient it does not give us an opportunity to create an app while taking into consideration all the essential details. However, while using the native approach we will send more money but in the end, we will get an app, which will be created according to all the essential norms and rules, where the possibility of even a minor bug was maximally eliminated.

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Moreover, as I highlighted earlier cost to design an android app and cost to design an ios app are different. It happens because of the fact, that usually, these developmental platforms require different amounts of time. Moreover, in the field of programming, where you pay the programmer according to the amount of money, which was spent on the process of building, the proverb, that time is money is absolutely valid in its straightforward sense. Besides, the amount of time, which was spent on the development depends on also the number of various special features which you are going to implement, the complexity if the UX/UI design and other things. Finally, the essential thing here is also the team, which you are going to choose. For instance, there are two different types of the teams, which could be created. The first one is the basic team, while the second one is an extended version. For instance, the basic team of developers may consist only of UI/UX designer, QA developer, Backend developer, and a programmer. While in case if you are using a bigger, more advanced version you may also add such people as: Project Manager, who is going to keep an eye on everything, SEO specialist, Marketologist, more programmer and several designers in order to splits the duties and have a single person on each type of the interface design. That is so, due to the fact, that sometimes app ui design cost is lower than the cost of UX design. Finally, in order to give you a better explanation of all the nuances of the system, I would like to present a moderate price list with time, which is going to be spent on each type of work. Keep in mind, that you may multiply the number of hours on $150 or $35 per an hour, what equals American and Indian pricing policy respectively. So, let us start:

User involvement = 30h;
Payment systems = 40h;
Synchronization across devices = 60h;
Geolocation = 30h;
Development of the design (all the types of it) = up to 200h;
3rd party APIs = 40h and so on.

average cost of designing an app

Thanks to some simple calculations, we may conclude, that the pricing options will be pretty different. For example, in case of talking about the USA, you may be obliged to pay approximately $60.000. However, in case if we observe India, we may see, that the final price is much lower than the American one. By the way, the price in India or other states in Asia equals $14.000. However, lots of the beginners may think, that despite the fact, that the price in India or Indonesia is pretty low, they may be able to get a really good quality of the services. But, that is not true. The reality, to be honest, is much more violent and harsh. Thus, you may easily face the problems of cyberpiracy, data stealing, and hacking. That highly disturbing problem makes people believe, that they may find other options while being led by the desire for security. So, Artjoker here might become a pretty good idea. We offer not only friendly prices but also a high level of data security and professionalism of our programmers.


All in all, today we tried to observe all of the most important and vital features, which you, as a developer have to keep in mind while creating an app or a website for the future. We have observed all of the most important features and aspects, which tend to have a straightforward influence on the final prices, from the presentation of an idea to Android and iOS design cost difference. Finally, we are willing to wish you all the best in the future business projects and any type of an idea, which will come to your head.

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