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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Online-store Development: Product Page Projecting


Online-store Development: Product Page Projecting

Today we are going to talk about how to create a conversion product page for your online store. A lot of people are about to think over its structure only during the stage of design development. As a matter of fact, details of the product page should be planned from the very beginning, from the moment when the online store development begins — a website page architecture projecting.

product page projecting

Let's proceed to the matter at once — 10 components of conversion product page:

1 Product displaying from different angles

Already at the stage of page structure projecting, it is necessary to lay the place for a big product photo and if possible to look over the product from all sides. For the time online store development is in progress you have enough time to prepare all the necessary photos for every item in the catalog. For this purpose we recommend to talk to a photographer, who will take a photo of every product item from the necessary angles. This especially concerns online stores of clothing, electronics or of luxury products like flower bouquets, handmade production and other products the potential client will want to hold in their hands.

N.B. During the product page projecting, lay the necessary place either for the main photo or for secondary ones. And also give an opportunity for a zooming usability, for a more detailed study.

2 Product description is not for robots

If you think you should care about the texts only when filling your online store with content, then you are absolutely mistaken. Firstly, some space should be featured for the text already at the moment the product page is projecting. Secondly, text should be designed: diluted with images, icons, and other visual elements for a better perception. Besides, you need some time for preparing a qualitative description of products, so from the very beginning of the online store development you need to begin looking for a copywriter who will prepare for you the right quantity of texts, and besides qualitative ones that will sell. For more information about the kinds of texts that should be on the product page read.

N.B. There is no point in neglecting the power of text. Feature for it as much space as possible, as it should be enough for a full description of benefits from using a suggested product. Divide the text block into several inserts with easy-to-understand description, technical characteristics and also feedback from clients.

3 Interactive variations of a product

It's worth to keep in mind that many products have their variations: size, colour, pattern, etc. You need to give a user the opportunity of interactive choice of the variant he needs. These elements shouldn't take up a lot of space, but at the same time not to be hidden at the footer.

4 Tempting price tag

Product price should be given proper attention. It is important to make it tempting. One can gain it with the help of standard tricks like «was/now,» displaying the discount rate, but even without any promotions it can be dressed out so that one wants to buy it.

5 Information on delivery

Mention information about the terms and ways of delivery. Especially if there is an opportunity to get the delivery for free, talk about that right within the product page. Free «bonuses» have considerable influence on taking decisions about a purchase, so if a potential client sees that in your online store he can get something for free in addition to the purchase, then he will definitely realize the purchase in the online store of yours.

Example of page with block of information on delivery and guarantees:

product page

6 Ways of payment

It's better to give an answer to the question “How can I pay for this product?” at once. Show on the product page the icon of the form of payment – Visa, Master Card, PayPal and also the obligatory thing is to show that the product can be paid in cash to the deliveryman, if there is such a possibility. Despite the fact that a lot of people are already using bank transfers, the majority prefers to pay not for a pig in a poke but for the actual product.

7 Call to action button

Undoubtedly, a call to action button should be placed on the product page. It is recommended to name these buttons with verbs like, «Buy,» «Order,» «One-click buy,» «Add to cart.»

The button should be noticeable and also located in an eye-catching place.

Example of product page with a big image and also a noticeable call to action button:

products page

8 Related products (cross-selling)

To increase the average check of an online store, blocks with the related products should be placed on the product page. For rising efficiency you can offer a promotion like “cheaper together.” For example, if buying a camera, you can get the memory card with a discount. For more information about the ways to implement cross-selling elements on your online store, read in this article.

9 Video review

Product video reviews work perfectly in the online store. Surely, you can skip this point as it's not that easy to create a video. But all the same, if you can work on it and make the video reviews for the most marginal items, you will receive an effect surpassing all the traditional pages without video. That's why projecting gives some space for the video and to begin to filming, so that at the moment of online store filling you have a number of one-minute reels about the product.

10 Counters

To create an effect of anxiety, you can place the counter on the product page, which will show the customer that the period of great deals is expiring or will show a limited stock. Fear of being late and not having time for making use of a great opportunity will whip a visitor into action.

As you can see, already at the stage of projecting of online store pages it is important to take into consideration several details so that while giving the prototypes to the designer, the latter will be able to pay more attention to composite moments and designer solutions but not to recreation of the wheel all over again.

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