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Natalya Brinza Project Manager

Opencart vs Magento

This is essential when you start planning an ecommerce site and you are wondering which platform is appropriate. Both Magento and OpenCart platforms are the most popular solutions for creating easy-to-use and thought-out website. The difficulty is that any ecommerce platform doesn't serve all needs and meet all goals. That is why you should choose the one that is based on the features you are looking for. Be ready to get started with learning who is the winner in OpenCart vs Magento battle.

Check out this compare list to ease your choice

1 Installation and usage

OpenCart seems to be easier to use. It provides a number of different themes, easy management of goods and services, and is thought-out for those who lack the skills of building websites, hosting or ecommerce. To pick Magento and make SEO for Magento worth it, you need to have a strong hosting plan to support site's performance, but the variety of options will allow you to do anything you want with your site. More time and patience is worth user experience and growth in revenues.

2 Default site and Admin Area

The first impression is that OpenCart is more contemporary than Magento, thanks to its modern interface. It includes a detailed summary of all the latest orders and sales analytics. Though Magento has very basic layout, anyone is able to install it without extra help.

Opencart vs Magento

3 Price

Comparing Magento vs OpenCart, both of them are available for downloading. If you download OpenCart, be ready to spend approximately $7 per month on a web hosting package. Compared to another platforms, OpenCart is cheap because of the platform's light weight. So, it will be a great solution for small online stores. Magento requires license, but it guarantees confidence to its users. You can choose Magento Community Edition, which is also free, to run your web store.

4 Target Audience

OpenCart suits small shop owners well. For big enterprises, it lacks functionality. Easy installation and use of the single shopping cart system will be clear even for non-tech geeks. Magento, on the contrary, is good for large businesses. Choosing Magento Community Edition, you won't spend time and energy finding trusted web hosting. Magento sustains huge traffic and enables great variety of products and services.


Magento has won this battle – it efficiently copes with SEO by optimizing titles, content and URLs. SEO for OpenCart boasts of friendly URLs, but it is weak in modifying metadata and performing actions.

6 Consulting and Support

You can count on quality support whether your platform is OpenCart or Magento. There are thousands of communities where you can get any advice or assistance for solving different issues. Sure, a lot of guides, tutorials and videos are available for free. But if OpenCart has smaller community basis, Magento offers expert consulting and training programs for their users.

Magento vs Opencart

7 Opportunities and Customizability

Magento has more opportunities for ecommerce, thanks to a huge range of its features (more than 350), while OpenCart development has only about 100. Do not worry about supporting multi-store management, allowing unlimited categories and products, and having sales reports; both platforms enable these features. You can always find free or paid templates and themes on the web for free or at fair prices. Both platforms are excellent when it comes to customization.


Magento and OpenCart are open source platforms. This is why users are not limited in their usage. Platforms are developed in PHP, and they offer multiple languages and the majority of existing currencies. A lot of add-ons, plugins and templates are available to perfect your web store. Before choosing a platform, think about your business goals so that you are able to pick the one right for you. Remember that OpenCart is good for fast small businesses, while Magento web development offers great opportunities for growth and higher revenues.

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